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Supernatural – S10E20 – Angel Heart

Previously on Supernatural, ‘The Werther Project’

the boys

“I need help from both of you. You were both troubled teens. You speak her language.” – Castiel

This week’s episode takes the focus away from the Winchester brothers and concentrates on Castiel (Misha Collins) and his relationship with Jimmy’s (Castiel’s host body) daughter Claire (Kathryn Newton). On the eve of her 18th birthday, Claire is going around the seedier parts of town looking for her mother Amelia (Leisha Hailey), who abandoned her after the events leading to Castiel taking over Jimmy’s body.

She eventually gets knocked out for her efforts and ends up at the hospital where Castiel calls Sam and Dean for help. At first Claire doesn’t want their help, but eventually Sam convinces her that they are her best shot at finding her mom. She tells them she was looking for Randy Cartwright, who her mother was supposed to meet on the day she disappeared.

While the guys are planning their next move, Claire sneaks out of the hospital. Cas and Dean go look for Randy while Sam goes looking for Claire. Cas and Dean find Randy and after a little convincing from Dean, Randy divulges that he sent Claire to a faith healer named Peter Holloway (Treva Etienne), who healed him from blindness.


Randy says as payment he sent people to the faith healer, but stopped once he found out he was cutting up his victims. Afterwards, Peter Holloway catches up with Randy and kills him, but not before he blinds him again. When they all meet, Sam and Cas decide Dean’s too volatile and they leave him with Claire while they go looking for the faith healer. (Cas tells Sam that Dean loses control with Randy, but he didn’t do anything different than both Sam and Dean have done since Season 1).

Dean and Claire decide to go miniature golfing and after they trade Caddyshack and Billy Madison jokes, Dean figures out that the faith healer is a Gregori angel who were thought to be extinct. Dean calls Sam to tell him what they are dealing with, but Sam is taken out by the Angel. Dean joins in the hunt and decides to bring Claire with him.

Meanwhile, Cas finds Amelia, who expresses remorse for leaving Claire. She asks about Jimmy, but Cas tells her he’s in Heaven.

cas and amelia

The Angel, Tamiel, tells Sam he’s a watcher angel who were the first angels sent to Earth to protect humans, but being disappointed by humans they decided to feed on them instead.

Dean and Claire find Cas and Amelia and the girls have a teary reunion.

While Cas and Dean go look for Sam Tamiel finds the girls. After Claire shoots him, he tries to stab her but Amelia jumps in the way instead. The boys catch up and fight Tamiel, who basically kicks all three of their asses, but then he is stabbed from behind by Claire.

As Claire cries over her prone mother’s body, we see Amelia go to Heaven and meet up with Jimmy. The boys arrange for Claire to stay with Jody Mills, who with all the wayward girls she’s adopting, is turning into Supernatural’s version of The Facts of Life.

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