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Supernatural – S10E22 – The Prisoner

Previously on Supernatural, ‘Dark Dynasty’

The Funeral 

In the aftermath of last week’s shocking ending where Charlie (Felicia Day) was mercilessly killed, we get a touching montage where Dean and Sam are preparing Charlie’s funeral superimposed by fleeting images of Dean thinking about his different interactions with Charlie. As Sam tries to eulogize, Dean shuts him up and correctly blames him for her death. He tells Sam it should be him on the pyre not her (Ouch!).

Dean warns Sam learns to accept his eventual death to the Mark of Cain and then orders Sam to shut down whatever plan he has for the Book of the Damned while he goes kill everyone responsible for Charlie’s death.

CHarlie's funeral

The Steins

In the cold open we meet a new member of the Steins, Cyrus (Connor Price), who’s the youngest and unlike his more thuggish clan, he is more book nerd than monster. As he’s about to get his ass beaten by a bully when he’s saved by his cousin, Eli Stein. Later, we learn he’s not down with the evil intent of his kin as he’s forced by the patriarch of the family, Monroe Stein (Markus Flanagan), to cut off the bully’s arm and give it to his older brother, Eldon Stein (who was chained up last week by Dean, but cut off his own arm off to escape).


Sam gives Castiel the bad news about Charlie, but in the process of shutting down the book club receives Charlie’s email containing the code to unlocking the Book of the Damned.

Sam’s inner conflict about Dean’s directive is understandable, but he still chooses to save his brother without his consent. Rowena confirms Charlie cracked the code and says she can now use the Book of the Damned to save Dean, but she first insists Sam upholds his end of the bargain to kill Crowley.

Sam tricks Crowley into meeting him alone by faking a text from Dean. Sam shoots Crowley and places the Hex bag made by Rowena to finish the job. Crowley laments trying to be a “good” king of hell, accepts his inner evilness, and shows us the badass we’ve been missing since Season 8. Crowley tells Sam he spared Sam’s life so Sam can warn his “Ginger Whore” mother he’s coming for her.



Dean gets pulled over by some crooked cops on the Steins’ payroll, but he’s able to escape before he gets incarcerated. Dean shows up at the Steins’ mansion and not surprisingly gets captured.

“You can save me the speech on the three hearts, the two spleens, the seven nipples for the ladies, or the fellas, I don’t judge. But even with all that, you still only have one brain” – Dean to Eldon before shooting him in the head.

Dean tells the Steins they are wasting their time by killing him because the Mark of Cain will just bring him back. The Steins figure it’s better to harvest Dean’s parts, but before they can start cutting Dean breaks out and kills everyone except Elton, Cyrus, and Roscoe, who just broke into the Winchester bunker.

Dean finds them at the bunker before they burn it down. He predictably kills Roscoe and Elton (Indiana Jones-style), but not before delivering a badass speech. Cyrus tries to exhort to Dean he’s not like the rest of his family, and tries to plead for his life. Dean’s too far gone and kills him anyway.

Castiel walks in just in time to see Dean kill the kid, but Dean’s not in a mood to listen to any of Castiel’s sermons. Castiel tries to stop Dean from leaving, and gets the crap beaten out of him for his efforts. Dean has Castiel on the floor, takes the angel sword, and fakes us out by stabbing off camera – but the next scene shows Dean just stabbed next to Castiel’s head. He leaves, telling Cas to stay out of his way.

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