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Supernatural – S10E3 – Soul Survivor

Previously, on Supernatural: “Reichenbach

Cold open with a priest reading nervously in Latin, in an effort to sanctify bags filled with human blood, which Sam will then use in his quest to de-demonize Dean. Transition to Dean in the cellar. Dean tells Sam he doesn’t want to be cured, but Sam ignores him. Dean accuses Sam of not even knowing if it’s going to work, as it’s not just the demon he has to contend with; it’s also the Mark of Cain. Sam’s like, “Whatever,” and gives him the first shot of human blood, but it has a different effect on Dean as it’s causing him a lot of pain.

Supernatural | Soul Survivor

Castiel and Hannah are driving to the Winchester’s compound. Hannah is worried about Castiel’s diminishing grace, but Castiel says Sam needs his help, so he has to do what he has to do.

Dean tells Sam he’s as bad as any Demon. Dean explains, after he turned, Crowley not wanting them to be found, mandated all demons stay away from Sam. So Sam tricked Lester (from last episode), who was at a bar drowning his sorrow after finding out about his wife’s infidelity, into seeking revenge on his wife from a crossroad’s demon. Sam’s plan was to trap the demon before Lester could sell his soul, but the plan backfires because Lester, being the loser that he is, sells his soul as soon as the demon arrives. Dean says Sam used Lester for his own selfish reasons and, because of that, an innocent man died and lost his soul. Dean screams at Sam, asking if he’s prepared to do what needs to be done if the human blood doesn’t work.

Crowley is getting reports from one of his lackeys over events that transpired while he was away with Dean. He also tells him of Castiel’s diminishing grace; Crowley tells his lackey to have Castiel followed, then while Crowley is reminiscing about the fun times he had with Dean, one of his other lackeys pitches himself to take over Dean as Crowley’s best bro, but Crowley has different thoughts and disintegrates him with a snap of a finger.

Sam calls Castiel and tells him the human blood is not having the same effect that it did on Crowley and that he thinks he may be killing Dean. Castiel is like “OK, and?” He reiterates to Sam that Dean is not his brother at the moment and he needs to man up.

Supernatural | Soul Survivor

Dean tries to guilt Sam, saying that it’s his fault their mother is dead, and he doesn’t have a life because of having to take care of Sam all his life. Sam’s like, “Whatever, demon,” and gives him another shot.

Crowley is meting out justice for crimes, real or not, when one of the demons accuses Crowley of letting Hell go to shit while he’s out palling around with Dean and now that Dean’s out of control and he’s killing demons for no reason. He proclaims he will not live in Crowley’s new Hell and proceeds to torch himself. Crowley comments he did not see that coming and wonders if he has to do something before there’s a revolt.

Castiel and Hannah pull up for gas. Castiel tells Hannah that he needs to stay focused and doesn’t have time for chicks. Hannah clearly has her feelings hurt. Hannah is taken hostage by Adina, who throws her to the floor and tells her she will slowly kill Castiel while his honeybunch watches. She then proceeds to kick the shit out of Castiel.

Supernatural | Soul Survivor

Sam is looking at old photos of his family; reminiscing on what used to be. He goes to Dean to find out he’s escaped.

Crowley finds Castiel’s beat-up body on the road.

Supernatural | Soul Survivor

He goes inside, while Adina is making a good point to Hannah about no one getting hurt if they would’ve just been left alone, and kills Adina and bottles up her grace. Crowley forces the grace on a reluctant Castiel but says he needs him to help cure Dean because Demon Dean is fucking shit up with his peeps. Castiel says curing Dean may mean killing him, and Crowley comments he’s not sentimental.

Supernatural | Soul Survivor

Dean and Sam play cat-and-mouse, while Dean explains that Sam pumped so much blood into Dean that the silver lost its effect. Sam traps dean in a room, but Dean breaks the door down with a hammer (The Shining style). He attacks Sam with the hammer, but Sam gets the jump on him. Sam, of course, is not able to kill him, but before Dean can jump Sam, Castiel comes and subdues Dean with his new-found angel juice.

Sam wonders why, after all the blood Dean’s receive, he wouldn’t want to be human. Castiel says it’s understandable because human’s can feel so much joy but also such profound pain that it can be easier just being a demon (or angel I guess).

Supernatural | Soul Survivor

Dean wakes up, and the black goes out of his eyes. Sam throws holy water at Dean to no effect, meaning Demon is human again (yay).

Castiel tells Sam they still have to contend with the Mark of Cain, but Sam says he’s tired; he just wants to get some cholesterol into his brother and get drunk.

Castiel checks on Dean and tells him he looks like shit; Dean says it wouldn’t kill him if he lied once in a while, and the joke goes over Castiel’s head. He tells Dean he should take it easy coming back. Dean asks if Sam wants a divorce from him, but Castiel says Sam’s his brother and it would take more than Dean trying to kill him with a hammer to make Sam go away. Dean comments that their family is so screwed up that that actually makes sense.

We end with a redheaded lady sipping on some fine wine when some blood drops on her. The camera pans up, and we see a bell boy and hotel manager nailed to the ceiling with knives. I guess we have a new big bad.

  • Score | 8/10I’m surprised they resolved the demon story arc in 3 episodes, as I was sure this would be an entire season arc; having said that, I’m all the happier it is finally over because, although Demon Dean was bad-ass, he was one dimensional, and the act was already starting to get tiring.
  • I’m not understanding what they are doing with Hannah. She can’t teleport, she can’t fight, and she’s catching feelings for Castiel. I just don’t get why, after 9 seasons, Angels are portrayed as these cold, efficient, hands of justice who have no human feelings, and now she’s clearly emoting for no reason whatsoever.
  • Looks like next week is a “monster of the week” episode, and I may be in the minority, but those tend to be my favorite episodes; they are usually funny and filled with the charm that attracted me to Supernatural in the first place.
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