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Supernatural – S10E6 – Ask Jeeves

Previously, on Supernatural: “Fan Fiction

Coming off last week’s phenomenal 200th episode, Supernatural comes back with a more subdued, albeit still quirky, episode titled “Ask Jeeves”. When Dean learns that Bobby, or his next of kin, has been named as a beneficiary in an heiress’ will, he convinces Sam to take a road trip to claim their fortune. But when they arrive, things aren’t quite as they had hoped or imagined

Inspired by the popular board game Clue, The episode begins at the Lacroix estate, as a butler prepares the maids for Bonnie Lacroix’s funeral and reading of the will. As one of the maids is trying out Bonnie’s jewelry, Bonnie—or her ghost—appears, snatches her necklace, and pushes the maid off a balcony. The butler sees this and asks bonnie what has she done.

We transition to the boys discussing the merits of real men drinking out of small cups and Murphy from “Murphy’s Law” being a douche. Dean mentions he’s found one of Bobby’s old phones with a message that Bobby has been mentioned as a beneficiary in Bonnie Lacroix’s estate. The boys figure they qualify as next of kin and take a road trip in hope of free money.

Supernatural | Ask Jeeves

The boys meet the family, where they are immediately confused as the Winchesters from Westchester, but it doesn’t matter because they’re simply adorable. Introductions are made, while the boys are eye-fucked by the cougar sisters Heddy and Beverly. They find out the reading of the will isn’t until the next day, but they’re welcome to stay because the rooms fit two, or three according to Heddy. The butler asks the boys that perhaps they should leave, so they don’t have to mingle with the crazy Lacroix family. Alfred—as Dean calls him—tells them they don’t have to be subjected to their family’s money grubbing and gives them Bobby’s inheritance, a cross encrusted with jewels. Unfortunately for the boys, the jewels are fake, although the cross turns out to be some kind of key.

Supernatural | Ask Jeeves

Shortly after, Stan and his “child bride” argue over her cheating; apparently she likes to text emoticons of peeled bananas. Stan gets his head cut-off by another ghost—Bonnie’s late husband, Lance.

The boys go back to the mansion to figure out what the key opens, only to find out not only that there’s now a detective there but also that they are suspects in Stan’s death. After finding out that the only witness claimed a ghost killed Stan, the boys decide to do their own investigating.

Supernatural | Ask Jeeves

Dean soon discovers the necklace cross opens a door to a secret passage, where he finds the 2nd maid locked away. She claims the butler locked her there, along with Colette’s—the first maid—body because she wouldn’t lie to the detective about who killed Colette: Bonnie’s ghost. Sammy is accosted by one of the horny cougar sisters who wants to know how much a young buck like Sam could do in 10 minutes, but Sammy ditches her by lying his way out. As Dean confronts the Butler with a wrench, Sam finds the real butler dead and sends a picture to Dean but too late, as the Butler turns out to be a shape-shifter and knocks Dean out. The boys look for silver, so they can combat the shape-shifter and get the maid to provide them with a box of silverware. Sam goes to the horny sisters who are in the midst of trying to find Beverly a man. Sam says he was just playing hard to get and cuddles with the sisters, so he can inconspicuously touch them with the silver. Jared Padalecki does a wonderful job conveying his uncomfortableness with the sisters as this is more Dean’s domain.

Supernatural | Ask Jeeves

Dean finds Dash and Amber messing around in the closet. He tests the silver on them and tells them their secret is safe with him. Dean finds the horny sister fawning over Sam’s long fingers and comments, “It has all gone to hell.” They hear the maid scream, and when they find the detective dead, Dean remarks, “We got a floater.” The family starts blaming each other again when, soon enough, the boys get blamed since the murders began when the boys showed up. Dash takes the detective’s gun and locks them in a room until the police get there. While trying to break out of the room, Dean discovers the silverware is fake, which explains why the shape-shifter hasn’t been revealed. The maid turns out to be the shape-shifter (this makes sense because she’s the one that gave the boys the silverware) and reveals that she’s Bonnie Lacroix’s daughter who was locked up in the basement until Phillip—the butler—let her out with the condition that she pose as the new maid. She killed Phillip, and he locked her back up in the basement until Dean “the cute dumb one” inadvertently let her loose. The boys get loose and, while Dean goes to the car to get silver bullets, Sam confronts the shape-shifter, who has a beef with Bobby because he killed her father. Bobby agreed to spare her as long as she’s kept locked away. Just before she gets the jump on Sam, Dean comes and shoots her. He proceeds to empty his clip on her dead body, and thus awakens the mark of Cain. Dash tries to apologize to the boys, but when he offers to repay them, Dean intimates to keep quiet about them. Sam asks Dean about extra shots; Sam fears Dean may have some demon residue, but Dean brushes it off as getting his first kill after getting demon out right. We fade away with a horrible CGI shot of the car driving away.

Score | 8/10This episode was filled with nods to the game Clue; not only due to the structure of the episode (Who-done-it based around a wacky, waspy family) but also, at one point, Dean picks up just about every weapon, as well as a scene from every room in the game. Dean also refers to Amber and Stan as Mrs. Peabody and Colonel Mustard, and I’m sure there were several more references that I didn’t catch and/or don’t remember. Although a bit of downer from last week’s masterpiece, I still found this hour delightfully fun.

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