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Supernatural – S10E7 – Girls, Girls, Girls

Previously, on Supernatural: “Ask Jeeves

Demons and Hoes. Oh No!

A chick dressed like a hooker is running from her pimp Raul; he catches up to her, but she stabs him in the eye—Single White Female style—she starts to run away but inexplicably stops when Raul, who turns out to be a demon, taps her on the shoulder before twisting her head 360 degrees. Raul and one of his demon goons are at a bar getting ready to cut up one of the hoes because she doesn’t want to wear the clothes they picked out. A woman walks into the bar, the same one from episode one who impaled the bellboy and hotel manager from the ceiling, and kills Raul with a hex bag; the other demon leaves his meat suit before she can get to him. Killing demons works up her appetite, so she invites the two hoes in the bar to dinner. Crowley is berating the demon that escaped the witch at the bar, who took up a new meat suit that looks a lot like Theo from The Cosby show, because they opened a bordello in his name. Crowley says he’s evil, but that’s just plain tacky. Gerald explains to Crowley they were trying to be proactive because soul deals were down. He says they should go after the witch because she was very powerful. The witch and the hoes are eating at a posh restaurant when the waiter tells them the girls need to go because there are no skanks allowed. The witch, Rowena, gives him a Hex bag, and before long, he starts bringing them his best vintage wine. Rowena is trying to explain to the hoes about witches. She tells them she’s a natural, but she was expelled from the coven because her power was too extreme. She agrees to tutor the hoes and start her own coven, but then they have to leave when the waiter’s head burns up. They end up at their hotel, but soon enough, they are taken by demons.

Supernatural | "Girls, Girls, Girls"

Freaky Angels

Castiel and Hannah have a pinup board of all the missing angels they’re still looking for. Hannah inexplicably strips down because she wants to “shower” even though, as Castiel points out, angels don’t need to shower. Hannah’s like, “What? You don’t like?” Then she walks away smiling. The next morning, they are leaving the hotel and Hannah has a big smile—wait, did she get some ass? While paying for hotel, she gets confronted by Joe (her vessel’s husband) who calls her Caroline. Joe is grilling Hannah (Caroline) about where she’s been, when Castiel walks in. Joe assumes they’re together, and Hannah runs with it and tells Joe she’s left him for Castiel. At first, Joe doesn’t believe her; not only because Castiel looks too much like a chump, but also because she’s not that kind of girl. But then she kisses Castiel, and they walk out leaving Joe with his feelings hurt. Hannah explains to Castiel what she did. She says she doesn’t understand why she feels so bad. Castiel tells her about when he had to take his vessel, Jimmy Novak, away from his family; it’s hard, but the mission comes first. Later, Hannah tells Castiel she’s done with the mission. She has become more human working with Castiel; she has caught feelings for him, and she has built a better appreciation for simple things like taking a shower. She can feel Caroline inside of her screaming for her husband, and she doesn’t want to sacrifice humans anymore, when it was all about the humans in the beginning. She then leaves Caroline’s body. Caroline shows up at Joe’s house, and he happily takes her back. Castiel is watching from a car and Googles Jimmy Novak.

Supernatural | "Girls, Girls, Girls"


Sam and Dean are eating steak at a bar, and Dean’s phone is blowing up. Sam takes Dean’s phone and sees he’s on a dating site with the tag name Impala67 (Classic) talking to a hot chick named Shaylene. Sam teases that it’s too good to be true, and it’s probably a Canadian trucker named Bruce, but Shaylene walks in and is not a Bruce. Dean tells Sam not to wait up and walks out with a smile. Dean and Shaylene are getting hot and heavy, but first, she wants to discuss payment terms. Dean’s like, “Sorry, I have a code: No cash for Ass.” (heh) Shaylene says she doesn’t want money; just his soul, and Dean’s antennae immediately go up. He deduces that she’s being put up to it and calls his bro to setup a trap for Shaylene’s demon pimp, who doesn’t even deny it and actually defends himself; stating: if not for him, she would be a crack whore in some alley. Eventually, Shaylene gets tired of being called a Ho and promptly stabs the demon-pimp with Dean’s angel knife. Shaylene finds a card on the body, which apparently had the address of the bordello. The boys arrive at the bar and find the Raul’s already dead. They also find the Hex bag and realize they’re dealing with a witch. Sam finds out the spell that killed the Raul was made by a powerful witch named Rowena. Sam finds out through the Hunter network that there has been a series of hotel murders where the bodies were stabbed and impaled on the ceiling, but all their autopsies show that their brains were boiled. Dean notices that all the hotels were expensive hotels, so they began to check all the ones in the area.

Dean vs. Cole Round 2

A demon is being tortured by a shady figure who turns out to be Cole, who wants to know everything about his buddy Dean. Oh, Cole that’s so three episodes ago. Rowena and the hoes are being taken by demons, and when they are confronted by the boys, Dean kills both demons. Before they get to Rowena, she casts one of the hoes with an attacking dog spell. Dean chases Rowena, while Sam locks the attack dog ho in a closet. Dean catches up to Rowena, but then Cole catches up to Dean, letting Rowena escape.

Supernatural | "Girls, Girls, Girls"

Dean tries to apologize for their last encounter, but Cole is not about that. He splashes holy water at Dean but is confused when the holy water doesn’t affect him. Dean tells him he’s no longer a demon, but Cole says he’s still a monster because he killed his father. They get into another fight, which is much more even since Dean is no longer a demon, but eventually, Dean gets the jump on Cole. He tells Cole they are going to talk for five minutes and after, if he still wants him dead, he can take his shot. He proceeds to tell him that his father was a monster. He was following up a case about three murders where the victims’ livers were ripped out and eaten. He tracked the monsters to his house where, most likely, Cole or his mother were next. Sam shows up, but Dean tells him he has things under control. Cole asks how he can believe him. Dean says he gets that Cole has a story he lives his entire life by, and it’s hard to turn away from it. Dean says his story has taken him down a dark path, but he was pulled out by people who love him. He knows it’s too late for him and knows that his story is going to end at the end of a blade or by a bullet, but the only question is if it will be today by Cole. Sam tells Cole it’s not too late for him because he know he has a family and they are probably missing and needing him. Cole dejectedly gives up his gun and leaves in his truck. Sam tries to start a BM moment with Dean by asking about “Being too late for him,” but Dean brushes it off by saying he only said what Cole needed to hear.


Gregory is bragging to Crowley about how they caught Rowena, and Crowley tells him to shut up and go sit down somewhere since it’s his fault in the first place. Crowley confronts Rowena, who belittles him to hurry and finish her off, but Crowley just keeps staring at her with a stunned look before uttering “Mother.”

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