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Supernatural – S10E9 – “The Things We Left Behind”

Previously, on Supernatural: “Hibbing 911

This week’s Supernatural saw the Winchester boys take a backseat, as the episode centered on Castiel, Crowley, and their respective “families” (or what passes as family for angels and demons).

The Mark of Eating

Dean wakes up from a nightmare where he’s covered in blood and kneeling in a room full of butchered bodies, while holding a knife. Later, he’s LOLing while watching The Three Stooges; Sam brings him a grilled cheese sandwich, which he lovingly devours, causing Sam to ask him if he wants some alone time with the sandwich. While he’s eating, Sam keeps noticing the Mark of Cain on his arm.

Supernatural | The Things We Left Behind

Mommy Dearest

Rowena is still shackled in Crowley’s dungeon; it’s been weeks, and she wants to talk to her son. Gerald brings a prisoner in who tells Rowena she’s there because she was smuggled to earth from hell because Crowley only allows certain demons to surface. Rowena says she was imprisoned for being a horrible mother, which Crowley echoes as he tells Gerald his origin story. Crowley was a cute kid who could juggle, but his mother, who almost traded him for 3 pigs when he was worth at least five, abandoned him when he was eight; not to mention that she named him Fergus, which sounds like a venereal disease and not the fun type. Later on, Rowena is brought before Crowley and insists on calling him by his birth name, Fergus.

Rowena says she always knew Crowley would accomplish big things. When Crowley reminds her that she told him he would end up dead in a gutter, she says it was to motivate him and that it clearly worked. Crowley is still sore about being abandoned, especially since he didn’t even have a father. Rowena tells him to stop being dramatic: of course he had a father; he was conceived at a winter’s solstice orgy, and she didn’t take names. She tries to say she only left because the locals forced her to leave, but now she’s here—hundreds of years later, and they could be a family again. Crowley sends her back to the dungeon. Rowena says she knows Gerald has been smuggling souls from hell and gets the prisoner to back her up. Gerald starts to choke Rowena, and when he doesn’t listen to Crowley’s warning to stop, he promptly gets an angel sword in the back of the head. Crowley leaves, asking Rowena if she’s coming. As she’s leaving, the prisoner asks Rowena about their side deal; Rowena says she’ll be back in a flash (Which is what she told Crowley before she abandoned him) and locks the door behind her.

I’m not your father

Claire Novak, daughter of Castiel’s avatar Jimmy Novak, is brought back to a group home, and because she’s a problem child, is locked in her room. Castiel goes to see Claire, who still remembers him. She tells him that her mom left her, and after her grandmother died, she’s been jumping around foster and group homes. Castiel feels bad, and when he asks if there’s anything he could do for her, she asks him to get her out of there. They go see the director of the group home about releasing Claire into Castiel’s custody. When the director asks where he’s been, Castiel says he’s been away fighting certain deadly threats to humanity. Claire quickly says he’s an exterminator, and when the director asks for advice on her bedbugs, Castiel says to sleep tight and not let them bite. Eventually, the director denies the request because she knows Castiel is lying, and although she understands him trying to be Claire’s friend, she doesn’t need a friend; she needs a father. Later, Castiel says “Fuck it” and breaks her out Winchester-style. While eating at a burger joint, along with finding out that ketchup is a vegetable, Claire tells Castiell that he’s not as stuck up as he was before; he seems nicer but a bit of a doof. Eventually, she ditches Castiel while stealing his wallet.

Supernatural | The Things We Left Behind

Castiel calls the boys to help him find Claire. Dean tells him that some chick ditching him is not an emergency; it’s a normal Friday night for Sam. They eventually agree to help him find her but not before they go inside to eat. Dean verifies that ketchup is indeed a vegetable before he devours his burger, which is apparently not enough, as he eats Castiel’s burger for seconds. Castiel tells Dean he knows Dean is not alright, but Dean just asks Castiel to kill him if he ever goes dark side again and not to let Sam stop him because he will try. Sam finds out from the director of the group home that Claire has a friend, Dustin Tate, she might go to.

Claire goes to see Dustin, and a man named Randy, and gives him the wallet she stole from Castiel. Randy says the $200 in the wallet is not enough to pay the loan shark that’s coming tonight. Randy and Dustin tell her there is something she can do to help them.

Supernatural | The Things We Left Behind

Castiel, Sam and a still-eating Dean corner Dustin just in time to find out that Claire is about to rob a convenience store with a gun Randy gave her. Castiel stops Claire just in time. Dean calls her Miley Cyrus and stops her from running off; she responds by saying, “Eat Me, Hasselhoff”. Claire says Castiel killed her Dad, so he can’t preach to her; says Randy was there for her when no one else was, and he’s now her family. She then runs off. The boys go to a bar to drown their sorrows and reminisce about fathers. Castiel never knew his, so the boys talk about theirs. Dean tells a story about how his father saved him from a concert full of degenerates. Even though Dean at the time was embarrassed and not appreciative, Dean and Sam remember their father’s motto: “I’m not here to be liked; I’m here to raise you right”. They toast to John Winchester.

Claire comes in to find the loan shark and his goons already have Randy. The loan shark offers to trade the $5000 randy owes for Claire. Randy agrees. The loan shark goes to collect Claire, but she fights him off long enough for Castiel to come in and save the day. Claire kicks the shit out of the loan shark before they leave. Dean tells them to leave while he covers them but then gets hit with a bottle over the head by the loan shark. Dean gives them the Hulk “Don’t make me angry” speech, but of course when we come back from commercial, very much like his dream, Dean is kneeling in the middle of the room while everyone else, including Randy who probably didn’t put up a fight, is butchered up. Sam comes in and yells at Dean to tell him that he had to do this; that they gave him no choice, but Dean just says he didn’t mean to do it, and we end.

Supernatural | The Things We Left Behind

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