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Supernatural – S11E11 – Into the Mystic

Previously on Supernatural, ‘The Devil in the Details’

Images: The CW

Images: The CW

Sam and Dean have no leads on The Darkness so they decide to investigate a suspicious murder at a hotel. Dean meets an old woman named Mildred, who consistently hits on him throughout the episode while Sam discovers a deaf girl, Eileen, who besides being a hunter herself, shares a lot in common with him.

The monster in question is a malevolent banshee who hunts at night, prays on people who are somehow weakened by life experiences, and whose screams causes her victims to bash their heads into a wall until their brains emerge allowing the banshee to eat it. The boys surmise that Mildred will be the next victim and set out to trap the banshee, but before they can, Dean has to go back to the bunker to get golden daggers (which apparently is the only way to kill the banshee).

While at the bunker, Dean finds Castiel, who unbeknownst to Dean is actually Lucifer, looking for ways to defeat Amara.


For some reason, Dean admits to Lucifer that he has feelings for Amara and is deeply troubled by it. No doubt Lucifer will use that to his advantage when he faces off against Amara. Finally, Sam, Dean, and Eileen set the trap with Mildred as bait, but it turns out that Dean, not Mildred, is the next banshee victim. (Foreshadowing that his attraction to Amara will be a problem).

In a Supernatural twist it’s the women, Mildred and Eileen, who get the drop on the banshee as Dean is busy banging his head on the wall while Sam gets gripped up and tossed aside. Eileen guides Mildred on using her trap, which is pretty effective and works on everything – as she used it on Sam earlier when they first met – and Eileen finishes off the banshee with her own golden dagger.


Bro Moment of the Week

Sam tries to clear his conscious by finally apologizing to Dean for not looking for him in Purgatory, but when he brings up the vulnerability Dean possesses that caused the banshee to go after him, Dean, once again, chooses to not be honest and brushes Sam off.

Funny Moment of the Week

Dean hinting to Sam that Mildred might can get it and that evolving into their Golden Girl fetishes (Dean had a thing for Blanche while Sam preferred Sophia) was funny also Mildred telling Eileen to take the tall one because her mountain climbing days are over was hilarious in a disturbing sort of way.


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Standard monster of the weak fare this week with some setup for the eventual Amara confrontation. Overall solid, if unremarkable, episode with some comedic moments thrown it.

I was looking forward to Misha Collins’ new role as Lucifer, but I was underwhelmed by how little we got this week. Besides the bit where he interacts with the Angel Assassin before he kills him with a snap of his fingers, Castiel was pretty much the same. Although I did like the part when Dean finally catches up to him and you can see Lucifer resolve himself into getting into Castiel character for Dean’s sake. I guess that makes sense as the boys would probably figure out what happened if Lucifer acted unlike Cas.

So it looks like we might be getting a new love interest for Sam in Eileen. The fact that she’s basically a woman version of Sam: Besides both being hunters and Men of Letters legacy, they both also had aspirations to be lawyers who lost their parents – parent in Sam’s case – while they were babies in their cribs. That’s too much of a coincidence to not mean anything in the future. Unfortunately for Eileen, romance just doesn’t last on Supernatural.

One thing did bother me about this show: So, Dean inconceivably admits to Lucifer/Castiel that he has feelings for Amara, and I know he thinks his talking to Castiel and not Lucifer, but Dean would never admit that to Castiel either (he’s closer to Crowley so I could see maybe telling him). But then at the end when Sam opens up to him, instead of Dean reciprocating and telling Sam his troubling feelings for Amara, he brushes him off. I don’t understand why Supernatural has to keep doing this over and over and over again. Whenever one brother is ready to be honest the other, for whatever the reason, decides not to. Eventually, the truth gets out causing the honest brother to be pissed while the offending brother feels bad and essentially a dynamic is created that allows them to switch roles. I understand that it’s hard to come up with new topics when you’re on for 11 seasons, but it just exacerbates things when the reason for their conflict is recycling every season. And why does there have to be conflicts between the brothers anyway? Why can’t we all just get along?

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  1. I totally agree about Sam and Deans truth/honestly issues. I wish that they would end it this season and rather do a Men of letters spinoff instead.

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