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Supernatural – S11E15 – Beyond The Mat

Previously on Supernatural, ‘The Vessel’

Images: The CW

Images: The CW

Supernatural has famously borrowed and/or paid homage to pop culture before.  From soap operas to game shows, and even to the game Clue, Supernatural has not shied away from exploring it. This week they take on the world of wrestling (or as the kids call it rassling).

When Dean and Sam read about the death of a wrestler who was a favorite of their dad’s they decide to take a break from hunting Amara and attend the funeral out of respect. While there they finally have some fun and relive their childhood as they watch a live wrestling match.

This is still Supernatural, which means the fun is not going to last: a fan is found dead in a ritualistic manner and they learn that a series of deaths has been following the circuit. They figure that they have stumbled upon a case.

During the investigation, Dean bonds with his childhood idol, Gunnar, as they share war stories of their various scars.


That bonding comes into play later on when the cause of the murders turns out to be a crossroads demon name Duke, who bought the soul of a desperate Gunnar trying to win the title. Unfortunately, Gunnar got a raw deal as he only possessed the belt for a week and now he’s forced to help Duke collect other wrestlers’ souls. The Winchesters eventually catch up and confront Duke, but Duke proves too much for them as he quickly overpowers them. During the fight, Dean is able to convince Gunnar that he doesn’t have to be a bad person because of his past mistakes. In a pivotal moment, when Duke is about to stab Sam, he is killed by Gunnar instead. Killing Duke means that Gunnar broke the demon deal so he’s paid a visit by the Hounds of Hell.

Meanwhile, in back in hell, Lucifer is giving Crowley the Theon Greyjoy treatment as he has Crowley lick the floor while still chained like a dog.

Lucifer is desperate to find another Hand of God and tasks everyone in hell to search for one. This leaves Crowley alone, which allows one of the other demons, Simmons, to help him escape. Crowley leads Simmons to an artifact that he had stashed away. Unbeknownst to him, it’s also a Hand of God relic. This is exactly what Lucifer was banking on as Simmons releasing Crowley was part of the plan. However, Crowley being the deceiver that he is double tricks them as he somehow managed to exchange the artifact. Crowley uses the power of the Hand of God on Lucifer, who throws Simmons in the way. That expended its one charge, but Crowley escapes Lucifer’s wrath before he can bring the pain.

Supernatural S11E15
  • 8/10
    Plot: The wrestling angle was different; main plot advances w/ Crowley free to join the brothers - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Action: The wrestling choreography elevates this above the norm. - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Dialogue: Dean geeking over his childhood idol was classic. - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Performances: Dean practicing his wrestling moves while no one was looking was great. - 9/10


The was a fun episode hidden behind the standard crossroads demon derivative. Dean and Sam cheering during the wrestling match was both refreshing, as the Winchesters rarely have fun of late, and really funny. Dean pleading for Gunner to give him his entrance prop and the disappointment in his face when a kid got it was classic. Finally, now that Crowley is free it should be fun to have him team up with the boys again.

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