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Supernatural – S11E2 – Form and Void

Previously on Supernatural, ‘Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire’

Sam’s Crusade 

In his quest to find a cure, Sam is luring and trapping the Infected who are still able to talk to try to get some answers. He learns that the affliction affects everyone differently with some dying quicker than others, but still doesn’t have a clue how to cure it.

New Player in Town 

Sam encounters a new reaper (Lisa Berry), who’s pissed Sam and Dean killed her boss (Death). She tells him that they will not be getting any more chances to come back from death (apparently the old Death thought it was funny) and if they die going forward, they will neither go to Heaven or Hell but to the big empty. She tells Sam he’s unclean in the biblical sense and leaves telling him she will see him soon.

Sam’s New Faith

Getting desperate, Sam tries praying to God to not save him but save all the other people that do not deserve to die due to his mistake. He asks for a sign and gets it in the form of flashbacks of him getting tortured in hell. Unfortunately, Sam has no clue what it means. Later on, Sam’s starting to succumb to the infection. Sam remembers what the reaper said about being unclean in the biblical sense and on an impulse he Googles ‘biblical purification’ and comes up with the plan to purify the infection with fire from holy oil (which he just so happens to have in his knapsack). The purification works and he then goes about purifying the rest of the infected.

Dean, Amara and Jenna

Omen or Jean Gray

Dean drops Jenna and Amara at her grandmother’s. Amara soon starts moving stuff telepathically and before long is launching blocks at the wall spelling out “Feed me” when she’s hungry.

Funniest Scene

Jenna’s Grandmother automatically assumes Amara’s possessed by the Devil and immediately wants to call the priest. Jenna says she knows somebody else they can call. When her grandma says “who are you going to call” the next scene is Dean answering his cell to Ghostbusters.

Crowley the Preacher

When Dean gets back to the house Jenna tells him that her grandmother called a priest anyway and he in turn called an Exorcist who turns out to be Crowley.

Supernatural’s Dead Woman of the Week

While Crowley and Dean go outside to catch up, Jenna goes to comfort a crying Amara. They lock eyes and Jenna puts the baby down and slashes her grandmother’s throat. When Dean and Crowley go to investigate, Crowley immediately senses that Jenna no longer has a soul. Jenna says Amara is a growing girl and needs to eat then attacks Dean.  Jenna gains the upper hand, but when she’s about to deliver the killing blow, Crowley kills her to save Dean. As all this is happening Amara ages up to about 8 years old and walks out of the house.

No Longer Bros

Dean tells Crowley that they have to kill Amara because she’s darkness. Crowley says he will kill her when he’s done with her. Dean attacks Crowley who quickly dispatches him. Crowley tells him he’s no longer his sidekick and for old time’s sake will give him one chance to walk out the door. Dean instead stabs Crowley through the hand with an angel blade then sticks him on the wall. Dean goes to kill Amara but she’s already gone. He returns to find Crowley gone as well.

Castiel’s Burden

Castiel is being tortured for Metatron’s whereabouts. Eventually Hannah (who’s now a dude) shows up and runs the Angels away. Hannah bring up the new alarms in heaven that have never been heard before and Castiel tells him it’s the darkness. Hannah asks where the Winchester’s are as they are tied to the darkness but when Castiel doesn’t tell him he realizes that he’ being set up. Hannah tells Castiel that all angels hate him because he let Metatron go. The other angels have had enough and come back to torture Castiel some more. Hannah tries to intervene, but gets his ass kicked for his efforts. Castiel “Hulks” out of his bonds and kills both angels but not before Hannah gets stabbed in the back of the head. Castiel goes to the bunker and weakly asks Sam and Dean to help him.

New Daddy

As Amara walks down the street, Crowley pulls up to her in a black van. He asks her if she wants candy and opens the van door to reveal it’s filled with kids. Amara smiles wickedly.

Supernatural S11E2
  • 8/10
    Plot - 8/10
  • 8.5/10
    Action - 8.5/10
  • 9/10
    Dialogue - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Performances - 9/10


Overall, this was a better episode than last week. I’ve been complaining about Sam’s diminished role in the last couple of seasons, but Sam finally got a chance to shine as he worked alone to find a cure. Jared Padalecki did a great job portraying sincerity and remorse while praying. I also liked Dean and Crowley teaming up again. Although in a more adversarial role, Jensen Ackles and Mark Sheppard still have great chemistry. I hope we get more of the new reaper (Lisa Berry) in the future. Next week, we get the return of Rowena.

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