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Supernatural – S11E3 – The Bad Seed

Previously on Supernatural, ‘Form and Void’

Rowena’s back

Sam and Dean have chained up Castiel, who’s getting worse from the mad-dog spell Rowena placed on him. They decide to look for Metatron (who might know how to fight the Darkness) and Rowena, who’s finding it difficult to recruit witches into her new ‘Mega Coven’. When Rowena learns that Crowley is still alive and trying to have her killed, she tries to skip town but is captured by the Winchesters. They force her to remove the spell from Castiel, but she’s also able to escape.

sam and rowena

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Bad Seed

Crowley, desperate to have the power of darkness on his side, promises Amara, who prefers to read Dante’s Inferno and listens to Hitler speeches, to protect her from God. But Crowley soon grows concerned because Amara develops a taste for demon souls. He’s losing minions at an alarming rate and his attempt to curtail her appetite backfires when she metamorphoses into a full-blown teenager wanting even more souls to eat.

crowley and amara

Funniest Scene

An Angel and a Demon meet at a bar and start gossiping about all the alarms that are sounding in Heaven and Hell and all the chaos that it’s causing. They both complain how grunts like them are always kept in the dark and always get hurt the worst. They propose to team up and do something about it.

Most Surprising Scene

When Dean tries to talk to this blond walking down the street she tells him to “get a life” Dean’s reaction, who’s not accustomed to getting turned down, was priceless.


Potential Bro-moment

Rowena narcs Sam out to Dean telling him that Sam went back on his promise to kill Crowley if she removed the “Mark of Cain” from Dean. Dean was upset that Sam kept yet another secret from him. Also, when Castiel offers to heal Dean he declines saying he deserved it. Looks like his guilt about letting out the Darkness is going to be an issue going forth.

mad-dog castiel

Most Suspenseful Scene 

Castiel breaks out of his chains and stalks the bravest woman ever as she walks down the scariest alley alone. Castiel grips her up in a warehouse, and Dean catches up to them in time to save the girl but not before he gets his ass beat. Eventually, Sam arrives with Rowena who removes the spell at gunpoint.

Supernatural S11E3
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Overall, a pretty solid episode. Rowena has grown on me as a character and I now look forward to her appearances on the show. Ruth Connell has fun with her role as she really hams up her lines. Hopefully she’s not killed off like the rest of the women in this show. Also, the brothers working together instead of working in spite of each other harkens back to the earlier seasons and I really enjoyed that aspect of their relationship. 

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