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Supernatural – S11E4 – Baby

Previously on Supernatural, ‘The Bad Seed’

Supernatural goes unconventional once again as this entire episode is filmed from inside the Impala (Baby).

Images: The CW/Screenshots

Images: The CW/Screenshots

With no leads on the Darkness, Sam hears about a possible werewolf in Oregon. While the boys drive from the Bunker, Sam gets lucky and Baby gets “Ferris Bueler-ed” for a joyride by two teen girls. While investigating the crime scene, Dean decapitates the deputy, who turns out to be a Ghoulpire (half ghoul, half vampire).

Meanwhile, Sam brings along the wife of the victim, who was also attacked. Castiel calls and tells them the only way to beat the ghoulpire is by stuffing a penny in its mouth and decapitating it – also killing the alpha turns all the others back to humans.

While Sam is off getting gas, the wife wakes up and turns out she’s a ghoulpire also. She overwhelms and drives off with Dean before Sam can get back. The wife reattaches the deputy’s head (he’s the alpha) who discloses he’s making more monsters to combat the Darkness. He also lays a trap for Sam so they can covert him too. Dean uses the hairpin left by the waitress Sam slept with to escape his cuffs, and with pennies left by the joyriders he kills the alpha and turns all the converted back to humans.

Dean picks up Sam and decides to go back home, but Sam says they are already home (inside the Impala).


Funniest Moment

After Sam tells Castiel (who’s still recovering from the Mad Dog Spell) to relax by watching Netflix, Castiel calls back not understanding the correlation between Orange and Black.

Bro Moments

Sam has a dream that his father tells him The Darkness is coming and only he and Dean can stop it. He tells Dean that he believes it’s a sign from God, but Dean disagrees. Then in a touching moment, both reveal dreams they’ve had about their parents living normal lives.

Best Action Scenes

As Dean explores the crime scene he’s attacked by the deputy. Dean shoots him with silver but when that doesn’t work he decapitates him. When that doesn’t work, he begrudgingly disposes of his beer and stuffs the head in the cooler. All this is shot from within the car as Castiel rambles on about the lore of the monsters.



Supernatural S11E4
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Although It didn’t really move the story along, I really liked this episodes. After 11 seasons it’s exciting when Supernatural does something different, and I enjoyed the narrative being told from the Impala’s point of view. I also liked the bonding moments between the brothers. After Dean found Sam with the waitress, you could feel how uncomfortable he was – but as Dean kept needling Sam about getting laid, you could feel Sam start to loosen up, which eventually leads to them singing ‘Night Moves’ together. Also the fight scenes inside the car were really intense. Because of the claustrophobic nature every blow had extra impact and it felt like the fights were real. In a 22-episode season, I hope Supernatural could throw more standalone episodes, especially if they are this well done.

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