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Supernatural – S11E5 – Thin Lizzie

Previously on Supernatural, ‘Baby’

A couple killed by an ax murderer at Lizzie Borden’s B&B and Museum, which is famous for Lizzy’s murder of her parents in 1892 and is supposedly haunted, attracts Sam and Dean, who are desperate in their search for the Darkness.


The B&B isn’t haunted (it was all staged), but Sam and Dean hear about another ax murder in the next county. Along the way, Dean meets Len, a Lizzy Borden super fan who had his soul sucked out by Amara. Len feels a darkness growing inside him, so while investigating the ax murderer Dean cuffs Len to the car so he doesn’t get into trouble.

The murderer is revealed to be a babysitter whose soul was also sucked out by Amara. The babysitter gets the upper hand on Sam and Dean, but they are saved by Len, who casually rips his hand off his cuff and puts an axe in the back of the babysitter. Len doesn’t feel bad for killing the babysitter and since he feels like he’s going to kill again he turns himself in, taking credit for all the murders.

Images: The CW

Images: The CW

Funniest Moment

Most of the jokes fell flat in this episode, but the funniest was when Sam, searching for cases, says “I thought I had something earlier. Half a town flipped their gourds and started attacking people. But it turns out they had eaten rabid possum meat.”

Where are the supporting characters?

Another episode without Castiel, Crowley, and Rowena. Cas does get mentioned when Sam tells Dean that he won’t be helping them because he’s binge watching the second season of The Wire.

Bro moment of the week

Looks like the theme of the season is going to be Sam’s new “no killing” policy and Dean’s adjustment to it. When Len tells Dean that he’s turning himself in because “losing your soul doesn’t mean you can’t do the right thing” Dean seems to take it to heart in correlation with Sam’s new policy.

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Riding the high of last week’s awesome episode this week’s felt rather meh. The things that Sam and Dean learn about Amara, like she is now twelve and her growth is accelerated by her soul eating, the audience already knew three weeks ago. There are hints that Amara may be some sort of Goddess as the babysitter wanted to offer Sam and Dean to her as sacrifice. Also they made it a point to highlight that the soulless all react differently to having their soul eaten. Besides that the story was fairly standard and most of the jokes were bland. I did like the character of Len (Jared Gertner), but it doesn’t look like we will be seeing more of him.

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