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Supernatural – S11E6 – Our Little World

Previously on Supernatural, ‘Thin Lizzie’

Images: The CW/Screenshots

Images: The CW/Screenshots

Crowley tracks down Amara, who’s now a full-grown teenager, and citing that he’s still stronger than her, grounds her for eating too many souls. Crowley makes a deal with Amara that if she stops eating souls at such alarming rates, he well protect her.

While investigating another of Amara’s soulless kills, Sam and Dean learn that Crowley is sending demons to kill all of the soulless humans Amara has left behind. They’re able to track Crowley and Amara at an abandoned asylum where they plan to kill Amara before she becomes too strong. Unfortunately, Dean finds her first and is unable to kill her. Crowley, on the other hand, has no trouble killing Dean, but is stopped by Amara, who has a special affinity for Dean because he’s the first person she saw after being freed.

While watching the local news, Castiel notices Metatron – who is basically a night crawler now that he’s human – taking pictures at a crime scene. Castiel tracks him down and quickly finds the demon tablet under his mattress. Castiel proceeds to beat the shit out of Metatron to get information on the Darkness. He learns the Darkness is God’s Sister. Ugh

castiel beats metatron

Best line

When Dean finds out that Castiel is watching reruns of Jenny Jones he asks what happened to watching Game of Thrones and The Wire.  Castiel responds with, “You can’t live off caviar only.”

Sam’s Secret

Sam has another more pronounced vision and it turns out to be the cage where Michael and Lucifer are being held.

Dean’s Secret

Castiel and Sam ask Dean how Amara escaped. Dean, not wanting to tell them that he couldn’t kill her because of their crazy bond tells them she escaped because she’s God’s sister.


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I’m sorry, but this episode sucked. Amara is God’s sister? Really? It’s like they have no confidence in the show and keep thinking what’s bigger than the last bad guy. I guess that means God is going to be the big bad next season?

Now Crowley wants to be a father to Amara? What? That talk he has with her where he’s basically asking for a chance made no sense. He’s known her for two days. This is not even close to being earned. Then he tells her he’s not a monster. What? You’re the King of Hell. You’re the definition of a monster.  

Then we get two alternating scenes with Sam struggling with a demon because he doesn’t want to kill him and Castiel beating the crap out of Metatron. I know Sam is going all “Morgan” on us with his no killing policy, but does that apply to demons, too? At least Morgan still kills zombies. I’m still trying to figure out why Castiel beat the shit out of Metatron. Even the action sequences, which Supernatural usually does well, were subpar. Amara breaking Crowley’s hand looked so fake I actually laughed out loud. Finally, the scene between Dean and Amara was borderline uncomfortable. Can they hurry up and age her to a grown woman already?

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