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Supernatural – S11E7 – Plush

Previously on Supernatural, ‘Our Little World’

Images: The CW/Screenshots

Images: The CW/Screenshots

Sam and Dean go to Minnesota to help old friend, Sheriff Donna (Briana Buckmaster), after a guy wearing a giant bunny head kills someone and the head won’t come off.

Sam and Dean burn the bunny head after it comes off when the guy is accidentally killed, but when a high school coach is later attacked by a girl in a jester suit and then finished off by an old man dressed as a clown, the boys find out that the ghost is attaching itself to the costumes owned by a children’s performer named Chester. Chester’s sister reveals Chester was accidentally killed by the two victims after they suspected Chester of being a molester with their kids.

Sam, Dean, and Donna burn all of Chester’s costumes, but Chester attacks when they miss the one he left to his nephew. Eventually Sam is able to burn the last costume just as Chester is choking out Dean.


Funniest Moment    

The look of terror on Sam’s face when that killer clown entered the elevator with him was priceless. Supernatural fans know that Sam has an innate fear of clowns (and who can blame him because fuck clowns), but the fact that the clown had just finished killing someone and still had a blood soaked knife made the terror on Jared Padalecki’s face justifiable.


Feel Good Moment

Sam and Dean telling Sheriff Donna that she’s now officially a hunter because she completed her third case was a great moment. It’s always nice when an episode of Supernatural can end without one of the few recurring guests we actually like not dying.

Sam, Dean and Donna

Bro Moment

The season-long theme on theology is brought up again when Dean catches Sam praying to God. Sam is convinced that since his visions began after he prayed to God, they’re a sign from him. Dean doesn’t think so and believes that if God didn’t even show up for the apocalypse why would he now. Sam finally confirms to Dean that the visions he’s been having are from Lucifer’s cage and thinks that perhaps the answers to stopping the darkness lie there, but Dean quickly shoots that idea down as being suicidal.

Supernatural S11E7
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I was a little disappointed with this episode – not because it didn’t move the overall plot along, but because when I first saw that the previews for this week’s episode contained Sam and Dean fighting a killer bunny I thought it was going to be one of those comedic episodes that Supernatural tends to do well. But while there was some comedic elements (there always is in Supernatural) this was a pretty dark episode. Killer clowns will always be scary no matter what, but a clown slitting someone throat while clown music plays in the background is just terrifying. Also the sight of a guy in a giant bunny head bashing someone’s head can be unnerving – even the Jester looked creepy.

Oddly enough, while the story centered on Chester the Molester (I see what you did there, Supernatural), unless the fact that he came back as a vengeful ghost is supposed to mean that he didn’t do it, it’s never made clear if Chester actually molested those children.

Overall, this was a pretty solid episode as it harkened back to the monster-of-the week episodes that Supernatural used to do back when it was very good.

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