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Supernatural – S9E1 – I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here

As its name suggests, Supernatural is a series that’s home to all kinds of supernatural beings: demons, ghosts, monsters; you name it, and the show has it. The series focuses on Sam and Dean Winchester (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, respectively), two brothers who spend their time hunting those aforementioned beings. After beginning its life on The WB, Supernatural is one of the series that were held over during the merger of The WB and UPN; Supernatural has since gone on to become one of the network’s premier programs and shows no signs of slowing down, even as it now enters a ninth season.

The series’ first eight seasons are all available on home media: season one, season two, season three, season four, season five, season six, season seven, and season eight.

Now, onto the season nine premiere, “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here”.

Guest Starring: Misha Collins, Tahmoh Pinikett, Grace Phipps, and Julian Richings.

Addicted to demon blood. Tortured in Hell. Repairing his fractured soul. The Trials… will Sam ever catch a break? Apparently not. A day after The Fall (conveniently dismissed by media as a ‘global meteor shower’), Sam lies on his deathbed, perplexing his doctor so much he gives up and suggests to Dean hope God can help out. Naturally, this pisses him off yet gives him the idea to pray to Castiel to see if he’ll answer. Unfortunately the private angel hotline is disconnected, so Dean makes an open call to all angels in the hope one will heal Sam. Not exactly the best move as all but a handful want Castiel’s head and know the Winchesters are best way to draw him out.

Supernatural | Deathbed

A few hear Sam’s prayer, including Ezekiel (Tahmoh Pinikett), a friend and compatriot of Castiel. Claiming to be weak from The Fall, Ezekiel is unable to heal Sam or protect Dean from other angels who know exactly where they are. The only option on the table is one the brothers vowed never to use: possession. Desperate to keep Sam in his life, Dean agrees to have Ezekiel temporarily possess Sam until he’s fully healed. Just in time, as Sam was about to cross over with Death (Julian RIchings) at his side.

Given the strained relationship between Sam and Dean in the last couple seasons, notably Dean keeping secrets from his big little brother, this could play out as a very complex plot hook. How will Sam react once the truth is known, if ever? Who is Ezekiel and what are his true intentions? Will he actually leave Sam? If anything, Jared Padalecki will have great opportunity to showcase his range in season nine by playing dual roles.

The most intriguing storyline during the premiere had to be Castiel’s transition to human life. Betrayed by Metatron, stripped of his Grace and cast out of Heaven with the rest of his angelic brethren, Cas could have his own spin-off based on the amount of trouble he’ll potentially encounter this season. Within the first five minutes on screen, he’s nearly run over, threatens a biker and finds himself a psycho girlfriend. Good grief, man! As for Miss Fatal Attraction, she’s one of the myriad of wayward angels, named Hale (Grace Phipps). Distraught and directionless, Castiel feels obligated to teach her how to adapt to life on Earth. This all changes when he finally gets word from Dean about Sam’s condition and the approaching heavenly hit squad; Cas immediately drops Hale like a bad penny.

Supernatural | Castiel

Clearly this ramped up Hale’s crazy as she tries to flatten the back of his head with a 2×4 and expounds on her plans to “be one” with Castiel once he regains consciousness. Cas doesn’t favor this idea and decides to crash the car, sending Hale through the windshield and ultimately taking a blade to the chest. Castiel’s assimilation to human life is complete when he abandons his usual garb before he makes his way to The Bunker.
Season nine is already going full throttle with tension that’s typically developed mid-season. With Heaven in disarray and Hell in more chaos than usual, the Winchesters and their fellow hunters will definitely have their hands full through this series.


  • Number of times Sam sighs: 11
  • Best non-visual cameo: Crowley angrily banging on the trunk once.
  • Things that make you go hmm: The Good Samaritan who gave Castiel a ride to the gas station seemed harmless enough, yet the last thing he says to him has stayed in my head: “Take care, kid.” May not be anything, but the guy appeared to be within the same age range as Cas’ physical form… yet he expressed concern like a father to a son. Hmm, indeed.
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