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Supernatural – S9E2 – Devil May Care

Previously, on Supernatural: “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here

Guest Stars: Mark A. Sheppard, Alaina Huffman, Osric Chau, Olivia Ryan Stern, Paul Rae
Director: Guy Norman Bee

The episode begins with a cut scenes between a dude dragging a toasty corpse through an abandoned house and preparing a ritual, while Sam and Dean have their own personal recap of the last couple weeks of their lives. During this convo, Dean tells Sam that Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard) is bound and gagged in his trunk. Meanwhile, the man with the giant piece of jerky in the bathtub turns out to be a demon and successfully performed a resurrection spell to raise Abbadon (Alaina Huffman). uh oh.

Dean arrives at the Bunker to find a distraught Kevin Tran (Osric Chau), still hopelessly unable to defend himself in the slightest crisis. According to Kevin, the Bunker went on automatic lockdown during the Fall (or that was his excuse as he clearly experienced his 4960257th mental breakdown since meeting the Winchesters). Kevin’s hummingbird heart fluttered into overdrive once its revealed that Sam and Dean brought Crowley to test out their seldom-used dungeon, and coax some names out of the King of Hell. Instead of pummeling ol’ Crow into submission, the boys try a more subtle approach and leave him locked in the dark with his own thoughts. Not a good thing as his human side is now exposed thanks to Sam’s trials. Naturally, Kevin is upset and wants nothing more than a hole in Crowley’s head. Dean convinces him otherwise, and gives him an assignment before the brothers go investigate various crimes that hint at supernatural activity.

Supernatural | Dungeon

Now that Abbadon is risen, she meets a handful of demons to bring them to her side and spread word that she’s now the Head Demon In Charge. Everyone is on board except a back-talking demon grandma, who is promptly sent to Hell. Soon after, the gang go skinbag shopping and pick up three new suits from a military academy.

One way to introduce a new hunter? BUTT SHOT. Tracy (Olivia Ryan Stern) lures a vampire in his love van and makes short work of him, yet is quickly bagged by two demons soon after. If she’s the potential lead for the Supernatural spin-off, that first season is going to be a tough one to watch. We don’t really see her kill the vamp; his headless body plops out seconds after the camera pans from a rocking van and some moaning. Hmm… bent over while wearing daisy dukes, implied noises. Nope, she hasn’t been sexualized in her first 30 seconds of screen time. No way!

Supernatural | Daisy Dukes.

The Winchesters gain access to a crimes scene that reeks of demon, but quickly get resistance from a military investigator… not a good idea when Kevin’s in front of a laptop. Tran makes quick work of her and discover through CCTV footage that Abbadon is alive and well with a growing army. Through Kevin, Dean learns that Abbadon has a couple hunters hostage in Eugene, Oregon. An obvious trap, but the Winchesters were never ones to back away when outgunned and outnumbered.

While the boys are away, Kevin and Crowley have a heart-to-heart about knights of hell, his torture by Crowley last season and his mother’s death. Not exactly the best topic to egg Kevin on, who begins wailing on him. No matter to Crowley, who’s too smooth under the roughest circumstances. In no time he gets under Kevin’s skin, spinning a convincing tale that Tran is nothing to the Winchester but a means to an end, that if he dies they can always find themselves another prophet. Then Crowley uses his ace card, alluding that Kevin’s mother may still be alive, somewhere. That wiley bastard.

Supernatural | Diner

Sam and Dean arrived in an abandoned town and find the hunters a little too easily. Sam, Dean, Irv (Paul Rae) and Tracy split up to take the demons out one by one. Under Abbadon’s leadership, the demons make short work of the group, taking out Irv in the process. Dean tells Tracy to head to the car and get more weapons and …she’s gone. Just like that. She’s clearly capable of taking out a vampire but hey, let’s lessen our ranks in the middle of a fight. Makes sense? Now with the odds stacked against them, Ezekiel takes control and angel-bombs a diner, taking out all the demons. Abbadon high tails it out of town knowing they’ve an angel in their pocket; ‘Zeke’ and Dean have yet another discussion about possessing Sam and if Dean can trust Ezekiel to not cause further harm to his brother. Tracy finally returns in what felt like a half hour, and the trio drive off to get burgers and strippers (really now).

The boys return to the Bunker to a docile Crowley, willing to give up a few names. The intel comes at the cost of a distraught Kevin, who wants nothing more than to go on his own and find his mother alive. Thankfully, Dean eases his friend’s pain, knowing exactly how he feels after being in the life for so long. For a guy who doesn’t like to be emotional, Dean sure has been empathetic (in his own way) a lot early in this season. ‘Devil May Care’ ends with a concerned Dean looking at his oft-tormented brother from across the table, who claims to feel as good as he’s ever been. If that will last after Zeke leaves his body… who knows.


  • FBI Aliases: Agents Stark and Banner
  • Number of Sighs from Sam: 0 (!!!)
  • No Castiel this week. You get plenty of him next episode.
  • “Yeah, ’cause you’re a crappy shot… Katniss.”
    “Cause I’m Kevin freaking Solo.”
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