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Supernatural – S9E6 – Heaven Can’t Wait

Previously, on Supernatural: “Dog Dean Afternoon

Guest Stars: Osric Chau, Mark A. Sheppard, Alaina Huffman, Ashton Holmes, Tanya Clarke
Director: Rob Spera

This Hard Luck Harry appears to be going through some times if he’s putting a gun to his head. He looks at a photo and put down the revolver, but there’s a person behind him shrouded by the shadows claiming he can take his pain away. He did all right… by making him explode across his home like he was the world’s biggest Pixie Stix.

It’s just another day in Rexford, Idaho… people exploding into pink mist, Castiel mimicking human body language while working in a convienence store. Now known as ‘Steve’, Cas is a sales associate at Gas-N-Sip, who’s charged with keeping the shop meticulously immaculate by its owner, Nora (Tanya Clarke). There appears to be a bit of mutual interest as Nora believes Steve to be special, despite finding clues in the back room that he’s an attractive hobo with a permanent five o’ clock shadow.

Supernatural | Heaven Can't Wait

In the Bunker, the Winchesters and Kevin are going over the latest translations from the angel tablet but they’re essentially a garbled mess to Kev. He recognizes some characters but he has to translate this section into cuniform used by a long-dead culture. The problem is Kevin doesn’t know how to read that, so it’s time to hit the books. Just before Dean’s eyes roll into the back of his head, he gets a call from Castiel explaining a potential case in Idaho about four people dying in unusual circumstances. That was all the excuse Dean needed to make a bee line for the door.

Although he’s going solo, Dean is blazing through the crime scenes and evidence like no one’s business with enough time to creep on Castiel. Dean meets him in the Gas-N-Sip to check on his old pal and hopefully get him back in the hunt. Still unsure about his newfound role on earth, Cas seems content to leave his old life for a new beginning. Correction: a new beginning with Nora. WoOoOo!

Supernatural | Heaven Can't Wait

After coaxing Castiel to accompany him at the latest crime scene, Dean learns this breed of angel is an Aritizia, a healer that will quickly and painlessly end the pain of a mortally wounded angel. Now on earth, this particular Aritizia named Ephraim (Ashton Holmes) isn’t aware of the myriad degrees of pain humans feel; so he’s eliminating sad saps left and right. Dean goes on the hunt for Ephraim, but not before dropping Castiel off on his date. Sadly, it’s not a date as Steve believed but a night of babysitting. Damn, friend zoned.

Supernatural | Heaven Can't Wait

Back at the bat cave, Sam and Kevin demand that Crowley help them translate the tablet, but he won’t do jack without a phone call first. To really stick it to them, he requests that Kevin use his blood for the spell. Kev reluctantly acquiesces to Crowley just to get the ball rolling. As for getting a direct line to Hell.

Crowley has a bit of difficulties. Turns out, Abbadon has turned that realm upside down, voiding old contracts and collecting souls ahead of schedule. Abby’s influence grows exponentially every day and all Crowley can do about it for the moment is yell at a bowl of blood.

Supernatural | Heaven Can't Wait

After Abbadon hangs up on Crowley, he reluctantly helps Kevin and Sam with the translations. No doubt part of his greater scheme to get back at Abbadon and retake the throne of Hell. Crowley makes short work of what Kevin transcribed, but the news isn’t good: the spell Metatron concocted to bounce the angels from Heaven is irreversable. If what Crowley told them is true, this is a big game changer in the state of the series. An innumerable group of angels, unfamiliar with the earthly realm, possessing people left and right? Essentially, they’re not any better than demons from Supernatural’s earliest seasons.

You think we’re done with the twists? Oh no, my good sir and madam! Sam discovers one of the syringes is missing and rushes back to the dungeon to disarm Crowley; instead he watches the limey demon bastard injecting himself with human blood! Does Crowley want to reconnect with his humanity? Is this part of a ploy to make the boys lower their defenses so he can escape? Either way, it’s intriguing as all hell.

Supernatural | Heaven Can't Wait

“Heaven Can’t Wait” concludes with Castiel desiring to help his fellow fallen angels, but Dean steers him away from that idea, as so many of them will end his life in the blink of an eye. ‘Steve’ punctually arrives at his job, arranging products, cleaning counters and looks through the window as cable news reports further investigations about the global meteor shower weeks ago are underway.

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