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Surface Tension #5

Previously in Surface Tension #4

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Erik sends Megumi back to Brieth with super powers so she can save the world. Blue Ryan also gets super powers… and a sense of humor. The two shed their lumpy sea skin and transform into god-like beings (sans clothes, much to Shawna’s delight/discomfort).

As her consciousness expands, Mega Meg starts to lose a bit of her humanity. She barely has time to ironically quote Einstein before a steroidal sea creature attacks her. Lucky for her (and the rest of humankind, I guess), Super Ryan is there to kick a little sea creature butt and water dances Mega Meg’s wound away.


Mega Meg gets connected and as she does, she struggles with between the harm mankind has brought upon the earth and her desire to save them. Mary reminds begs her not to give up on them manages to convince her friend.

Super Ryan, Shariq and Shawna battle the sea creature and seem to be losing the fight when Mega Meg brings in a gaggle/pride/murder of selkie into the fray. They attack the monster while Mega Meg stops the Coral from destroying the human race.


Megumi and Ryan return to human form long enough to say their good-byes. Ryan blesses Shauna and Shariq’s budding relationship (hey now, that escalated quickly). Meg imparts her wisdom to the grateful survivors and dissolves into the sea.

Five months later: A hooded sea woman deposits a Blue Baby onto the land.



Surface Tension #5
  • 8/10
    Plot - 8/10
  • 9.5/10
    Art - 9.5/10
  • 7/10
    Dialogue - 7/10


I’m satisfied with this ending to the story. The series’ twist on the endangered planet theme was surprisingly one I had seen before. There were some bumps in the flow of the action and plot that made it a little hard to follow; at times but it managed not to get too convoluted in its own mythology. To its credit, the story doesn’t take itself too seriously and leaned into the camp over the past couple of issues. This helped swallow some of the small lumps in dialogue. The characters and story were layered enough to keep my interest but what kept me looking forward to receiving the next issue was the artwork. Imaginative and beautiful in its rendering. This series is worth reading for the inventive sea-inspired creatures alone.

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