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Empire episode guide

Empire – S1E11/S1E12 – Die But Once/Who I Am

March 19, 2015 // 11 Comments

On the first hour of the Empire finale, Lucious fired Cookie, Hakeem left Empire, Jamal got gangsta, and Anika got gross. Let's not forget that a ghost appeared and a death sentence was lifted. *falls out* The second half of the finale had fist fights, manslaughter, a pregnancy announcement, an arrest, and the incomparable Patti Labelle. [...]

Empire – S1E8 – Lyon’s Roar

February 26, 2015 // 9 Comments

Lucious breaks promises to both Cookie and Anika. Jamal gets a new love interest and makes a big decision. Hakeem grows up a little, while Camilla grows fangs. Andre reaches his lowest point yet. [...]

Empire – S1E2 – The Outspoken King

January 15, 2015 // 0 Comments

This week Cookie gets an assistant, the family mourns Bunkie, Jamal feels trapped in the closet, Andre goes off his meds, and Hakeem takes foolishness to the next level. [...]
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