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The Bridge – S1E6 – The Eyes Have It

August 23, 2013 // 0 Comments

Previously, on The Bridge: “The Beast” This episode goes back to what continues to draw me to the show: character study. In a fictional world full of the painfully flawed [...]

Under the Dome – S1E3 – Manhunt

July 9, 2013 // 1 Comment

Hi gang!  I’m back!  Thanks to ProFan Nina for covering my shift last week.  Now, let’s get back to Chester’s Mill, shall we? Previously, on Under the Dome: [...]

Dexter – S8E2 – Every Silver Lining

July 8, 2013 // 8 Comments

Previously, on Dexter: “A Beautiful Day” When we last left Dexter Morgan, he had Dr. Evelyn Vogel tight in his grip. Instead of her telling him to take his meat [...]

Luther – S3E1 – Episode 1

July 6, 2013 // 6 Comments

After a two year wait, we finally get to revisit the world of the BBC’s Luther; upon reentering the life of Detective Chief Inspector John Luther, we see that not much [...]

Dexter – S8E1 – A Beautiful Day

July 1, 2013 // 10 Comments

Everyone have their fresh squeezed, blood orange juice and breakfast of champions ready? Good. “Previously on Dexter…” can best be described as the Season 7 Finale [...]