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Sons of Anarchy episode guide

Sons of Anarchy – S7E12 – Red Rose

December 4, 2014 // 5 Comments

In the penultimate episode of Sons of Anarchy, the Red Rose is finally avenged, and our favorite side crew takes a huge hit when That Character finally dies. [...]

Sons of Anarchy – S7E1 – Black Widower

September 11, 2014 // 4 Comments

In its final season premiere, Sons of Anarchy continued to redefine episode length with nearly two hours spent reintroducing us to the ever-changing club. Also, Marilyn Manson was there. [...]

Sons of Anarchy – S6E10 – Huang Wu

November 15, 2013 // 0 Comments

Previously, on Sons of Anarchy: “John 8:32” Tara is a lonely, lonely Ole Lady. Now that all of her secrets are out of the bag, she doesn’t have a friend in [...]
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