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True Blood recaps

True Blood – S7E6 – Karma

July 28, 2014 // 2 Comments

Sarah Newlin reveals there's a cure for the Hep-V, Bill seeks to get his affairs in order, and Violet begins to get revenge. [...]

True Blood – S6E8 – Dead Meat

August 4, 2013 // 2 Comments

Previously on True Blood, ‘In the Evening’ So, Eric is NOT HAPPY. He wants to know if Bill foresaw Nora’s death in his visions. He did not. But mourning [...]

True Blood – S6E4 – At Last

July 8, 2013 // 5 Comments

Previously on True Blood, ‘You’re No Good’ This week’s episode was titled “At Last”. I think I speak for every Truebie when I say….GODDAMN RIGHT. I [...]

True Blood – S5E11 – Sunset

August 20, 2012 // 9 Comments

Bill is walking through the halls of The Authoriry’s HQ when he hears a voice calling his name. It leads him to the vial of Lilith’s blood. She appears, naked and [...]