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Review: Tales From the Borderlands – Episode 3

Previously in Episode 2

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Tales from the Borderlands Episode 3: Catch a Ride does a superb job of blending humor and gameplay. Just as in the previous two episodes, main characters Rhys and Fiona tell a story which takes us through the next steps in their exciting adventure. Overall, Episode 3: Catch a Ride, is by far the funniest episode in a Telltale game, and is easily the best episode in this series. What is even better is that the episode plays out much differently based on the decisions you make. The power and weight of your decisions usually means a lot less in a Telltale game than players are led to believe, but in Catch a Ride, a second play-through is necessary.

Through most of this episode Rhys and Fiona are split from each other with Rhys being paired with Fiona’s sister Sasha, and Fiona teaming up with Athena, the vault hunter. This character distribution allows for a great deal of development; Fiona begins to consider the possibility of being a vault hunter and if that is something she wants for herself. Eventually, situations occur which require her to make this decision hastily. Rhys has a potential love interest and it is refreshing to see such a self-centered character begin to care about someone other than himself. There is even a potentially heartwarming moment with his Loader-bot.

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While Rhys and Fiona’s character development is much of what drives Episode 3: Catch a Ride, the non-human characters truly steal every scene they are in. The aforementioned Loader-Bot is joined by a new character named Gortys. I will not spoil the plot, but most players will immediately count Gortys as one of the cutest characters in video games. I do not even know how this series will unfurl, but I want a Gortys solo adventure, especially if it is a platformer. The voice acting for all the characters is great, but there is a uniqueness to Gortys’ voice, making the character come off as naïve and trusting in a world full of death and destruction.

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Telltale’s decision-based conversation tool works well throughout the gameplay in Catch a Ride. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for this episode’s action sequences. Previous action sequences in Tales from the Borderlands and Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us felt intuitive. In Catch a Ride, I found myself dying just because I either did not know what to do or I did not know it was my turn to do something! Much of the action plays out cinematically, and there are few clear indications of when the cinema ends and the video game begins. The only other negative in this thrilling episode is the fact we are on the third episode, and the currency system in this game still does not have much purpose. There is one opportunity to buy some items, but these are cosmetic in nature.

Catch a Ride is a quality episode, and one that sets the stage up for where this adventure is going. I recommend any fan of Telltale games or Borderlands pick up this latest episode, and if you have not played either, I would recommend the same to you as well. Catch a Ride brings both intensity and laughs.

Score | 9/10Pros
  • + Rhys and Fiona’s Character Development
  • + Decision making worthy of a second play-through
  • + Gortys!!!
  • – Action sequences are confusing
  • – Currency system
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