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Teen Wolf – S5E1 – Creatures of the Night (Part 1 of 2)

Season 5 starts off with Lydia in Eichen House. In a seemingly catatonic state, the orderlies aren’t impressed with her and don’t seem to be much of an improvement from Brunski, who we were all glad to see out of the picture. With a new orderly pushing his limits with Lydia, she finally snaps out of her catatonic state and lets loose one hell of a banshee scream, right before she makes a run for it. Since we all know what happens when a banshee screams, we find out that she’s trying to escape to warn her friends that they are ALL going to die. Who does she make this revelation to? One of the twins! Is it Ethan, coming back to help the pack? Or is it Aiden, and now Lydia can not only predict and sense death, but see dead people as well?

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After a revamped intro credits, we see Scott and Stiles in the woods discussing a premature plan of what’s going to happen when they’re all off at college. Seeing as how senior year hasn’t even started yet, Scott isn’t in a hurry, but Stiles just keeps babbling on and on with his plan. Meanwhile, Liam is chained to a tree in an attempt to prevent complete chaos during the full moon, since he apparently had a bad experience last month that ended with a lot of calls to the sheriff and running naked through the town.

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Back at the police station, weather is bad and lots of calls keep coming in. Parish has been put on desk duty and is pissed. He confronts Sheriff Stilinski about it, but he scoffs and hands Parish a noise complaint. When Parish investigates, initially irritated at the lame assignment, he discovers a new creature. Looking like a cross between wolf-Derek and Wolverine, this new, badass creature, realizes Parish is something supernatural, but doesn’t know what (and neither do we!). New creature asks where to find Scott McCall and when Parish doesn’t tell him, he kicks his ass and leaves.

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Scott and Stiles try to make their way to an event to celebrate the last night of summer. The Jeep breaks down, again. While trying to fix it, lightning strikes eerily close to them. Liam starts the Jeep and they leave to pick up Malia. Liam, not being able to keep his mouth shut about anything, brings up the fact that Malia might not be a senior tomorrow and might be repeating junior year.

Scott’s mom gets called back to the hospital because, of course, she’s a nurse, she’s going to be at the hospital non-stop during a full moon. As she’s trying to get everything settled before leaving for work again, we notice the new creature lurking in the shadows of Scott’s house, obviously looking for him.

The storm has caused a lot of backed up traffic. Kira is searching for a cell signal to tell Scott she’ll be late, but she can’t find one. Scott and Stiles bring Liam to the hospital to leave him with his dad, but he’s busy with surgeries. Mama McCall passes by them with a patient on a gurney. They ask where all this is coming from, she tells them it’s from a tractor trailer that jack knifed on the 115 causing a huge back up in traffic. Scott realizes that Kira was on her way back to Beacon Hills, from the airport with her parents. The only way back into town is the 115, so he leaves to go get her.

Chaos ensues at the sheriff’s department. Threats are made to the sheriff and his mood becomes more and more irritable. He asks where the hell Parish is, but no one has seen him since he left for the noise complaint call. Probably because he got his ass kicked by this new mystery beast.

There a quick scene of Scott back at his house, gathering some stuff, when he notices something isn’t right with how things are knocked off the fridge and such. We come back to Parish who’s still alive, but with deep gashes in his chest from the mystery beast. He radios for backup but then sees Lydia. She touches his wounds and tells him to hang on. As he starts to fade, Sheriff Stilinski rushes in to his aid, right as he appears to fade out. Sherriff gets him back to the hospital, where Mama McCall swoops in to help, since she’s in on all the supernatural people. Parish jolts up, eyes glowing orange for a moment. He quickly realizes he’s healed and immediately tells them that they have to find Scott. He also explains that the thing that attacked him had these huge claws that made it feel like the life was being sucked out of him through those claws.

Scott gets his dirt bike and goes to get Kira. They have a RomCom reunion in the rain. They find makeshift shelter in the stadium area of the school and have more smoochy time when the mystery beast makes his appearance and rudely interrupts.

As we are hanging in suspense, Stiles and Malia are at the school waiting on the event to start. Maila can smell all the anxiety coming from Stiles and inquires the source. He tells her he’s worried that his bromance with Scott will fade and they will go their separate ways after high school is over, since that seems to be the normal thing for most people after they graduate. She comforts him with a kiss but pulls away when she senses someone quickly approaching. As she knocks him down, she discovers that it’s Liam. He yells that Scott is in trouble.

Scott and Kira fight the mystery beast. He quickly subdues Kira and some random other wolf kid. The real fight between Scott and mystery beast commences and it doesn’t look good for Scott when the beast digs his Wolverine claws in his torso and it starts to completely break down Scott. Just when you think Scott is going to get his ass kicked once again, he finds some inner strength and almost calmly grabs the beast’s arm, breaks it and rips the claws out of his fingers as they fall to the ground. Scott warns him, he can stay and he will break something else, or he can run. Like a dog, the beast tucks his tail and runs off. The new wolf boy presents himself to the pack and we find out that it’s a kid Scott knew from back in the 4th grade, named Theo. He came back to Beacon Hills after hearing that Scott was a true alpha and wants to join his pack.

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Right as the pack meets up with Lydia, Malia find out she is, in fact, a senior! The whole class goes into the library to mark their initials on one of the bookshelves. As each ones approaches to leave their initials, Malia leaves MT instead of MH, renouncing Hale as her name. As Scott leaves his initials, he pauses for a moment and also leaves AA. A simple, yet meaningful memorial for Allison.

As the episode closes, we see the mystery beast in some basement, begging for his life from a group of eerie steampunk looking figures as they slay him with a sword. As the screen pan out, you see his stomach splitting open and multiple crows flying out of him, into the open room. Leaving the rest of that situation for us to figure out later, we come back to Lydia in Eichen house, talking to Aiden (at least we know it’s Aiden, not Ethan). He morphs into a doctor asking what happened to each individual friend, with a very ominous and suspenseful look at the journey ahead for each of them for the rest of the season. The doctor seems very adamant about figuring out absolutely everything, so much so, that he is about to drill into her skull.

Well this is an excellent, yet creepy start to the rest of the season. It’s going to be an exhilarating journey to find out who will survive and who will be left in the pack.

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