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Teen Wolf – S5E10 – Status Asthmaticus

Previously on Teen Wolf, ‘Lies of Omission’

The summer mid-season finale starts right where last week’s episode left off: at the animal clinic. Theo, Liam, and Scott all surround a worsening Hayden, while Liam begs Scott to give her the bite and turn her. Scott continues to refuse, claiming in her current state, the bite would likely kill her anyway. They call Scott’s mother and she comes to Hayden’s aid to administer a treatment which helps remove heavy metals from the blood stream. Problem is, it helps the blood, but is very damaging to the kidneys and Hayden only has one to start with. Liam becomes defensive with Mama McCall as she starts the Chelation therapy, and grabs her arm when Hayden flinches in pain. Theo reminds everyone that they’re all there to save a life, not kill each other. Scott mentions the full moon and how it’s affecting them. Theo brings up that it’s a super moon and how it makes them all stronger and more aggressive.

The sheriff’s station gets a flood of reports from officers on duty that there’s a creature loping through the streets and headed towards the high school. It’s alternating between loping and running on two legs and becomes aggressive and violent towards the officers pursing it. The creature totals Hayden’s sister’s car and she ran the rest of the way to the high school, where Sherriff Stilinski and all the other officers were to report. Massive damages have occurred, as the Beacon Hills High School sign is now in the middle of the hallway, leaving a gaping hole in the ceiling and wall. We see the Dread Doctors standing behind Stilinski and Hayden’s sister, as they say “Success imminent”.

Lydia visits Parrish while he insists on staying in his cell for everyone’s safety. They speak briefly about how he can find dead chimeras and how he wonders if he’s some kind of Banshee. They hold hands through the bars, building the perception that the two are forming some sort of romantic relationship. They keep talking about her being a Banshee and how it doesn’t scare her as much because she knows what she is. The conversation continues as she’s reminded of something Kira said awhile back (beginning of the season). A myth about thunderstorms, “The Wild Hunt. Ghost writers of the sky and black dogs.” Lydia heads to the library to do some research. She finds a book that sheds some light on Parrish and what he is. The book reads “Oden’s Hunt. Also known as the wild ride or wild hunt. A myth of devilish riders in the sky, accompanied by black dogs, special beasts whose eyes glowed with fire. A bearer of death and guardian of the supernatural. The black dog is also known by its more common name, the Hellhound.” Finally! It’s revealed that Parrish is a hellhound! Which makes a lot more sense than the more popular speculation that he was a Phoenix.

tws5e10 lydia in library

As Lydia finishes reading this, she has a Banshee premonition. She hears horrible sounds of someone dying. Theo appears behind her and she says someone is going to die here tonight. Theo says she can’t tell anyone and when she asks why, he replies because he wants her, all of her. He says he will give her a little while to think about it, then he knocks her unconscious.

tws5e10 stiles in jeep with wrench

Stiles was driving the previous night and his Jeep breaks down again. How it survived Parrish flipping it over and it being on fire, who knows, but this seems to be the end of his beloved Jeep this time. The next day, Malia comes to pick up Stiles as a tow truck hauls his Jeep away. Malia and Stiles have a conversation about how he let the Jeep go so much because of all that’s been happening. She reveals she knew what happened to Donovan and Stiles wants to go to the station so he can talk to his dad. Stiles walks in and asks an officer where his dad is, and they both seem to be overheated and irritated by how hot it is. Stiles says he’s going to wait for his dad inside his office. Suddenly, Parrish wakes from a short nap, with his eyes glowing red. He’s in his catatonic hellhound state and melts the bars of his cell, freeing himself, as he just walks right out of the police station. Stiles follows him.

Malia scampers off to the cave with the doll she had as a little girl, before the wreck. Theo appears in the cave with her, in full wolf form. She asks how on earth he did that. He offers to show her, while she replies he’s showing her enough already – He’s naked since wolves don’t wear clothes. He says he doesn’t have anything to hide, and that she hasn’t told Scott she plans to kill her mother. Theo continues to spiel on about how he needs her help, but not being completely forthcoming about what exactly with. He tosses a key out into the brush in the dessert. A key to a lock that’s holding Lydia, trapped inside some room in an unknown location.

tws5e10 malia in caveMason shows up to help Mama McCall get Hayden to the hospital without anyone noticing. He tries to help as much as he can, but Mama McCall tells him to go get Liam. She’s going to die and he would want to be with her when it happens.

Scott heads to the high school to search for Hayden’s sister, Val. She knows she’s dying and wants her sister to be with her when it happens. Scott heads to the library to look for Lydia when he gets a text from her, simply reading “Library”. He gets there, calls for her, with no answer. He calls her phone and hears it vibrating on a nearby bookshelf. He notices there’s a line of mountain ash surrounding all the bookshelves on the lower part of the library. He looks up and sees Theo, creating the circle.

Confused, because werewolves aren’t even supposed to be able to touch mountain ash, Theo tells him that he’s a Chimera. The first Chimera. He’s part coyote. That’s why Malia trusted him first. They felt a deeper connection. Scott tries to go after him, but cannot pass the mountain ash circle. Theo goes outside and flips on a cell signal blocker so Scott has no way of reaching anyone or anyone reaching him. He tries desperately, over and over to break the barrier the mountain ash creates, but continues to fail. He takes a puff from his inhaler, thinking it might help, with no avail. He sees a ladder and heads to the roof, thinking he might find a way out that way, but the barrier remains. He takes another puff from inhaler and it’s empty. He gets pissed and crushes it. A puff of purple smoke releases from it as he realizes that it’s wolfs bane. Theo gave him this inhaler back at the animal clinic awhile back. He’s been poisoning him the entire time.

Right about the time he’s super pissed about being poisoned by someone who he thought was a friend for weeks, Liam shows up, all wolfed out. Theo let him in the mountain ash barrier. Liam is pissed about Hayden being so sick. The super moon has him ten times stronger than usual, and with even less control than he usually has. Let’s remember he had an explosive temper before becoming a wolf and was so out of control after first being turned that Scott and Stiles had to chain him to a tree. The two get into a very intense fight, where as usual, Scott is getting his ass kicked. This time it’s a tad more embarrassing because it’s his own Beta who’s destroying him. The fight moves inside as they fall through a skylight. Right as it looks like Liam is about to finish him, Mason rushes in to stop him. He tells him that Hayden has passed and he completely breaks down.

tws5e10 scott and liam fighting in library

Malia heads to the hospital and finds another Chimera. Of course they get into a fight where it looks bad for her as well. Suddenly Brayden pops in and shoots it with some kind of electrical dart. It knocks him out while Brayden tells Malia that her mom knows her plan and she’s coming for her.

Stiles follows Parrish to a van with both bodies inside coolers in back. He just simply gets inside the van and drives off. Stiles obviously can’t follow him without his Jeep, when suddenly Theo shows up. He tries to get Theo in the car to tell Scott that Parrish got the bodies. Theo stops him and goes on a rant about how Scott doesn’t want to talk to him, but his dad does because he screwed up and Mama McCall found his ID in the hospital trash cans. Theo tells him he tried to cover for him, but he just screwed up; nothing is going the way he planned. He came to Beacon Hills for a pack – a pack that includes the werecoyote who has the first instinct to kill, for the banshee who’s surrounded by death, the dark kitsune, the beta with anger issues, and void Stiles. The pack he came for doesn’t include Scott. Stiles, fearful he’s done something to hurt Scott, punches Theo a few times. Theo stops him by telling him he can’t help Scott and save his dad’s life at the same time. He will tell him where his dad is and he has a chance to save him.

Mason tries to help Scott leave just as Theo comes in and digs his claws deep into Scott’s abdomen. His red Alpha eyes, dim as it appears he’s gone. Mama McCall runs into the library after Scott. Mason tries to tell her he’s been gone for 15 minutes. She gives him CPR and screams at Mason to shut up – he’s not dead, he’s her son, he’s an Alpha. He’s too strong to die like this. She panics and lifts her arms above her head and hammers them down to try and jump start his heart. As she does, Scott awakens with his Alpha eyes lit up and lets out a huge roar.

tws5e10 bloody scott alpha eyes

Stiles rushes to his dad’s aid who is in really bad shape.

Liam goes to Hayden and holds her until Parrish comes to take her.

Theo heads back to Lydia, who’s inside the Dread Doctor’s lair. He marches up to her and digs his claws into the back of her neck to find the location of the Nimitaan Tree. He goes up to a tank of the fluid the Dread Doctors use and takes a huge syringe of the fluid and heads to the tree with Lydia. Theo injects Hayden, Cody, Tracey, and a few others surrounding the tree. They regain life and ask who he is. Theo states he is their Alpha now and that they belong to him.

The Dread Doctors come together inside their lair and start using their canes to bash a hole in the wall. Behind it is painting of two beasts about to go to war with each other. Is this foreshadowing of what’s to come? A war between Scott’s pack, or what’s left of it, and Theo’s abomination of a pack? Or of Theo’s pack and Parrish? We now know he is a Hellhound and a guardian of protection to the supernatural.

Lydia is left at the base of the Nimitaan tree in a catatonic state, seemingly like the one we saw her in at the beginning of the season. Since Lydia is a Banshee, she can’t heal quite like Scott and the others can. The memory linking with the claws are supposed to only happen from Alphas and can be very dangerous. Theo wasn’t in Scott’s pack, but technically he did kill him. Scott was dead for 15 minutes. He was revived still an Alpha though. This opens a load of questions for the second part of season 5, returning in January.

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