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Teen Wolf – S5E2 – Parasomnia (Part 2 of 2)

Previously on Teen Wolf, ‘Creatures of the Night’

Hour 2 opens with Lydia’s mom, the school counselor, talking to a student about college and her stress levels. Mrs. Martin asks how she’s sleeping and the student tells her she suffers from parasomnia, or night terrors. Later, the student is attempting to sleep, but cannot because of these night terrors. Mrs. Martin tries to convince her it’s just anxiety due to being a senior and all the stress that comes with it. The student begins to have a panic attack and starts to cough uncontrollably, followed by projectile vomiting black goo all over Mrs. Martin’s desk. When the student looks at what she just spewed all over the desk, she finds a single crow feather mixed in it.

Scott is back at the Vet clinic, learning more about the practice. Once he finishes with the dog he gives an injection to and returns the dog, Deaton, inspects the claws from the mystery beast more. He calls them talons from a Harpe Eagle. He mentions that he’s concerned as to how this creature could absorb his power. The only thing that should be able to do that is a Beta of your own making. Since Liam is Scott’s only Beta, this raises a lot of questions. Deaton believes the rules they are aware of, aren’t exactly set in stone anymore. This could, and probably will, complicate things for the supernaturals in Beacon Hills dramatically.

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Back at the sheriff’s office, Stiles is expressing concern for what’s going on currently, mainly with the new wolf boy, Theo. Sherriff Stilinski goes on one of his usual humorous tirades about all the crazy crap that goes on in their town and demands Stiles gets his butt to school. Stiles goes to school after his dad does a background check on him and his family. His suspicion of Theo only grows. When he talks to Malia about it, she dismisses it, as if he’s just overreacting. Stiles then mentions he remembers Theo, from 4th grade, and that’s not Theo. If you’ve paid attention to Stiles and his obsessive need to know everything about everything surrounding the supernaturals in Beacon Hills, mostly to try to protect his loved ones, he’s usually right on some level.

First day of senior year begins, and Scott and Kira are ooking very optimistic. Liam and Mason pass by and Mason is obsessively asking Liam questions about the Bersekers that attacked him back in season 4. I guess we will find out if Mason will be yet another “normal” kid who knows about what really goes on in Beacon Hills. Scott, Kira and Lydia are all in AP Biology together. The teacher appears to be a really tough one, assigning a test the second day of classes to figure out who really belongs in the class. She asks if each student feels like they belong in this class, to raise their hands. Theo is also in AP Biology. This seems to be placing more relevancy to Stiles’ growing concern about Theo’s motives.

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The student from the beginning of the episode who suffers from night terrors is in the hallway. She’s trying to get into her locker when she hears a lot of strange noises which freak her out. She suddenly opens it and the hallway empties and goes dark. Lockers start to ooze the same black goo she threw up, and lockers around her start opening. The creepy steampunk man from episode 1 crawls out, coming toward her, when Lydia calls out her name, “Tracy! Are you alright?” and Lydia walks with her outside.

Lydia talks to her mom and convinces Tracey to go home. They bring Deputy Parish with them to investigate her room to calm her down some. Parish checks the skylight window that she was having dreams about opening. She said it had been sealed for weatherproofing years ago, but when Parish checks it, it opens right up. He looks outside and sees a bunch of dead crows and scratch marks at the window. He tells the girls there’s nothing up there, probably so that it doesn’t alarm them and make things worse.

Scott and Stiles are with Theo in the locker room. Theo explains how he got turned into a werewolf: The Alpha who bit him was killed by two of his own betas, twins. Since we know Aiden and Ethan were twins, this would explain how they became Alphas. Him being in the same pack as the twins would also explain how he knew Scott was a true Alpha, and a better idea of how to find them. Theo claims he’s telling the truth and to just listen to his heart rate. Stiles interjects, “or you could be really good at steadying your heart rate while you lie out your ass”.

Theo follows with a story about how Scott calmed him down when he had an asthma attack when they were little. Scott told him about what to expect at the hospital and it really helped him. While it seems to convince Scott, Stiles isn’t on board. He breaks into the administration office to get ahold of Theo’s transfer form and notices that the signatures of his father on the transfer form and from a speeding ticket from 8 years ago are completely different, and that he also studied the art of handwriting analysis.

Malia has a PTSD flashback from the car wreck that killed her family during a driver’s Ed class and it terrifies Kira’s dad, who is the Driver’s Ed teacher. Stiles gets Liam to come with him to do some recon on Theo, so Liam can keep his scent and track him easier. Liam is asking Stiles if he’s ready to tell Mason the truth about everything, when he falls into a giant random hole in the yard. Liam reaches for his phone, turns on the flashlight, and sees a silver necklace in the mud. Once he crawls out, they see Theo leaving a lily in the lake behind his house. Liam senses he’s feeling grief. They start to leave, but Theo is standing in the tree and confronts them. Stiles shows him the two signatures and how they don’t match. It doesn’t seem to faze Theo very much. He just tries to convey that he came back for Scott and Stiles both, and that he’s meant to be in Scott’s pack.

tws5e2pic 3Scott is at Stiles’ jeep when they get back to it and Scott confronts him about his concerns with Theo. While Scott is calm, Stiles is oozing with anxiety and frustration because he claims Scott trusts everyone and someone has to look out for them. Stiles gets so pissed trying to fix the jeep and arguing with Scott that he punches it. Scott take his hand and absorbs his pain. Stiles seems to be perfectly fine after that – physically and much better emotionally.

Liam gets back to the school to do his workout with Mason and to tell him about what’s really going on. When he starts to speak, an actual wolf appears and chases them. Liam turns and scares him off. Mason obviously sees this and he’s beyond intrigued and excited about it. Good thing for Liam, since he was mostly scared to tell him because he thought it would scare him off and he wouldn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore. The wolf is on the dock and turns, and when it does, it turns into THEO! Now since the only werewolves we’ve seen who can do this was technically Derek, this opens up a lot of questions.

Meanwhile, Lydia brings Parish coffee on his stakeout, watching after Tracy. They seem to be getting a little chummy, which is why they don’t notice when Tracy sleepwalks out and wanders into the basement where the steampunk creepy dudes were. They restrain Tracy and inject her with something into her neck, which apparently turns her into a werewolf instantly.


There’s a quick scene of Stiles talking to his dad at home while he’s writing Theo’s name on his board in his room. Stiles mentions his dad isn’t wearing his wedding ring anymore. While his mom passed a while ago, Papa Stilinski has kept his ring on constantly. From a quick shot in the previous episode when the doctor is asking Lydia what happens to your friends, we see Mama McCall Slap papa Stilinski, as if they were in a lovers quarrel. Could this mean there will finally be a relationship between mama McCall and Papa Stilinski? I hope so!

Finally, Theo is back at his home where his parents are sitting at the table. He lectures his father about how he should have practiced the signatures more and that the one way to explain the signatures not matching, is if that hand has a cast on it. The scene closes with Theo smashing his “dad’s” hand with a hammer.

Well, it looks like Stiles’ instincts were right. Theo isn’t here just to be in Scott’s pack.

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