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Teen Wolf – S5E3 – Dreamcatchers

Previously on Teen Wolf, ‘Parasomnia’

We start out with Sheriff Stilinski getting ready for a date and we’re reintroduced to the kid, Donavan, who threatened Sherriff Stilinski previously. He’s back at his threats to murder him yet again. As he’s being carted off in a transport van, it is attacked by the creature that Tracey has become, thanks to the “Dread Doctors”. The driver of the van has what appears to be a heart attack and the attorney, sitting in the front seat takes control – as best he can – of the car. Once he’s stopped, we learn the attorney is Tracey’s father, and she decides to kill him. She critically injuries the two officers also in the car and the kid with anger issues escapes. He trips while running away and is approached by the Dread Doctors as well. They use a different method of infecting him; drilling into his head through his ear. His eyes glaze over with a strange film.

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Scott and Stiles talk in the Jeep as Stiles reveals he received an update about the Desert Wolf from Brayden. She’s apparently mauled a large group of people. Meanwhile, Lydia and Kira help Malia by giving her a driving lesson – Malia is still exceptionally terrible at it and also still having PTSD flashbacks from when she mauled her family in their car. Lydia has a Banshee moment and while giving Malia directions on which ways to turn, leads them to the body of Tracey’s father and the two injured officers. Scott and Stiles, of course, aren’t far behind. Sherriff Stilinski uses Scott to sniff out the location of Donavan. He finds him, absolutely terrified, repeating the name “Tracey” over and over.

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The whole pack, plus Mason, have a catch up session at school, before class, to try to figure out what to do about the whole Tracey situation. Back at the police station, Sherriff Stilinski asks Donavan questions about what he saw the previous night. Donavan is still pissed off at him and just keeps telling him he wants a new lawyer. Parrish pulls Stilinski to the side to tell him the reason they couldn’t find Tracey last night was because she made a pit stop at the hospital to get a bonus to her body count, and killed her psychiatrist as well.

Scott is in his AP class, getting a B on his test, and asked to lead the review on the previous night’s homework reading. Liam tries to get his attention from the hallway and tells him Tracey is in history class right now. Liam then goes to pull the fire alarm to cause a diversion so they can confront Tracey. When they do, she busts her desk in half and grabs the arm of a girl trying to check on her, making her bleed. She stands up and sees the Dread Doctors coming toward her and says “They’re coming for us, they’re going to kill us all” and collapses spewing a mercury like substance out of her mouth.

tws5e3 pic 3Lydia and Kira suggest they ask Garrett if Sutomi has anyone else they need to know about in her pack. Liam shows him a picture of Tracey and he doesn’t recognize her. Liam takes another look and notices she’s wearing a necklace in the picture. The same necklace he found when he fell in that hole while doing recon on Theo.

Scott, Stiles, and Malia take Tracey to the vet clinic so Deaton can examine her. He throws down some mountain ash to add some extra security to their situation and evaluates her. When he does, he discovers something odd moving around inside of her. Malia helps flip Tracey over to look at her back. It looks as though her spine is moving around like a fish. Suddenly, her back splits open at the spine and a long tail emerges, as Tracey goes into full creature mode. She whips her claws and tail around, striking everyone in some way and bolts out the door, right through the mountain ash, as if it weren’t even there. Looking back at every one in the room, they are all paralyzed. Stiles puts pieces together in his mind from previous experience and realizes that she’s not a werewolf, she’s a Canima, like Jackson was.

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Lydia and Kira search Tracey’s room, looking for clues to help explain something, anything. Kira finds a dreamcatcher her dad got for her. Lydia, knowing way more than the average teenager, starts putting things together in her head about people who sleepwalk and have night terrors. She reveals some people have killed their entire family and never realized it because they were asleep and thought they were just dreaming. Suddenly, she realizes Tracey thinks she’s still asleep and she’s stuck in a night terror. She’s not meaning to do any of this, but she just can’t wake up.

Liam, Garrett, and Mason look for the hole Liam fell in, hoping to find the necklace. When they find a hole, but no necklace, Liam remembers the hole was much closer to the lake, and that there’s more than one hole.

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As everyone in the vet clinic tries to regain limb function, Malia succeeds first. She catches Tracey’s scent and follows it. It leads her to the sheriff’s station where Lydia and Kira already informed her mother that Tracey was after her next. She’s been attacking people who were only trying to help her. Since Lydia’s mom is Sherriff Stilinski’s date and she was the guidance counselor trying to help Tracey, this puts them all at risk. As the Sherriff and Lydia’s mom are about to leave, he notices one of his officers is still there, asleep at her desk. She’s not. She’s paralyzed, along with a few other officers down the hall. As Kira, Lydia, her mom, and the Sherriff all look up, they see Tracey crawling on the celling. She attacks and it startles Donovan, who blinks horizontally now. Lydia’s mom tries to run away and as she does, Lydia gets impaled by Tracey’s tail. This incites an almost full fox form from Kira. A glowing fiery aurora, taking the shape of a fox like warrior appears around her and she manages to slice off Tracey’s tail.

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Malia arrives and Lydia weakly tells her Tracey thinks she’s dreaming and still in a night terror. Sherriff Stilinski, paralyzed on the floor, tells her Tracey and Lydia’s mom are in the basement. Malia goes after her and fights with serious vengeance. Right as she’s about to choke her to death, Tracey starts to take human form again and Malia stops. She explains she’s not in a dream, what she’s doing is real, she’s really hurting people. Right as she realizes this is all real, the Dread Doctors appear out of nowhere. They inject Tracey with something, announcing that “This patient is terminal”.

Appearing to be dead, it seems that one threat has been neutralized. While Donavan remains a mystery – we still don’t know what on earth he is or what he’s capable of – so do the Dread Doctors. They seem to be about as terrifying as the Berzerkers with a dash of creepy in there, too. We will see what next week’s episode has in store, and if and questions are answered – or if we just develop 20 more.

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