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Teen Wolf – S5E4 – Condition Terminal

Previously on Teen Wolf, ‘Dreamcatchers’

Top 12 Moments from Condition Terminal
  • Parish is having dreams of being completely burned, like after the car fire, carrying a body to the Nimitaan Tree, as if it were for a sacrifice.
  • Tracey is dead, but she’s not turning back to her human form after death.
  • tws5e4 pic 1Dread Doctors continue to show interest in Donavan. They pull out his teeth and he grows new ones. Lots of long, sharp ones, close together, almost like a piranha. Theo, who is apparently working with the Dread Doctors, comes in and talks to him about going after Sheriff Stilinski. He suggests instead, to go after someone he loves deeply, to cause him devastating, soul crushing, emotional pain.
  • Lydia goes into surgery for her injury she sustained from Tracey. She sees the Dread Doctors as she’s going under the anesthesia.
  • Malia wants Stiles to back off his search for her mother, The Desert Wolf.
  • Deaton has discovered the creatures that have been attacking them are hybrids. They aren’t born or bitten, they were made. They are blurring the lines between science and supernatural. Scott learns during his AP Biology class that scientifically, something that shares two DNA sequences is called a Chimera. Scott is also considering dropping AP Biology, likely due to all the surrounding circumstances.
  • There’s a noticeable relationship growing between Parish and Lydia. More one-on-one time with each other. Lydia even asks him to teach her how to fight, since he knows jujitsu and close quarter combat that he learned in the military.
  • Malia leaves Stiles all alone and asleep at the library to go to Tracey’s room to investigate more – partially for information, partially because of grief from seeing her die. She finds a book on her desk, with a note from her dad saying “Here’s that book you asked for”. It was titled “The Dread Doctors.”
  • A teenage boy comes into the ER with a seriously nasty gash on his forearm, causing him excruciating pain. They can’t get the pain under control, at all. Scott tries to take some of his pain away. It’s a noticeably larger amount than he’s endured from another person before and is nearly too much for him to handle. Mama McCall says it’s from scorpion venom and with a sting this bad, he should have died 10 hours ago and it would have come from a scorpion that was 15 feet tall.
  • tws5e4 pic 2Liam joins Mason in a gay bar in hopes of finding Mason some action. Garrett is also there. After a bit, Mason finds a guy, Lucas, showing interest in him and they start to make out, but Liam notices he’s not just an average guy looking for some company. He’s got curved spikes coming out of his arms and back. Liam attacks him to protect Mason. Scott and Kira show up to talk to Liam since he was at the same club that Lucas goes to every Friday night, and they all find themselves in a full blown fight with this creature, likely to be the scorpion thing that stung the boy in the hospital. Kira almost loses control and flat out kills him in her super fox aura. Scott stops her. As they try to move Lucas’ body, he gets shot in the chest with something from above. They all look up and it’s the Dread Doctors. Scotts screams, “Why did you do that?”, one of the doctors reply, “His condition is terminal” “Failure”. Side note, Scott also drops “I love you” to Kira in a very nonchalant way, prior to the fight. Of course, Kira is freaking out and Scott is completely oblivious to what he’s done/said.
  • Back the hospital morgue, Scott and Mama McCall are talking about how they will explain the condition of the body in autopsy and have a mother/son motivational talk. They shut the lights off and leave. We see another person enter and take the body out. It’s Parish. He’s taking the body to the Nimintaan Tree. He lays it down and it becomes engulfed in flames. There are a large number of bodies lying all around the tree.
  • Stiles wakes up to leave the library and once again his Jeep isn’t starting. He opens up the hood to fix it. Donovan sneaks up behind him and holds the palm of his hand out with a mouth and tons of teeth on it and grabs his shoulder. Stiles screams in pain and fear.


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