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Teen Wolf – S5E5 – A Novel Approach

Previously on Teen Wolf, ‘Condition Terminal’ 

Last week ended with Stiles getting bitten by the mouth that was on Donovan’s hand. This week starts out with Stiles running into the school trying to escape Donovan. We learn that Donovan’s dad and Stiles’ Dad were partners while they were deputies. While Papa Stilinski was in the car, radioing for backup, Donovan’s dad was injured in the line of duty and shot in his T9 vertebrae, paralyzing him from the waist down. This explains why Donovan is so hell bent on destroying Sherriff Stilinski’s life. He wants revenge for his father.

After a fight and struggle, Stiles finds a pin he pulled out of the scaffolding he was climbing, which caused a bunch of rods and wood to fall. One of the rods impaled Donovan and killed him. Stiles calls the Sherriff’s office, but says nothing. A deputy responds to check on the school, but finds nothing of concern. Stiles stayed back to see what happened and when the deputy radioed that it was a prank, Stiles goes back in to check and everything had been cleaned up and Donovan’s body was gone. Blood was still on the rod that impaled him, so he knows that it really happened, but someone or something came in to clean it all up, very quickly.

tws5e5 pic 1 stiles in jeep

Scott wakes up to find Kira is speaking Japanese in her sleep, but she doesn’t know any Japanese. Shortly after, he gets an alert on his phone that the alarm has been tripped at the Animal Clinic. There was a break-in and someone stole Tracey’s body. Mama McCall told Scott that Lucas’ body is missing from the morgue as well. Next thing we see is Parish, taking bodies to the Nimitaan Tree.

Lydia is looking in to the Dread Doctors book that Malia found in Tracey’s room. The synopsis of the book is eerily similar to what is currently happening in their lives. Kira makes photocopies of the book for everyone in the pack to read. As Scott gives Liam a copy to get him up to speed, he notices the book was dedicated to Dr. Gabriel Valik; the guy in Eichen House, with the third eye on his forehead that drives everyone mad when they look into it.

Theo tells the Dread Doctors that the book worked and that the pack is going to Eichen House that night.

As the group prepares to go to Eichen, Lydia and Scott argue about whether or not Stiles should join too. Scott and Kira look for her belt. They get into a passive aggressive lovers quarrel. She asks Scott to look at her with his wolf eyes. He does and sees her fox aura surrounding her, pointing to her belt on the floor under his bed. He tells her he found the belt, but everything else is normal. You can tell he’s concerned, but he doesn’t know what to make of what he sees or how to tell her about it, without making her a neurotic mess.

As the pack gets to Eichen, you can tell they are all nervous about what’s going to happen when they talk to Valik, not to mention Stiles and Lydia were almost killed by an orderly there. As they are going down to the cells where Valik is located, only Stiles and Lydia can go in to see Valik because everything is heavily concentrated in mountain ash around these cells. Stiles notices some of the patients aren’t exactly human. One of which looks like Donovan and another looks like a demonic gargoyle. (FUN FACT: This creature, called a Slugha, was a fan-created monster, chosen to be made into a character on the show!)

tws5e5 pic 2 slugha

When Stiles and Lydia talk to Valik, he tells them they need to read the book. The book will jog your memory of any time you’ve seen the Dread Doctors and help you learn more. He wants Lydia to Banshee scream into a digital recorder as a repayment for his information.

tws5e5 Pic 3 Valik, Lydia and stiles

While Lydia and Stiles talk to Valik, Scott and Kira are in the hallway and notice that their energy is draining because of the mountain ash. Kira starts to become engulfed in lightening sparks. She doesn’t have control over it and she collapses. Kitsunes disrupt the building’s defenses because of the electromagnetic pulses. The Dread Doctors take advantage of the weakened defenses and pay Valik a visit. Stiles and Lydia hide. Scott picks up Kira and gets her out of the building, roasting himself in the process. The Dread Doctors remove Valik’s 3rd eye with one of their freaky devices and leave. Valik grabs the recorder, puts it in a cup and places it against the glass of his cell and presses play. The vibration from the banshee scream cracks the glass of his cell, allowing him to escape.

TWs5e5 Pic 4 Scott and Kira outside

Meanwhile, Malia is at the school library and runs in to Theo. The last bus already left and he offered to give her some more driving lessons since she’s having issues getting the hang of driving still. She has a moment where she loses control and speeds up. Theo gets her to stop the car and she gets out and collapses in the street. She has a PTSD vision and sees her family’s crash again, but this time she discovers what really caused it. It wasn’t Malia turning and killing them all. It was the Desert Wolf, Malia’s biological mom. She shot the car off the road, causing the wreck. It wasn’t Malia’s fault. While she’s having her PTSD moment a car nearly hits her and Theo grabs her out of the way just in time.

tws5e5 pic 5 malia and theo in car

Well, this definitely opens up a lot more questions about how to defeat the Dread Doctors and about the Desert Wolf. Will Malia have the pack continue to hunt for her?

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