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Teen Wolf – S5E7 – Strange Frequencies

Previously on Teen Wolf, ‘Required Reading’


Teen Wolf S5E7

Starting right where we left off last week, on the roof of the hospital, Theo tells Stiles he was there, in the library when the bars fell off the scaffolding and killed Donovan. They both decide to take the body of the new Chimera to the animal clinic.

Liam tries to explain himself to Hayden about why he’s acting so weird with the glow sticks and he shows her his wolf eyes and teeth. She freaks out and punches him and drives off. Her car breaks down soon after and she hears the Dread Doctors say “condition improved” over her radio. They begin to approach her from the distance. Liam catches up to her and breaks her out of her car and takes her to safety while he calls Scott and Stiles to figure out what to do from there.

tws5e7 pic 1 laim wolf eyes

Scott meets Theo and Stiles at the animal clinic. Scott recognizes him. The newest Chimera is named Josh, a junior at BHHS. They get the call from Liam about Hayden and go see what’s going on. She’s locked herself in the bathroom and is beginning to change. Her eyes are yellow and she has wolf teeth. She believes them, but is in disbelief of what’s happening.

Kira and her dad are at the high school working on a project. She’s not exactly excited about spending her Saturday this way but complies. Her dad leaves something in the car and goes to get it. Kira’s mother suddenly appears and begins to spar with her. The spar takes a turn and begins to be a fight that Kira doesn’t seem to have much control over. Her mother cowers by a desk as Kira is about to strike and her father walks in just in time to stop her. Kira says “I could have killed you!” to which her mother replies “Not you, the fox inside you”.

In a completely random scene, Mason runs in to Corey, Lucas’ boyfriend, in the library at school. He approaches Mason looking for answers about what happened to him because he heard that Mason talked to him that night. He’s obviously oblivious to what’s going on and Mason wants to keep it that way.

Sherriff Stilinski is racking his brain trying to find some connection in the victims and how this book works itself into everything. He thinks it’s a work of science fiction, but they aren’t Dread Scientists, they’re Dread Doctors. He approaches Mama McCall at the hospital and they start going through medical files of the victims. The starts to piece together that every one of the victims have had some sort of transplant, which makes them a genetic Chimera already because it fused together two DNA sequences when the transplant was deemed successful.

The pack decides that they have to figure out some way to bait and trap the Dread Doctors. They use the school as their fortress because of the electromagnetic energy surrounding it, is the second highest in the town next to Eichen House. Parrish helps by getting high powered cell phone jammers set up to help with any cell interference. Kira wants to help but because it was so problematic at Eichen House previously, Kira insists she stay home, so she doesn’t cause more harm than good. . Kira’s mother uses her time at home to try and realign the power struggle within Kira between herself and the Fox with acupuncture.

The rest of the pack goes to the school and sets up, using Hayden as bait. Liam is very unhappy about this because he’s obviously got feelings for her, but he knows this is the only way that they can really help her, is to catch one of the Dread Doctors.

tws5e7 pic 3 stiles and liam in jeepBecause they still don’t know who is stealing the bodies, Stiles and Theo go back to the animal clinic to set up the camera on Stiles’ phone and watch the video feed from outside in his Jeep on his Samsung Watch. Due to the close nature of Stiles and Theo inside the Jeep for a prolonged period of time, they start talking about various things, but more notably the justification in Stiles and Theo’s actions of taking another life. Stiles is struggling with what he’s done and is scared to tell Scott because of how he may react. Theo sees it purely as self-defense and completely justifiable. Theo also talks to Stiles about finding his sister in the creek. A flashback scene reveals the words he’s telling Stiles isn’t exactly the truth. He did find his sister, but not her body, she was still alive and he just left her there. Theo also brings up the fact that werewolves eyes are supposed to change to blue when they take the life of an innocent. He shows his eye color, and they’re yellow, not blue.

Kira’s mom goes to check on Kira and suddenly calls out for her dad. Kira is gone and all the acupuncture needles are stuck into the headboard of her bed in the shape of the number “115”.

Hallucinations begin when Scott thinks he sees something being drug down the hallway. He tries to shrug it off, but then Hayden realizes she forgot her medicine for her kidneys. She has an extra bottle in her locker so Scott goes to get it. He keeps seeing what appears to be a dog leash being drug down the hallway. He follows it into the science lab where he is suddenly stabbed and then being choked with the leash he saw, by Kira saying “you know who I am. I am the messenger of death!” He’s brought out of this hallucination suddenly because Mason shows up and saw Scott freaking out. He remembered that pain could bring them out of it and uses a scalpel to cut his hand. It worked and they both go to look for the others.

Teen Wolf S5E7 - Kira

Malia gets to the school to try and help where she can, but her hallucinations start. Bear traps grab her foot. When she falls down, more grab her arms and a spear stabs her through the neck. The Dread Doctors walk right past her as she’s laying the floor helpless, with nothing actually restraining her.

Lydia goes out into the hall to check on Scott and sees Tracey in her hallucination. When she approaches her, Tracey rips out Lydia’s tongue and she down the stairs.

Parrish even has a hallucination while he waits outside the school. He and Lydia start making out pretty heavily and when he pulls back to look at her, she’s severely burned all over.

tws5e7 pic 5 parrish carrying body out of animal clinicWhen they all come out of their hallucinations, Scott, Mason and Lyida return to the locker room where, Hayden and Liam were. They’re both gone with no sign of where they went.

Parrish however goes to the animal clinic. Theo catches a scent of something burning. He looks to his right and suddenly punched by a flaming arm, spraying Stiles in the face with Theo’s blood. Parrish flips over the Jeep, rendering Stiles unconscious, while he goes inside to get the body of Josh and carries it out of the building. The Jeep is on fire and things looks grim for Stiles but Theo heals and pulls him out just in time before Stile’s beloved Jeep meets its final fate.

We find Liam and Hayden in the liar of the Dread Doctors. Liam on the floor having his blood drained and Hayden on a table with the Doctors surrounding her doing more experiments on her.

As the episode closes Mama McCall is returning home from work and opens her door to find a body of another unknown Chimera with knife-like Freddy Kruger fingers, sprawled across her kitchen island with Kira’s sword through her torso.

We have to wait until next week to find out what happens to Hayden and Liam, who this new mystery Chimera is and why Kira has apparently killed her and left her body for Mama McCall, how Stiles is coping with the loss of his beloved Jeep and if they pieced together that it was Parrish taking the bodies or not!

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