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Teen Wolf – S5E8 – Ouroboros

Previously on Teen Wolf, ‘Strange Frequencies’


Deaton encounters the Desert Wolf after he enters what appears to be her lair, looking for some evidence. He finds a large tooth and seems to be content with his findings.

Back at Mama McCall’s house, she calls Sherriff Stilinski about the body left on her kitchen island. She asks him to leave his badge at the door when he enters, but he ignores it and calls in the murder. She smacks him and insists that Kira did not do this and how difficult this will be to explain to other authorities in the know about the supernatural in Beacon Hills.

Kira is found aimlessly wandering the streets and Hayden’s sister, the police officer, finds her and talks to her to try to get her out of the street. When Kira seems to calm down, she cuffs her and arrests her, being the suspect they are looking for. Stiles hears the 187 for Kira as the suspect over the radio of what’s left of his Jeep.

tws5e8 pic 2 bloody faced stiles

Back at the police station, Mama McCall writes her official statement about what happened and Hayden’s sister approaches Sherriff Stilinski about key cards that were used at the library the night of the “prank call”. She tells him that the key cards belong to Theo and Stiles. Meanwhile, Kira is cuffed to a bench and Kira’s dad comes in to take the blame for what’s happened. He tells the Sherriff that he was attacked in his home and used a replica sword from his collection to defend himself. He and his wife explain that she apparently wasn’t all the way dead and then wandered into the McCall home before she succumbed to her injuries that he inflicted. He surrenders himself in order to have Kira released and had already contacted his attorney.

Liam and Hayden are still stuck in the Dread Doctors Lair. They performed some sort of procedure on Hayden before leaving her on the floor next to Liam. They have a sweet moment together and then she tries to free him from the device draining him of his blood and seemingly replacing it with some other substance in a weird medical science-y cylindrical chamber, filled with who knows what. The Dread Doctors approach them both right after she pulls the tube out of his arm and drag them both off to a fenced in area, like a cage, wired with electricity, and leaves them. They encounter another guy who’s also been one of the Dread Doctor’s experiments. He says they did something to his back and he can still feel something back there. He asks them to look at it and tell him what it looks like. He lifts his shirt and it appears to be like the cut off wings, with two bloody, fluttering stumps on his back. After some conversation about what exactly the Dread Doctors are doing to them, one of the Doctors comes in and takes the new guy with the wing nubs away for further testing, leaving Liam and Hayden behind.

tws5e8 pic 6 mason, scott and malia pipes

Scott, still trying to locate Liam, meets up with the rest of the pack at Lydia’s house. Mason had brought Corey there to read the book. Scott, becoming impatient and worried, grabs the back of Corey’s neck with his claws to tap into his memories, like we’ve seen Peter do in the past. He doesn’t get a clear image of what all he saw but he was able to make out that it was the water treatment plant that the Dread Doctors took him to. Lydia expresses her concern for Scott’s actions because he could have seriously hurt Corey, but it seems like Scott just truly doesn’t care about anything, except finding Liam. He is his Beta after all. Scott, Mason and Malia head to the water treatment plant to look for Liam. Theo and Lydia stay behind with Corey, while Stiles heads to the hospital to talk to his dad about the body.

Theo and Lydia try to talk to Corey about what else he saw with the Dread Doctors. He mentions a basement somewhere, with a huge hole smashed in a stone wall. Lydia and Theo recall the same description of the scenery when Parrish was attacked in the first episode. Corey insists on leaving and doing his own thing.

tws5e8 pic 4 kira and dread doctorsScott, Malia and Mason search up and down the hallways searching for Liam but seems to keep running in circles. Meanwhile, Kira is back at home and trying to read the book, still. Her mom sits down with her and suggests she read it backwards, so that it won’t confuse the fox inside her. Upon taking her advice, she starts getting a memory of the night on the 115 when the traffic was backed up and she got out of the car. The Dread Doctors approached her and put some sort of a needle into her eye, likely triggering the fox inside her to start taking control over her.

Stiles goes to the Hospital to meet up with his dad about what’s being done with the body. Sherriff Stillinski insists on putting all his available officers, armed at all the exits, guarding it. When he talks to his dad, he tells him that his key card does have access to the school after hours, but his was lost or stolen a few weeks ago. Later, in the waiting room, Stiles tosses his ID into the trash, to get rid of his evidence. All the officers are manning the doors with their guns when everyone notices the temperature raising significantly for a morgue. They hear noises from the ceiling and suddenly steam starts shooting out of the sprinkler system instead of water, making it incredibly hard to see or focus on anything. Conveniently, Parrish was stationed directly in front of the morgue drawer where the body was being held. After all the steam dissipates, the body is nowhere to be found. Parrish approaches the Sherriff and tells him in a very blank manor that, he thinks he saw the suspect. His clothes weren’t burned and he seemed clean still. Maybe it was just a diversion to hide it somewhere else until he could come back to get it, to take it to the Nimitaan tree.

Theo leaves and goes to search for Liam as well. He “finds” where they were being held captive and grabs the fencing, getting shocked pretty heavily. He takes a step back for a moment and tries again and gets the gates open to free them. They go back to Lydia’s house. A lovely little hug fest happens with everyone, celebrating the victory of Theo rescuing him.

Scott goes to talk to Kira about what happened and she’s packing. She knows whatever is happening, isn’t going to get any better in Beacon Hills, so she and her parents leave. They have a very passionate kiss in the rain before they drive off, as all the street lights explode from the energy and emotion that Kira is giving off while leaving.

Stiles recovered a scorched name tag, reading Parrish and took it to Lydia. He tells her it’s Parrish taking the bodies. She connects the dots about what he’s told her about his dreams and says she knows where he’s taking the bodies.

tws5e8 pic 5 desert wolf

The episode comes to close as Deaton and the Desert Wolf are speaking again. She tells him she heard a rumor that her daughter is still alive. Deaton denies knowing anything about her having a daughter. Her only response? “That’s a shame. If she is still alive, it looks like I’ll just have to kill her again”

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