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Teen Wolf – S5E9 – Lies of Omission

Previously on Teen Wolf, ‘Ouroboros’

Scott reflects on all the changes that have happened recently: all the lies and secrets between so many people, the challenges they face, and his fear of the outcome. He’s also worried about Deaton not being back yet.

Theo speaks with The Dread Doctors and insists he needs more time. He needs Hayden alive, and they promised him a pack in return for his cooperation.

Lydia and Stiles search for the Nimataan tree with no luck. Lydia goes to Parrish to see if he can lead her to the tree. They start driving and Parrish subconsciously finds the tree. And yes, it’s completely surrounded by bodies. Lydia connects the dots and tells him she thinks he’s trying to cover up the supernatural, trying to protect it. Parrish turns himself in. He tells Stilinski he’s been taking the bodies and he insists on staying inside the cell at the jail.

twS5e9 lydia and parrish in woods

Corey is getting a lot stronger. He can rip the lock off his locker and max out the weight bench in the gym. Mason tries to convince him that Scott really is a good guy. While maxing out the weights, Corey suddenly starts profusely bleeding mercury. An ambulance comes to get him as he’s screaming “don’t let them kill me”, while being taken to the hospital.

Sherriff Stilinski searches everywhere with black light to see if he can find evidence of mercury. He finds some evidence when he searches the library.

Theo pushes the limits when he and Scott get some alone time, following the ambulance to the hospital, to talk. He shows Scott a wrench that belonged to Stiles. He goes on to tell Scott that Stiles killed Donovan, but not the whole truth about what happened. Instead of saying how Donovan fell on a scaffolding pole, he said Stiles hit him with the wrench and beat his skull in until Theo pulled him off. When Scott and Theo get to the hospital to go after Corey, they find complete chaos. Corey’s ability is apparently invisibility, but not to The Dread Doctors, who find him while invisible and stab him with a cane.

tws5e9 scott and theo at schoolMalia finds another Chimera during class when she bites an entire fingernail off and bleeds mercury. When she runs out of class, Malia follows and tries to talk to her. She throws Malia against lockers and runs off. She’s met by a Dread Doctor who snaps her neck.

When the police respond to the hospital crisis, Sherriff Stilinski finds Theo and asks to talk to him privately about the mercury in the library. He tells the sherriff the true story, but substitutes himself doing it instead of Stiles.

Liam and Hayden steal some money from Sinema and attempt to leave town. Before they can, Dread Doctors show up. They put up a good fight. Scott and Theo even show up to help, but they’re all kind of getting their asses kicked. They inject Hayden in the neck, her eyes turn silver, and then back to normal. She seems to be perfectly fine. They can’t be sure though, so Scott says to meet him at the animal clinic. Scott leaves on his dirt bike and Liam and Hayden ride with Theo. Liam is freaking out, asking if she will heal or not. Liam suggests turning her into a real werewolf, but Theo reminds him that Betas can’t turn someone, only an Alpha can: Scott can.

Stiles meets Scott at the animal clinic. He shows him the wrench he lost at the school that night. Stiles knows that Scott knows. Scott still thinks that Stiles bashed in Donovan’s skull, Stiles thinks Scott knows what really happened. They argue in the pouring rain with Scott wondering if Stiles actually had to kill Donovan. Stiles insists he didn’t have choice and keeps asking Scott if he believes him. Scott tells him not to worry about Malia or Lydia, and to go talk to his dad. He goes inside leaving Stiles out in the rain, with his bromance heart broken.

twS5e9 stiles in the rain

Inside, Hayden is only getting worse and Liam reminds Scott that he promised he would do whatever he could to help her, and asks him to give her the bite.

Scott simply says “No.”

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