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The 100 – S2E14 – Bodyguard of Lies

Cold Open

We begin with Thelonious and his crew of five on their way to the City of Light.  As they continue to walk through the desert, Harris tells jokes to pass the time. Stop me if you’ve heard this before: an Archer, a Grounder, and a Mountain Man walk into a bar. Before we find out what the Mountain Man said we hear a click and a kaboom! Harris stepped on a mine. As pieces of Harris fall out of the sky another follower backs up in horror and sits on a mine herself. Down to Thelonious and his crew of three! Cue intro music.

Situation Room

Cage and Emerson discuss their futility in finding the remaining 44 escaped kids in the bunker and Emerson hints at Cage’s father assisting with the kids being hidden. They decide on a plan of action to flush them out by letting it be known that 10 soldiers were killed. Cage then switches focus to the outside threat of Clarke and Lexa’s forces and wonders why they stopped right outside of the veil, otherwise known as the acid fog. Emerson states their commander is different but Cage is like yeah, um, okay, whatever. She can’t wait forever. As soon as she moves into range, let that fog go.

Camp Clarke & Lexa

In Clarke & Lexa’s tent Clarke is seconding guessing the plan of getting through the doors by cutting the power to disengage the locks. Lexa is trying to take a nap so without opening her eyes and laying still, she’s like, “Clarke, your people said it will work so be easy.” Lexa, sensing Clarke is still stressing, (a feeling I know so well when you’re trying to sleep) rolls her eyes, gets up to reaffirm the plan is solid and second guessing it now is a waste of time: Once Bellamy stops the acid fog the battle begins. Now Clarke is on that “what if he can’t, what if I sent him to his death.” Lexa tells Clarke this is how it goes as leaders. You have to tell your warriors “Go die for me”. Clarke doesn’t think it’s that easy for her, but Lexa tells her she was built for this just as she was.

Clarke and Lexa


Bellamy is looking for the source of the acid fog and continues to communicate with Raven. Raven needs him to find the source because she can’t figure out how to stop it on her end. Bellamy notices the key card he got off Lovejoy isn’t working anymore, then Garza and another soldier find him snooping around and begin to chase him through the facility. The guards decide to split up, because that strategy always works. This allows Bellamy to catch Garza slipping and he knocks him out, takes his key card, and goes through to the next room.

Meanwhile, Raven has asked Wick to come down to help figure out the acid fog. Wick decides this is a fine time to jokingly throw in her face that she needs help. Raven wasn’t trying to hear none of that, and since she feels the army of Grounders are waiting on her so they can try to save her trapped friends she’s like, “Forget it. I’ll do it myself.” Wick calms her down says he was only joking, which always kills the joke when you have to explain it. Wick gets serious and starts helping with figuring out how it works by rambling off some science terms that go way over my head. He reminds her he’s a God at this so they’ll figure it out. Raven replies he thinks he’s a God at everything. They continue to work together and Raven becomes more “comfortable” with Wick being there.

Wick and Raven

Grounder Camp

Clarke steps out to find Octavia pondering about the missile hit at Tondc. Octavia figures out Clarke knew and allowed those people to be killed and she could have been killed, too. Clarke tries to break down on why it was done, but Octavia wasn’t trying to hear it and compared that decision to being part of the council. Before Octavia walks away Clarke was like,”I know you mad, but, um, can you keep this under your hat because of course that news could break the alliance?” Lexa and her guard step out and give Octavia new orders to relieve the guard post even though Indra wanted her with Lincoln scouting. Octavia leaves to follow orders. Clarke tells Lexa Octavia won’t tell anyone, but Lexa isn’t sure about that and orders her guard in Grounder speak to kill Octavia.

Bellamy meets up with Vincent asking for help and finds another memeber of the Cage resistance, Lee. Vincent explains how Lee has been helping move the kids to wings of the facility that have already been searched. Vincent shows Bellamy another route to the acid fog on a map that doesn’t have any patrols or cameras, and gives him a acetylene torch.

Clarke walks up on Indra to ask where Octavia is, and Indra says she’s with Lincoln scanning the mountain. However Octavia is standing post as directed by Lexa. The Grounder draws back his bow to put an arrow through Octavia when Clarke points a gun at his head and tells him don’t do it. He tells her he has order, but Clarke could care less and says this isn’t happening and they walk back to camp.

Thelonious and his crew are sitting still in the desert through a sandstorm. Once it passes they see light over the horizon. “The City of Light,” Richards exclaims. John reminds them that they are still in a minefield and they must cross it to get to the City. Thelonious states this is a test of their faith and they must push forward. I guess this is one of those pass or fail tests, but regardless they begin to move forward.

Clarke brings the guard back to Lexa’s tent and goes off about why he was trying to kill Octavia. Lexa tells Clarke her feelings for Ovtacvia is clouding her judgment and if she didn’t have those feelings she would see Octavia is a threat. She was going to let her die two days ago and nothing has changed. Clarke states she has changed and her feelings let her know Octavia is loyal. Clarke begins to call Lexa out on how she acts like she doesn’t have feelings, but she is actually hiding from them because she felt for Gustus & Costia, and she felt for the 250 people she let burn in the village. Clarke wants Lexa to trust her since she cares about her, but Lexa can’t do it. So, Clarke is like if anything happens to Octavia she will tell everyone about the missile.


Thelonious and crew use the staff to try and feel out the mines. Richards goes stir crazy and runs toward the City of Light, but Thelonious tackles him right before he trips a mine.

Bellamy has found the room where they are storing the acid fog while Raven and Wick go over the best way to stop the acid. Once Bellamy radios in that he found it, they direct him to the monitor since blowing it up would only alert everyone to what has happened. They may use a different weapon so they decide on a more subtle solution to the acide fog.

Thelonious and crew make it to a backwards sign that says “Warning Mines” and they have passed the test. Hooray! So, they run towards the City of Light and find solar panels as far as the eye can see. Thelonious is like, “I been through too much for this to be it. There has to be a reason for this.”

Raven and Wick try to talk Bellamy through what he sees on the monitor and they go under the maintenance tab to try and adjust the ph to neutralize the acid fog through passivation. Don’t you wish you paid more attention in chemistry class? The needle moves, Bellamy begins to hear the pumps, and viola! Passivation successful. Raven and Wick embrace in a completely spontaneous, but sligtly uncomfortable, hug before Raven sends up the flare.

Lexa summons Clarke back to her tent where she tells Clarke she won’t attempt to kill Octavia. Lexa tells Clarke she trusts her, but this is how she survives. Clarke says they deserve more than just to survive. Lexa agrees and embraces Clarke to kiss her and they do for a moment until Clarke steps back because shes not yet ready to be with anyone. #awkward. However, they hear shouting outside about the flare going up. Lexa says, “Now we fight.”


Raven returns to the radio room after shooting the flare and runs right to Wick to kiss him. Must be something in the air. Raven doesn’t want to hear Wick say anything and goes right to getting it in.

The Grounder army starts moving toward the mountain. Bellamy begins to leave the acid fog room when he sees a guage in a tank that the ph needle did not move at all. Bellamy desperaely tries to radio Raven to let Clarke know the acid fog isn’t down, but Cage and Emerson have intercepted Bellamy’s radio frequency and have been playing him. Cage tells one of his soldiers to reset the monitor so Bellamy sees the PH never actually changed. Then orders them to bring Bellamy in. Bellamy hides behind a tank before diving back into a vent. Bellamy shoots at the guards through the vent double wielding like bullet time Max Payne.



While this is happening, Cage begins the countdown to turn on the acid fog as the Grounders get into range. However, a guard sees Bellamy placed his acetylene torch on a flammable tank which causes an explosion right before they release the acid fog onto the Grounder army. Cage is salty because now the only somewhat effective defense they have left is the doors.

Raven gets dressed and tells Wick they need to get up to meet the strike team. Wick says they can keep doing this, but he aint about the games. Raven tells him we have a war to win. Um, so I guess she is about the games.

As the Grounders move towards the mountain, Clarke tries to tell Octavia to go to the rear guard where she will be safe. Octavia is like you’re not the boss of me, Indra is. Clarke hopes Octavia understands why Clarke let the missile hit and Octavia says she ain’t trying to hear it. She’s through with Clarke once they save their friends. Indra tells Octavia shes going to be in the mines with her because she’s a warrior. Indra also tells Octavia she knows about the missile and says the enemy did that to them, and gives props to Lexa because she’s a ruthless commander and that’s why they will win this is war. They continue to charge in.

As Jaha and the crew search the solar panels, John throws a rock at one of the panels, because it makes you feel better to hit things. A drone flies out. They begin to chase the drone, but it flies over water. Luckily, a boat is waiting right there. Jaha calls it destiny that they need a boat and a boat appears. I think that’s more of a coincidence, but hey. Jaha and John and the remaining crew jump into the boat and continue to follow the drone.

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