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The 100 – S2E15 – Blood Must Have Blood

Previously on The 100, ‘Bodyguard of Lies’

The 100 S2E15

Mount Weather

Bellamy is in the Havest chamber freeing his old cell mate and the rest of the Grounders, and prepping them for war when he hears President Cage over the PA system. Cage lets the residents know if you’re hiding the 44 you’ve got an hour to give them up or you’re enemies of the state. Bellamy leaves to help the 44 from the Ark. Cage and Emerson go over defensive plans when Cage asks Emerson about the intruder. After Emerson says he’s still on the loose, Cage throws some sheets of paper at Emerson and tells him to go door to door and find them. Such bitchassness! Here’s hoping Emerson has a redemptive arc somewhere. Paul and a team knock on the door of a lovely older couple and begins interrogating them about hiding some of the 44. Paul knows they are lying because he sees where some drinks were on the coffee table because they didn’t use coasters. Paul forces them to give up Jasper and Maya and for the hell of it shoots the couple in the head.

The Art of War

Lexa and Clarke explain the plan of getting the Grounders and the 44 from the Ark. Clarke breaks down the 4 teams: Wick and Raven will take out the turbines, which will cut the power. Bellamy’s team is to free the Grounders in the Harvest Chamber. Indra, Octavia, and their squad will assist the escapees coming out the back through the Reaper tunnels. While Clarke, Lexa, and the army will wait at the door for a distraction and for the power to be cut so they can breach the door. Clarke reminds everyone, like that kid in class who reminds the teacher she didn’t give out homework, “Hey, this is a rescue mission. Don’t kill any innocents.” Lexa agrees, but lets them know for everything the guilty Mountain Men and soldiers have done to them… Jus dren Jus daun! Blood must have Blood, just like the title, translated from Grounder.

Jasper Bell and Maya

While Paul is bringing Jasper and Maya into custody, Vincent cuts him off in the hallways and pleads for him not to do it. Paul pulls a pistol and tells Vincent to step aside. Bellamy, who was hiding in a vent, puts a bullet through Paul’s temple. They kill the other guard by choking him with their handcuffs and smashing his head against the wall. Sheesh. Vincent and Bellamy split up. Vincent goes to the Harvest chamber since that is where Bellamy says everyone will be safe, while Bellamy, Jasper, and Maya go to level 3 to find the others – but not before Maya hugs Vincent after Vincent says how proud her mother would be of her.

Plans into Motion

Indra and Octavia talk about Lincoln and how Octavia feels he should be leading the way through the tunnels. Indra goes on about Lincoln switching loyalties and if he does so again, it’s curtains for him. They deal with a few Reapers using non-lethal force and continue through the tunnels. They drill a hole through the door and put the bomb into place. Now Clarke and Lexa are just waiting on the signal from Wick and Raven. They are in the process of setting charges on the turbines arguing like a married couple, telling bad jokes, talking about sex and following up on Raven’s abandonment issues. While Wick and Raven are talking they hear a walkie talkie and its sitting on a ledge. Then a mountain man appears and spears Wick as he’s tries to go for the walkie. As the mountain man radios for help, Wick goes Barry Bonds on him with a wrench to the head. As Wick gives that look you give when it’s your first time, Raven calmly takes the wrench from him and says “Welcome to the Ground”. Through all the hoopla they lost a bomb and now can’t blow all five turbines.

One Week In Office

Cage comes into Daddy Wallace’s prison cell with a peace offering: his favorite meal. Daddy Wallace knows his ass aint there for that and Cage comes clean and says I need help against the outsiders. After Cage tells him how they are taking out the power, and drilling into the door, Daddy Wallace proceeds to read Cage’s bumbling. Since he under estimated Clarke, he’s managed to turn neighbors against each other, increased the Outsider hate for them, lost the acid fog, and is about to lose a door they’ve had for 97 years without an issue, and that army is gonna kill them all. Cage is like, “I know, right? But how do I fix it?” Daddy Wallace fronts like he isn’t going to help and before Cage can leave he says “Wait.”

And Here We Go

After ample time bickering, Wick and Raven decide they can use redundancy (see 12th grade textbook) to blow the last turbine. Clarke feels it’s taking too long to blow the power, but Lexa warns her to be patient. They hear gunshots coming from the dam, which tells them the mountain men are on the move, and know their plan about the power. At the dam, Raven and Wick blow the first four turbines, but are spotted by guards and are held at gunpoint. Raven and Wick slowly step away from the last turbine knowing the guards are too close and it’s about to blow, and take cover as it blows and the power goes.

One Minute

Once the power blows, Cage tells Emerson they have one minute. Clarke sees the power go and tries to use the trigger, but the signal is being jammed. As Clarke tries to go to the door she’s shot at – the mountain men have shooters on the ridge. Lincoln does his best Steve Amell impression and shoots an arrow at the bomb on the door to blow it. They are still pinned down. Lexa takes a squad to the ridge to take out the shooters while Lincoln and Clarke wait for the shooting to stop to get the door open.

The 100 S2E15 Open the Door

Inside the mountain, Bellamy, Maya, and Jasper are attempting to get the last 12 to the Harvest Chamber to escape when they hear over the PA system they are re-routing everyone to level 5 for life support. Since Maya won’t be let in there without being killed, Jasper is like, “No worries. We’ll just kill the President.”

They find Monty, but he lets them know everyone has been taken and the mountain men know about the Harvest Chamber and the plans with the grounders there. So they move to the Harvest Chamber. Octavia and Indra find the exit and Indra tells Octavia how shes done well and lets her know she is now Octavia of the tree people. At the door the shooting has stopped and Clarke tells the army to attack, but Lexa hits them with that hold up wait a minute. Lexa comes back to the door with her squad and Emerson. Lexa has made a deal with Emerson to free her people without bloodshed. They allow the grounders to leave freely, but the prisoners from the Ark are still captive. Clarke begs Lexa not to do this, but Lexa tells her she’s thinking with her brain and not her heart and her priority is to her people. Lexa tells them to sound the retreat horn, takes all of her army, and withdraws.

Indra and Octavia hear this and dispute whether to leave or not. Octavia says she’s not leaving without her brother. Indra puts a knife to Octavia’s throat and tells her she is no longer her second and cuts her so she can remember this.


Bellamy gets to the Harvest chamber only to find Vincent lying there dead, and all of the Harvest Chamber cells empty. Wick and Raven are still alive after the explosion, however soldiers surround them. Cage tells his Daddy, “Hey, we won! The Commander took the deal.”

Daddy Wallace says he still has to deal with the ones left on the Ark. Cage is like, “I got this. We already saw a small group on radar and he sent a team out 20 minutes ago. We’ll have some more bone marrow soon”.

As the Ark army pulls out, Clakre stands in front of the door in disbelief. When one of her soldiers tells her it’s over, Clarke lets them know “It can’t be over!”

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