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The 100 – S2E16 – Blood Must Have Blood, Part 2

Previously on The 100, ‘Blood Must Have Blood, Part 1’

You should have done more

When your back is against the wall and it seems all hope is lost how long will you stick to your morals? I have to thank Dean White for showing this unravel in an excellent season finale.

Briefly, last week, Clarke was left at the resealed door, abandoned by Lexa and left army-less. I guess she realized she aint getting in just by looking at the door, and she meets Octavia at the mine entrance. Clarke brings her up to speed on why the retreat was sounded. Of course, Octavia uses this to remind Clarke of how she shouldn’t have trusted Lexa, and she was still wrong in letting the missile hit Tondc. Bellamy, Monty, Jasper, and Maya arrive and there’s a brief reunion before they split up to Level 5, and Clarke, Bellamy and Monty go to find Dante Cage.

The 100 S2E16 Captured

I tried to be the good guy

It was quite telling when Dante asked Clarke what would have happened to his people if he allowed Clarke to release the Grounders and the Ark captives. Clarke did the same thing I do when I don’t have a great answer: She changed the subject, so they make their way to the command center. However this is awesome because Clarke’s mission statement to the army was not to kill any “innocents”  but she didn’t think through the fate of all those innocents after they loss their chance of making it to the ground.

Once Clarke hits the command center and sees through the monitor the captives in the dorm: Raven on the bone marrow table, the new captives from the Ark, including Abby and Kane we begin to see the deconstruction of Clarke. Dante was willing to sacrifice himself to keep hope alive for his people to get back to the ground. Since Cage was willing to stay the course, as directed by his father, Clarke gives a fatal gunshot to Dante. Let that sit for a minute. What came to my mind after Clarke destroyed the turbines, broke in to their home at Mt. Weather, and murdered a former president after she saw her demands were not being met was terrorism! Not to say that Cage torturing and killing her people so his people can survive is righteous, but once you cross that line this becomes just about survival not about any greater good.

Clarke With Gun

You want forgiveness, I’ll give it to you. Fine. You’re forgiven.

Of course current president Cage has to respond and does so by taking Raven off the table and ordering Abby to be put on the table to have her bone marrow extracted and then be killed. Clarke also sees Octavia and Maya being captured in the cafeteria, and Jasper appearing to be captured.

Clarke, with help from Monty and Bellamy, reverses the fans which brings irradiated air into Level 5 killing every man, woman and child from Mount Weather except for Emerson and Cage. Looks like Clarke “won”. Bellamy frees the captives in the dorm. Jasper is distraught because Maya died as well due to the irradiated air. Jasper tells Clarke he was about to kill Cage if she had waited one minute. I have to say Jasper is delusional here. I know I will say a lot of things to court a pretty lady, but come on! Even if he did kill Cage – a big if since there were two soldiers with guns drawn on him – did he think they were of a hive mind and would all just fall out when Cage was killed. Nah. I think they would have filled Jasper’s scrawny ass with lead and went on with the plan. So, Jasper needs to stop that damn crying and thank Clarke for saving his life again. Once they get back to camp with the wounded, Clarke can’t stay because she can’t be around them after what she did.

So we get Clarke the Nomad. Interesting.

City of Light – House

Before I get to a few burning questions about the season finale I do want to touch on Jaha’s journey to the city of light. Jaha is all about that survival of the fittest when he sent Richard to be eaten by the sea monster so he and Murphy could escape. Murphy understandably didn’t want anything to do with him after that. I don’t blame him because hell you got a bad arm now so you could be next on that survival of the fittest. When Jaha arrives at the mansion on the island and meets Alie we apparently meet our new big bad for next season. I mean she has a freaking missile and said we have work to do.

I have to say this was a great episode I do have a few nitpicks about how we couldn’t get a snippet to see how Lexa was handling the betrayal of Clarke. I also wish we knew a little more about  the guy on the video who was setting up the intro of Alie before he killed himself.

9.5 drones leading you to your doom out of 10!

9.5 drones leading you to your doom out of 10!

Burning Questions
  • What role will Emerson play since he got away?
  • Is President Cage now a reaper since he overplayed his hand attacking Lincoln?
  • And speaking of Lincoln, is Indra setting up some dissension in the ranks by giving Lincoln the tools to free himself?
  • Hey, Bellamy, you good? You pulled the lever too!
  • Also correct me if I’m wrong, I didn’t see Octavia back at the Ark camp. My guess is she’s going after Lexa, but even as badass as Octavia looked killing those Mt. Weather soldiers, she don’t want Lexa to put those hands on her.
  • Finally, what will Clarke do once she finds Lexa? I mean, come on. That’s where she’s going – right to that city they talked about before they breached the door at Mt. Weather. Besides that, maybe she wants a little more of ……..

Clarke's Kiss

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