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The 100 – S3E1 – The Wanheda: (Part One)

Previously on The 100

To the victor goes the spoils and the survivors of the ark get some new furnishings, medicine, clothing, food, and other goodies courtesy of Mount Weather. They enjoy a truce with the Grounders that’s been going strong for a good 3 months. Even Jaha has found the City of Light. Too good to last? Yep, you guessed it.

Images: The CW

Images: The CW

The premiere picks up right where we left Murphy watching the A.L.I.E video. After re-watching what seems like 86 day, he finds out somehow she set off the bombs that ended the world. Or saved it depending who you ask? Murphy catches up with Jaha by following a drone to the mansion and Jaha claims to have found the City of Light. Jaha still needs Murphy. After Murphy rejects him a couple times, seeing Emori changes his mind. Yes, this is the same Emori with the deformed hand who robbed them, left them in the middle of the desert, and knocked Murphy out after telling him a direction. Oh, Murphy, your penis isn’t your friend! There’s obviously more to A.L.I.E then what we have seen so far.

Bellamy is doing a little hand to hand combat training with Lincoln before taking a crew out to Sector 7. However, before they can get there Bellamy’s team picks up a beacon from an old Ark ship which leads them to a group of Ice Nation soldiers looking for Wanheda. Thanks to a buzzed Jasper, a shootout pops off that leaves the 3 Ice Nation soldiers dead. So much for a ceasefire. Later on Indra, links up with Bellamy to let him know Clarke is Wanheda, the commander of death, being hunted by everyone, and that the Ice Nation is willing to start a war to have Clarke’s “power”.

The 100 - S3E1 - Clarke

Speaking of Clarke, she is a woman of the wild. We knew how savage she could be when she escaped Mount Weather last season, but she killed T’Challa by herself. Well, maybe not that black panther, but still: She killed a black freaking panther with a blade.

Black panther trades in pretty well at the trading post, and this is where we meet Niylah (Jessica Harmon). I’m sure we will learn more about the nature of this apparent love interest, but if you haven’t noticed with most CW shows they have a pattern of adult characters in romantic relationships without making them feel sexual at all. The 100 must not have gotten that memo because Clarke definitely gets it in with Niylah in this scene, something The 100 has not steered away from in past seasons. Even though Niylah tries to lie about Clarke’s identity when some bounty hunters come looking for her, Clarke still gets snatched up at knife point in the middle of the night. Killed a panther, but still got taken by a man with a machete.

C’mon Clarke, you’ve gotta be more aware of your surroundings.

The 100 S3E1
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Overall, really strong season premiere. A.L.I.E has me hooked on still needing to finish work she and her creator started. Damn Shorty, you already set off the nukes. What else do you have left to do, and why do you need crazy Jaha to help?

Abby has some tough decisions coming her way. While she’s talking to Raven about stretching herself too thin, Abby is doing the same as doctor and Chancellor. She needs to make a decision on Jasper soon because he’s taking the Maya loss hard, and I can’t see how he’s coming back from that. Abby better not mess up the truce by continuing to pluck Mount Weather dry. Hopefully part 2 gives us some more savage badass Clarke as she gets ready for the inevitable meeting with Lexa.

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