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The 100 – S5E12/S5E13 – Damocles, Parts 1 & 2

Previously on The 100, “The Dark Year”

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This is an amazing finale to an overall amazing season. It’s so well-written and everything ties into their history; even in this episode as they reference actions from season one. This two-part episode isn’t without its faults (How are Kane AND Abby still alive?), but overall this episode put a really satisfying bow on this season and planted the seeds for next season.

The Sound of Victory

ProFans, I owe you an apology. I just knew that Kane wouldn’t be so stupid to betray Wonkru and the others just to spite Octavia without a plan. That’s exactly what Kane does and McCreary pounces on the chances to kill hundreds of Wonkru warriors thanks to Kane’s help. How stupid could Kane be to think that after he gave McCreary the intel he could then negotiate peaceful surrender for Wonkru? McCreary isn’t taking any prisoners and wants the complete annihilation of Wonkru. My bad. I thought Kane was smarter than this and after he got to confide in Abby, Vinson meets Kane in the gas station once Abby leaves to check on Diyoza and the baby.

Watching Kane try to squirm out of this conversation with Vinson is a sight to behold because Kane knows what’s coming. Vinson began to stomp a mud hole in Kane’s ass and walked it dry! Kane held his own for a bit, but after Vinson shanked him and went all Dracula on him, Abby turned Vinson’s shock collar all the way up and killed Vinson on the spot. Unfortunately, the wounds aren’t fatal because later we see Abby trying her best to keep him alive – we’ll get back to this in a sec.

All of Me, For All of Us

This two-part finale is a lesson on allowing writers to finish their story. After I watched part one, I was pissed it seemed Wonkru being broken was solely on the shoulders of Octavia. Bellamy blamed her for Wonkru being broken, Clarke brought it up to Madi, and even on Kane’s deathbed he tells Abby that it was all Octavia’s fault. I was ready to write Jason Rothenberg a sternly worded letter to do better by Blood Raina! However, they do. After Octavia and Bellamy make it back to the wasteland, Octavia bends the knee to Madi as the true commander and unites Wonkru under Madi’s leadership. With Madi’s plan they can get through the ambush and take over the camp and McCreary’s forces. Once it’s time to evacuate Earth (we’ll get to that, too) Octavia is charged with getting Abby to the ship. Abby doesn’t want to go because she is trying to save Kane’s life. Octavia uses this moment to confront Abby about her role in the whole cannibalism thing, but Abby won’t be a monster and leave Kane to die. So, Octavia being the bigger person helps the two traitors to Wonkru to the ship.

I’ve been waiting since they met in Polis for Diyoza to meet Octavia again and have a conversation, and the one they had on the ship did not disappoint. As the show always does so much with less, a couple of sentences from Diyoza to Octavia — basically telling her that she messed up liking the power — perfectly sums up Octavia’s fantastic arc this season.

It’s Hard to Keep Track of Whose Side You’re On

Oh, Clarke you went most of this season not being the absolute worst. Sure, you left Bellamy, Indra, and Gaia to die in Polis, but overall doing everything you could to keep your child safe is something as a parent I have to respect. However, putting a shock collar on your daughter and shocking her to keep her from helping the friends you sold-out is not at all cool. That’s child abuse, Clarke. When Echo Shaw and Raven came to save Madi to enlist her help to unite Wonkru, that ass whipping you took from Echo just to stall for McCreary’s men to capture them was fucked up too. Especially when McCreary was going torture Shaw and Raven until the other pilots the ship was down right gut wrenching. I’m done talking to Clarke.

Did you see the reverse jaws of life contraption McCreary used to try and break Shaw’s leg until Raven agreed to pilot the ship. Yikes!

Thank the Flame that Lexa basically speaks to Clarke through Madi, telling her not to betray her friends to save her people unlike what Lexa did at Mount Weather. This snaps Clarke back into Wanheda mode as she holds Diyoza’s and McCreary’s unborn child at gunpoint to leverage McCreary to land the ship. Once McCreary hears over the radio that Wonkru is winning the battle under Madi’s leadership, McCreary decides to destroy the valley with the Damocles weapon and fires it. It takes 14 minutes for the bomb to hit Earth from space and the team needed every second of it to save all their friends on the ship and back into space just as the bomb destroys the valley — and for all intents and purposes  — destroys the Earth. In space they conclude that they will all go into cryosleep for 10 years, which is the approximate time for the valley to grow again and then everyone can go back to Earth.

I Hope We Do Better There

One hundred and twenty-five years later, Clarke and Bellamy are awoken by Jordan Jasper Green, Monty and Harper’s son. Monty and Harper did not go into cryosleep as planned. They stayed awake to keep an eye on Earth and have a family. The Earth did not come back and it remained uninhabitable. Monty sent the ship on a course to the planet the Eligius prisoners mined for oil. It has 2 suns and is a habitable planet to start over. Unfortunately, Harper died due to a genetic illness. The trip from Earth to this new planet takes 75 years and instead of putting himself in cryosleep to later awake without Harper, Monty dies during the trip. (I won’t be the asshole to ask why Monty won’t try and live for his son). We end the season with Clarke and Bellamy looking at their new home planet.

I watch a ton of sci-fi and time after time I hear about this big bad or that super villain saying that they are going to destroy the Earth. Shout out to The 100 for destroying the Earth. Without time travel or any other sci-fi loophole it appears that it will stick. Its been a hell of a season. “May we meet again” in 2019 for season 6.

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"Damocles, Parts 1 & 2"

Starring: Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco, Bob Morley, Lindsey Morgan, Marie Avgeropoulos, Christopher Larkin, Richard Harmon, Tasya Teles, Luisa d’Oliveira, Chelsey Reist,  Lola Flanery, Adina Porter, Henry Ian Cusick 

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