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The 100 – S5E8 – How We Get to Peace

Previously on The 100, “Acceptable Losses”

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The Ends Don’t Always Justify The Means

With Diyoza pleased that Octavia and McCreary will soon be killed, as well as other decisions she has made in the name of fighting for peace, Kane feels she’s becoming Octavia. Of course, let’s not forget that even though he’s done with Abby for now, Diyoza is still feeding Abby’s addiction. Abby makes a breakthrough with the disease that has been killing the miners. Sound waves seem to destroy the disease, but they need to use one of those ridiculously large sound cannons to power the machine. If only there was an engineer who could help.

Raven is at the church with Echo and they watch Shaw continue to get a mud hole stomped in his ass by the miners. Echo knows they won’t kill him because they need him as a pilot, but that gives her the idea to kill him herself to prevent Diyoza’s strategic advantage. Raven is not with that and goes as far as telling Shaw that Echo wants to kill him. Around this time the friendliest serial killer you’ll ever meet, Vincent, finds Raven to have her build the machine for Abby. After Raven and Abby embrace, Raven admits she doesn’t want to do it, but decides to create the machine because she believes that Diyoza will hurt Abby if she does not. After the machine is built, Raven wants to show it to Abby but Abby is passed out from taking the pills. Once Raven sees the only reason Abby wanted the machine fixed was so she wouldn’t be cut off from the pills Diyoza is giving her, Raven attempts to destroy the machine. I’ve never liked Abby. I mean I NEVER liked Abigail! But when she decided to turn on the shock collar and electrocute Raven, Abby became officially dead to me. I hope Diyoza puts one between her eyes as soon as everyone is cured.

Abby, with assistance from the too-good-for-this-post-apocalyptic world Raven, got the machine to work and it is able to cure the miners. Before Diyoza allows Abby to cure the rest of her people she sees McCreary walking back into the camp with Murphy and Emori as his “prisoners.’ More on them in a few. Diyoza tells Abby that she’s  t0 keep the cure to herself until she says otherwise or her supply runs dry. Once Raven is returned to the church she tells Echo that they can’t allow Diyoza to win and to make it painless when she kills Shaw.

May God Have Mercy On His Soul

Diyoza’s walkie talkie was burning up tonight. After she got off with Clarke shortly thereafter she receives a call from Murphy. Murphy wants to complete a prisoner exchange: McCreary for Raven. After confirming from Kane that Murphy will probably kill McCreary if his demands aren’t met, that is an acceptable loss for Diyoza. With all the dissension McCreary stirs, she can absorb the men loyal to McCreary. She tells Murphy to do what he must do and disconnects the call. Once McCreary wakes up and finds out that Diyoza is fine sacrificing him, McCreary strikes a deal with Murphy to get back to their camp and free Raven. Emori isn’t ready to trust McCreary, but is more concerned with what happens to Murphy after all of this. She fell in love with Murphy the survivor, but once there is nothing to survive she feels he’s going to turn back into the bitter, negative person he became in space over the last 6 years. We’ve heard the story before of what happens to the warrior when there is no war. Now it will be interesting to see how hard Murphy fights for peace since he knows peace time does not suit him.

My Sister, My Responsibility

So, when we left Clarke she was negotiating a surrender for Wonkru to share the valley and save Madi from Octavia. Diyoza has let her know in no uncertain terms that they need to bring Octavia to Diyoza dead or in chains before they go into the details of the surrender. Bellamy is not on board to murder his sister himself or by Diyoza’s hand.  Clarke and Bellamy decide to try and include Indra in the treachery by deciding that Octavia is more likely than not to hold off on going to war without the worms. The three of them decide to use Cooper, kill her, and frame her for destroying the worms.

Unbeknownst to Monty, while he’s trying to talk to Cooper about the benefits of using his algae to get the hydro farm running and living in Polis to avoid the war, Clarke and Bellamy ambush Cooper. Monty is pissed that they are going to kill Cooper when he thought he was trying to reach out to her. Monty has the line of the night when Bellamy tries to give the “sacrifice the few to save the many” speech. Monty replies, “Really? Then let’s kill Octavia. Didn’t think so!” Somebody cue the beat from Nas’ Ether. Monty is done with this and he and Harper make a pact that when everyone leaves Polis to go to war the two of them will stay in Polis.

Clarke and Bellamy place Cooper in the worm enclosure and allow her to get infected and die. Indra comes in and uses the failsafe to kill all the escaped worms. However, when Octavia arrives on the scene she knows this is a set up because Cooper had no reason to go in to get the worms since they were going to use the worms’ eggs against Diyoza. Octavia immediately finds Clarke and arrests her and will have her executed. When Bellamy finds Octavia, he tries to reason with her to not kill Clarke. Octavia is not trying to hear it because she has a war to march to in the morning. Bellamy asks Octavia to share her rations with him. She obliges, but didn’t realize that Bellamy laced her ration with the early strain of Monty’s algae which leaves her comatose as Bellamy tells her she will wake up in the Shadow Valley.

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"How We Get to Peace"

Starring: Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco, Bob Morley, Lindsey Morgan, Marie Avgeropoulos, Christopher Larkin, Richard Harmon, Tasya Teles, Luisa d’Oliveira, Chelsey Reist,  Lola Flanery, Adina Porter, Henry Ian Cusick

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