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Review: The Amazing Spider-Man (Spider-Verse) #12

Previously in Spider-Woman #2

Spider-Man #12 Cover

It was seeing this cover on Comixology that made me pause reading Spider-Woman to read – and review – the entire Spider-Verse series.

Earth-13 (Not-So-Safe Zone)

Solus (Daddy Inheritor) has just defeated Cosmic Spider-Man. As the remaining Spiders freak out, Solus instructs Morlun to take the Scion, baby Benjy, to their home world.

As the Spiders attack Solus, Spiders sent out to recruit others return with a Spider-Man from Earth-51778. And he just happens to come with a giant fucking robot. The robot keeps Solus busy so the Spiders can come up with an escape plan.

Scion Taken

Meanwhile, Silk is on Earth-3145, which has been devastated by nuclear war. The radiation in the air means The Inheritors can’t follow. Silk uses her web to make a sort of hazmat suit and heads for Sims Tower.


The Spiders escape Solus by jumping to a prehistoric world. With dinosaurs roaming in the background, our Spider-Man checks in with the squads who were sent out on specific missions (Scarlet Spiders, Spider-Man 2099, and Spider-Woman issues) and recruitment.

The Spider-Man 2099 team are about to operate on Daemos’ clone corpse while the real Daemos is trapped in a stasis field. Jennix interrupts via loudspeaker and reveals he’s been listening to their every move and plan. He has already sent Verna and her hounds to Earth-8847.

All hell breaks loose.

Spider-Verse Fight

Earth-001 (Loomworld)

Jessica Drew has met The Master Weaver and he admits to orchestrating their meeting (and small acts of defiance against his masters, The Inheritors) to give her two scrolls. When she’s later cornered by Morlun, who has just returned with the baby, she barely manages to send the scrolls through to our Spider-Man without getting caught.

Scrolls Through Portal

Earth-8847, then Earth-3145

Silk radios our Spider-Man and tells him to bring everyone to Earth-3145. They follow her web arrows to Sims Tower where Peter is in for a shock: this world’s Totem is Uncle Ben.

Uncle Ben Spider-Man

Overall Thoughts:
  • I’m loving how this is coming together. And I appreciate that the snippets of storylines from other issues aren’t just rehashing what we already know. We also a bit of new information like, seeing Morlun and his siblings arguing over who would hold the baby.
  • I had no idea how the baby would be saved, and totally wasn’t thinking that Jessica was on Loomworld. I’m happy for this development because I really wasn’t ready for them to lose that baby.
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