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The Amazing Spider-Man (Spider-Verse) #13

Confession: I read, but decided not to review Spider-Verse #2, the issue that precedes this one in the Spider-Verse reading order. While the first Spider-Verse was a cool blend of stories from different dimensions, each told in a unique way with art that complemented the story’s style, the stories in Spider-Verse #2 were all too wildly different and it felt chaotic.

Spider-Verse #2 Cover

There was one highlight in this issue: While in the middle of the big battle on LoomWorld, two Spider-Men compare notes on the different totems they’ve encountered. When wondering why there were so many Japanese Spider-Men, one is mortified to think he might be the Racist Spider-Man. They also poke fun at the recent cinematic versions of Spidey.

Spider-Man Pokes Fun

The 13th issue of The Amazing Spider-Man backtracks a bit and shows us how this huge battle on LoomWorld began.

The Amazing Spider-Man #13 Cover

The Inheritors are making some serious life decisions: they’ve all failed their father, Lord Solus. Their cloning facility is gone, so if any of them die before they can get it up and running again, it’s a final death. That’s Jennix’s fuck up. Brix and Bora let Silk slip through their fingers. Surprisingly, Solus is not concerned. The Master Weaver has foretold the Spiders will come to them as long as they have the Scion, baby Benjy. It’s only a matter of time before they’ll destroy all the totems.

Which… is kind of a crazy plan. How will they eat? I’m not sure this plan makes any sense, but I’m going with it.

Inheritors with Scion


Peter Parker (our PP) is freaking out meeting his Uncle Ben, the Spider totem of Earth-3145. Shock turns to disappointment when he learns Ben gave up the mask. The uncle he knew would never give up on his “great responsibility.”

Meanwhile, Silk learns Jessica Drew is trapped on LoomWorld thanks to swapping teleports with her. Silk’s guilt drives her to sneak off without telling anyone, but she’s busted by Spider-Gwen. She agrees to go with Silk and help her free Jessica. So, that’s one more of the three headed to LoomWorld. Maybe there’s something to this prophecy.

Gwen and Silk Leave

Superior Spider-Man realizes Peter lied about where in the timeline he’s from. He figures out he must lose to him. At the same time, Anya Corozon takes a look at the scrolls Jessica sent through the portal and, surprise!, she can read the language. According to the text, the Inheritors need to kill the Scion (Benjy), the Bride (Silk), and the Other (Kaine).

No problem, though. They only have Benjy and he’s safe as long as Silk and Kaine stay far, far away from LoomWorld.

Yeah. Exactly.


Now here’s where I get annoyed. Apparently, in the Scarlet Spiders storyline, Kaine and Jessica destroy Jennix’s cloning facilities. (See above) But that issue falls after this one in the timeline so I would have liked to read that as it happened, and not have it (and the fact that Reilly sacrificed himself to make it happen) revealed here.

Either way, Kaine is furious about losing Reilly and decides to go to LoomWorld to take on the Inheritors himself. He knocks Jessica out and transforms into the beast they’ve been hinting at living inside of him.

Kaine Transforms

So, for those not keeping count, that’s all three totems needed to give the Inheritors ultimate power, headed for LoomWord. Of course, they’re not all there four seconds before their presence is known and the Inheritors begin their hunt.

Inheritors Attack

They reach Kaine, who is now a giant beast of a spider, first. Or as Solus calls him, ‘The Ultimate Prey.” But Solus’ shit-talking is short because Kaine kills the Inheritors patriarch almost immediately. Unfortunately, Kaine is then killed. Verna and her beasts come upon Silk, Spider-Gwen, and Jessica Drew Spider-Woman.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man has learned the three special totems are in LoomWorld and begins to rally the troops to join them. First, they need to give Uncle Ben a pep talk and tell him to get out of his damn feelings so they can do work.

Overall Thoughts:
  • This was the first time that I felt the split stories didn’t work. I would have preferred to read about Jennix’s facility, Reilly’s sacrifice before all of this, but that’s a small quibble.
  • I am so bummed about Kaine. I wonder how many more will lose their lives before this is over.
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