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The Amazing Spider-Man (Spider-Verse) #11

Previously in Spider-Man 2099 #6

Spider-Man #11 Cover

Carnage. This issue is sweet, sweet, sad carnage.

Earth-13 (Safe Zone)

Our Peter Parker is butting head with Superior-Man (Peter Parker’s body with Doc Ock’s mind) because Superior is a superior asshole. He wants to be in charge because he’s.. superior, while Peter thinks he should go sit his ass down somewhere. He’s the only one with experience with The Inheritors. The two fight with the other Spiders placing bets. Cosmic Spider-Man won’t intervene because it needs to “play out.” Play out it does, and our Peter wins.


We get our first look at Karn, the outcast Inheritor sibling. He’s just killed Spider-Wolf of the Lycansphere. I mean… are you fucking kidding me right now? Why hasn’t this been made into a live-action something? I feel like it needs to be a live-action series on Netflix. People, if I ruled the world, this is what I’d bring you. I’d just throw money at Dan Slott and company and demand a script. I wanna see Spider-Wolf, is what I’m trying to say.

Wolf Spider

Anyway, Karn is up in his damn feelings because his father STILL won’t let him come home. In fact, Solus instructs the Master Weaver to send Karn’s ass to yet another dimension where he will continue trying to prove himself and earn back his seat at the family table of grossness.

Solus goes from one pouting son to another as he tries to figure out why Morlun is walking around like he’s been defeated by Spider-Man twice. Oh, wait. He has. To prove that The Inheritors are in control and have nothing to fear, Solus tells his son they’re headed to crush the Spider’s last hope once and for all.


Now that leadership has been determined, Peter instructs the group to head to safer ground, close to streets and buildings. Then he checks in on the groups out on their separate missions: Scarlet Spiders, Spider-Woman, and Spider-Man 2099.

Peter sets in motion the plan to retrieve Spider-Woman from Silk baby-sitting duty and send her to LoomWorld (The Inheritors’ home world) where she will take on the identity of that world’s Jessica Drew and then spy on their enemies.

He also sends Miles Morales and his own younger self to hit up as many dimensions as they can to recruit help. Their first stop is Earth-67 where Spider-Verse Team-Up #2 will pick up.

Then all hell breaks loose. So fucking loose.

Monkey and Captain Die

Solus comes busting into the safe zone like its name is not the damn safe zone. He instructs Jennix and Morlun to go to town and we lose Spider-Monkey and Captain Spider when they do. Cosmic Spider-Man manages to kill Jennix, and we’re taken to his lab on Earth-802 as he respawns there.

They’re like fucking Cylons!

Jennix decides not to go back into battle as he just ate a monkey and I imagine you might need a minute after that shit. While he heads off to work on his research, he demands no distractions. Of course, the Scarlet Spiders are waiting to bring just that. 

Back at the not-so-safe-after-all zone, Cosmic Spider-Man loses to Solus. And it’s so damn sad. Solus decides to get what he came for: The Scion.


  • So, Spider-May’s baby brother, Benjy, is the Scion. What the hell does that mean? They better not kill that baby! I’m not here for that shit.
  • What the hell did Karn do? Solus got his boy out in them dimensional streets trying to prove himself.
  • Lycansphere. Damn. I wanna see that.
  • We are losing so many Spiders!!
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