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The Amazing Spider-Man (Spider-Verse) #14 & #15

Previously in Spider-Verse Team-Up #3

The Amazing Spider-Man #14 Cover

Shit has gotten real in these LoomWorld streets.

All of the Spider-Totems have arrived to rescue Benjy, Kaine, and Silk, and to put an end to the Inheritors once and for all. Before the murderous clan starts their ritual, Jennix presents Daemos with a red crystal which holds the essence of Solus, their father. When they get their cloning facilities running again, they can place it in a body and be together once more. Oh, joy!

The ritual begins with Daemos stabbing Kaine’s body, but before he can move to Silk or Benjy, the Inheritors get word the Spiders are there. Daemos is able to cut Silk before the ceremonial dagger is ripped from his hands by webs. During the fight, Six-Armed Spider-Man is killed. And just when it seems he’s needed the most, Uncle Ben Spider-Man turns tail and jumps through a portal.

Six-Arm Spider-Man Dies

Karn arrives, and his siblings believe this means the battle is definitely won. The Spiders won’t stand a chance with him there, fresh from exile. Of course, they’re wrong. He fights for the righteous now.

Karn Arrives

Daemos has had enough. He won’t need the knife. He’ll rip baby Benjy with his hands and teeth. When he returns to the great web, he finds Benjy is gone and has been replaced by Spider-Ham. A very naked Spider-Ham.

Uncle Ben wasn’t a coward after all. He grabbed Benjy and jumped away, which was exactly what Spider-Man (Earth-616;our Spider-Man) planned. He calls in for backup: Spider-Man 2099 and steampunk Spider-Lady with the freshly repaired robot belonging to Spider-Man Japan.

And just when things couldn’t get worse for the Inheritors, they do: Spider-May grabs the crystal containing Solus. While everyone is distracted, Superior Spider-Man takes it upon himself to kill The Master Weaver. Of course, this was not part of the plan, but that guy’s an asshole. At the same time that Spider-Man is yelling at Superior, reminding him that they’re heroes and heroes don’t kill, May Day spares Solus and Daemos.

Enraged because they’re losing, Morlun begins to kill our Spider-Man, but Spider-Man signals to the others not to help. He’s losing life force, but he’s prepared for this. He opens a portal sending him and Morlun to Earth-3145, the radioactive wasteland and only dimension the Inheritors can’t inhabit or they’ll die.

But our group are the heroes and Spidey instructs Morlun to follow the web arrows to the Sims Building where he’ll find shelter. Then Silk opens a portal and pulls him through. Later, the other Inheritors – including crystal Solus – are bound with webs and pushed through to Earth-3145.

Dropping Off Morlun

The day is saved, but it’s not over.

Amazing Spider-Man #15 Cover

Mayday jumps to where Ben took Benjy and finds her mother and Wes are still alive. Unfortunately, her father (Peter Parker) didn’t make it. Uncle Ben agrees to stay and be the grandfather he never got to be.

May Starts Over

Back on LoomWorld, several Totems say their goodbyes and jump home. Before they can all leave, Superior Spider-Man begins to cut The Great Web to pieces, which starts wiping out entire worlds. Remember that part about him being an asshole? And remember a few issues ago he figured out our Spider-Man came from a different point in time and that means he (Superior) must lose to him? He ain’t about going back to that life.

Superior Cuts Web

Spider-Man instructs the other to jump away before it’s too late. Spider-Gwen and Spider-Man 2009 leave, but not before he tells her he’s seen the past and the future, and Superior will not win. Superior is finally subdued, but there’s still the issue of what they’re going to do about not having a Master Weaver overseeing and the web.

Silk believes it’s her destiny to take his place, but Karn says he’ll do it – which only seems fair since his family started all this shit and the dead Master Weaver’s face was Karn’s own: he was an older version of the Inheritor. He takes over and Spider-Man pushes Superior through to his time. He’s there only a moment before he’s forgotten all that has happened.

Karn Sacrifices

Karn delivers the bad news that Spider-UK’s world is no longer there. Spider-UK decides to stay and use the Great Web to travel to worlds that lost their Spider-Man in this war. Anya says she’ll stay as well and help. Everyone else jumps to their proper worlds.

But as Anya and Spider-UK prepare to be shown to their living quarters by Karn, it appears Kaine may have survived after all!

Kaine Might Live


Silk, Jessica Drew Spider-Woman, and Spider-Man are back home. Emboldened by the crucial role he played in defeating the Inheritors, Peter decide he’s ready to run his own company, but first, he returns a purse to a woman who was just mugged. Because that’s what heroes do.

Oh, and the Inheritors are chilling in the Sims Building, trapped, and surviving off the radioactive rats trapped by Mayday and Uncle Ben in a prior issue.

Inheritors Eat Rats

Score | 9/10Overall Thoughts
  • This was a fun ride! I’m glad I paused reading and reviewing Spider-Woman to read the entire Spider-Verse series in order. I would love to see this done as a live-action miniseries – maybe on Netflix.
  • I’d also like to read more about Anya and Spider-UK traveling to other worlds, and living in LoomWorld, which is made up of fragments of the worlds the Inheritors destroyed.
  • I’ll be reviewing Silk, Spider-Woman, and Spider-Gwen on Project Fandom.
  • This rating of 9 is for these final two issues and the series as a whole.
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