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The Blacklist – S2E14 – T. Earl King VI (No.94)

Previously on The Blacklist, ‘The Deer Hunter’

Two years ago on Jekyll Island, a man sits with his sons and an unknown man, waiting for midnight. As the unknown man pulls out a revolver to load it and place it on the table between them, one brother asks about the totals. Midnight arrives and the final tally is announced. The father tells them to get on with it. The losing son quickly drinks some liquid courage, puts the gun to his head, and then pulls the trigger, as his father smiles. Nothing happens so he looks at his brother and says, “Next time”. What the hell is going on with these people?

In present day New York, Tom is telling a shady looking guy that he needs to go back in.

The Blacklist

The man tells him top dollar is the boyfriend or the young exec. Is this Shady’s way of saying Tom is hot? Tom doesn’t care about top dollar; he has to go back in. Shady accurately guesses Liz got to Tom, but he tells him about a gig in Germany anyway.

In her janky hotel room, Liz is fiddling with The Fulcrum when Red stops by to tell her Madeline Pratt has been kidnapped. Didn’t she try to kill them? Liz is unimpressed. Red spouts some drivel about his relationship with Madeline, how complicated it is; translation: he’s raggedy. He tells Liz who kidnapped Madeline is important because they are a big time criminal enterprise, responsible for many abductions and the theft of a lot of high-end merchandise over the last 150 years. They have auctions, sometimes several years apart, to sell of their gains, usually to other criminals. Getting them would be a huge coup for the FBI. Liz bites.

At HQ, Ressler calls shenanigans on going after a Blacklister to save another Blacklister. I hear you, Ressler!

The Blacklist

Liz tells them all about T. Earl King VI, his sons, Tyler and Francis, and their nefarious activities. I wonder how the hell anybody there got their jobs. I mean, how have they never heard of a family that’s been doing this shit for 150 years? Aram gets a hit off an image of the kidnapper’s tattoo, and gets a name, but that’s as high as his clearance goes. Not to worry; Cooper knows a guy.

The AG tells Cooper they have info on the kidnapper but first, he needs his back scratched. He wants Cooper to warn a friend who is being investigated for fraud, so the friend can put some money away for his kids. Cooper shouldn’t play poker because his face is in full “aw, hell no” mode when the AG asks about the trial he got him into. Nicely played, sir.

Liz calls Red to tell him they’ve found the kidnapper’s location. Red says it’s too dangerous for them; he’ll find the guy. Liz says no, but we all know he’s going anyway. Why did she even tell him?

Red and Dembe get to the kidnapper’s location and Francis King comes out with Madeline; who maces Dembe so Francis and his men can kidnap Red. This bitch.

The Blacklist

Red is taken away, photographed, and added to the auction books. It almost seems like he might not get out of this one.

At HQ, everyone realizes how screwed they are if Red is sold, so they come up with a plan to rescue him. Aram finds a possible buyer for artwork that will be auctioned; since he is on the No-Fly List, his acquisitions emissary will be attending the auction. The emissary is brought in and convinced to give up information on the auction; which isn’t much past the hotel where she will be staying. The hotel owned by the King family. Liz offers to go undercover to infiltrate the auction, because she’s so good in the field. Tom calls Liz and they talk like old lovers, not people who have tried to kill each other. He tells her he’s going away for a while and she tells him she’s going undercover, too. Why did he need to know that? He tells her a trick to avoid being caught in a lie: just sneeze; and they say their goodbyes. Raggedy.

At the hotel where the meet will take place, Ressler gets a room, and Navabi sticks out like a sore thumb in the lobby. Can she look more like a cop? Liz arrives and plays her part with the front desk clerk to get her keycard. On the way past Ressler she announces her room number; subtle. In the elevator, the attendant demands her purse and phone, then takes her to the parking garage where she meets the transporter in a sweet little ride with kissing doors. She’s whisked away to a secret location. Okay, she’s kidnapped.

In his hidey-hole, Tom reviews the dossier on the mark in Germany. He shaves his luscious locks and gets tattoos in German. Talk about committing to your character.

The Blacklist

Things are in full swing at the King auction. Buyers are given thirty minutes to peruse objects up for bid. A little boy catches Liz’s eye and she talks to him as Tyler King approaches. He asks pointed questions and Liz uses the trick Tom taught her to evade one. Red jumps into their conversation to further save her. And he does not look pleased to see her there. Francis approaches as Liz and Red let on they kinda-sorta know each other. Francis suggests she bid on him, but Liz declines and says she’s there for a painting – and Red probably costs too much. Yabari, an old enemy of Red’s, comes over and says Red isn’t out of his price range.

At HQ, Ressler and Navabi try to persuade the transporter to give up the location of the auction, but he won’t budge.

On the phone, Cooper tells someone the indictment is going down tonight. Aram lets him know the real emissary was able to make a call to her lawyer, so Liz’s cover may be blown.

Red comes up for bid and Yabari makes the first offer and Liz joins the fray. A messenger tells the Kings that Liz is an impostor and Earl tells him to get her. Both Red and Liz notice, so Red bids on himself to cause a distraction, but it only works so much; Liz slips out the back and he is sold to his enemy for $18 million.

Cooper tells Ressler and Navabi to leave him with the transporter, disconnects the camera, and puts his gun on the table between them. As he tells the transporter he has a brain tumor and only a few weeks to live, he covers the man’s hands and the gun with his. He tells him he has nothing to lose. The transporter gives up the goods.

Liz continues to evade capture because no one is looking that hard for her. She interrupts a man removing the little boy from his “cage” and coldcocks him. She tries to release Red, but can’t. Red tells her to take the boy and leave. Hearing people coming, she takes the unconscious man’s gun and she and the boy run. Out in the hall, Liz tells the boy to go without her. As he leaves the building, she goes back for Red.

Red tries to convince Yabari to let him go, offering him influence and power. Yabari tells him there’s a $40 million bounty on his head—yep, he plans to take Red’s head and Red looks scared shitless.

The Kings meet up to do their tally/gun thing.

The little boy is found outside by the FBI.

As Yabari is about to shoot Red in the head, Red says, “Lizzie.”

The Blacklist

Liz shoots Yabari, saving Red and they both go looking for the Kings. Francis wins the tally this go ‘round. And as Tyler is about to pull the trigger, Red and Liz enter, guns drawn. Tyler puts down his gun and Red uses it to kill Earl. The FBI arrives and everyone in attendance is arrested, the kidnap victims are rescued, and the stolen items are retrieved.

Cooper and the DAG are having a drink at HQ, as he updates her on the mission. She says at least one thing ended well and tells him about how her fraud indictment fell apart. The person being investigated skipped town, as if he was warned.

Red tells Liz to never try to save him again and she responds by saying she came after him because she cares about him. He should say thank you when someone does something nice for him. He says thank you and tells her to never do it again.

In Germany, Tom bumps into a guy in a bar and taunts him in an awful German accent. He beats the guy to a bloody pulp and gets the attention of the target he’s after.

Score | 6/10Thoughts and questions:

As much as I love this show, I have to wonder what is happening with it. The second season is nowhere near as good as the first. It’s become very predictable and the storylines are blah. Even the Blacklisters don’t seem very Blacklist; they’re average run-of-the-mill criminals.

I love the guest stars on The Blacklist. I was very happy to see two The Walking Dead alums on this episode. I sometimes wish we would get more play out of the Blacklisters. Well, not the crazy ones; they gotta go bye-bye.

I only believe Liz when her back is against the wall and she does something she shouldn’t or gets violent. I think she’d be a better criminal than Fed.

What’s up with her and Tom? Are they in love? Their relationship is starting to remind me of Red and Madeline.

How is Red still alive when he’s crossed so many people?

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