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The Blacklist – S2E3 – Dr. James Covington

Previously on The Blacklist, ‘Monarch Douglas Bank’

The Organ Grind

Dr. James Covington deals in illegal organs. He kills innocent people in order to procure organs for his high-paying clients. He’s also been known to take back the organs of clients who’ve missed a payment. That’s cold.

With some help from Red, Mr. Kaplan, and more Red, they’re able to figure out where Covington is and storm in just as he’s preparing to put new lungs in a little boy. Covington explains that he lost his license after putting adult lungs in dying children. It’s experimental, but it works. Every dime he made from helping criminals like the embezzling man whose heart was repossessed has gone into this clinic where he helps children. He begs Liz to let him finish the operation he’d started before the boy dies. Ressler is so against that plan, but eventually agrees.

The Blacklist S2E3

It’s Just Business

Indonesia is turning over their day-to-day port operations to a private company and Red wants it to be his company. His business partner, Nico, doesn’t agree, but Red insists. When a turtleneck-wearing Mr. Vargas (Pee-Wee Herman) approaches Nico and Red’s other partners with a deal from Berlin, the others go for it, but Nico snitches to Red. Red has the others who betrayed him taken away.

The Blacklist S2E3 Red's Men

Nico set up the other two and he’s really the one who took the Vargas deal. But wait. Turns out, Red set the WHOLE thing up. The other two partners are fine, Vargas works for Red, and Nico is fucked. And the Indonesian deal goes through because the Minister of Transportation who was going to block the deal died after not getting a heart transplant he so desperately needed. Red, you sly bastard.

Score | 7/10Thoughts & Questions: 
  • Lizzie gripped up a man staying in her motel when she thought he was following her. She apologizes, but later we see he really is following her and he has pretty high-power rifle.
  • Cooper thinks Liz might be crazy, but crazy is good. Go back out there, kid!
  • Red visits Naomi at the end and she slaps the shit out of him. Where the hell is his daughter?
  • Navabi is a part of the team now even though no one trusts her.
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