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The Blacklist – S3E14 – Lady Ambrosia (No. 77)

Previously on The Blacklist, ‘Alastair Pitt’

A young boy, Ethan, with special needs, is found bleeding and starving in a convenience store. The team learns he wasn’t missing, but was thought dead. His adoptive parents are called to the hospital, but the team later finds out the couple tried to get rid of Ethan before he disappeared.

Images: NBC

Images: NBC

With a nudge from Red, Liz tells the team about Lady Ambrosia. And they realize she is working with an adoption agent named Noah, who supplies her with kids one parent no longer wants, because the kids are special needs, deaf, blind, etc.

Red searches for the whereabouts of ex-KGB agent Vasilia Patinka and the Glasnost Files. When they do meet again, she refuses to give him the files and tells him only the return of her daughter will change her mind—but that’s impossible.

The Blacklist

Fresh from their successful heist, Tom calls Liz to tell her everything will be okay; they can get away from Red. Money was never the issue, Tom. Two times, he turns down Gina’s offer to runaway to Zurich, so she has him shot with the other thieves. Talk about a woman scorned.

The Blacklister

Lady Ambrosia, a woman who lives in the woods, gathers unwanted children, and gives them a home. A child snatcher; like the Green Lady (shout out to Cleveland!). Red tells Liz Lady Ambrosia is not a myth; a boy, thought to have died four years ago, has turned up.

Red’s best line

“By ‘this’ you mean, the horror of being different?”

Red’s second best line

“You think your life is too dangerous for a child. But what is your life without one? I can tell you from personal experience, not much.”

Number of times Liz was annoying

She was only mildly annoying and only when she kept looking to Red for what she should do about the baby.

Funny moment

While waiting to talk to Glen at the DMV, a lady sits next to Red and confuses him for a guy who goes to her spin class; a guy nicknamed “Hot Stuff”, because he goes nuts when Hot Stuff by Donna Summer comes on in class. She asks him out and starts singing Hot Stuff, much to Red’s annoyance.

The Blacklist

I’m not crying, you’re crying

  • Red realizes Lady Ambrosia takes kids who are different because she doesn’t want them to have the life Theo has. Theo calls himself ugly and Red tells him the only ugly person is Lady Ambrosia. As he leaves, he tells Theo he’s entitled to as much as anyone else.
  • Ethan is reunited with his father and Ethan gets close to him for a hug. It’s clear hugging is something Ethan didn’t do a lot.
  • Red returns Anya to Vasilia. As they cry and hug, Anya signs to Red, “I am grateful for you.”

Holy shit moments

  • Ethan’s mother calls Noah; he promised her Ethan would never be found. Yep, she’s in on it. She’s in on it. Later, she meets Noah and is killed by Theo, Noah’s son.
  • Tom survives the massacre, drags himself into some rando’s house, pinching scissors and Vodka so he can do surgery on his leg. He’s found by a little boy, but passes out before he can get away, but is rushed to the hospital.

The Blacklist

  • Red tells Liz why her parents were fighting the night of the fire. Her mother couldn’t handle what happened, so two months after Liz the shooting, her mother walked into the ocean and was never seen again.
  • Theo drags his mother to the rebirth well and throws her in, then jumps in behind her.

What did work

  • Liz refuses the trust Red set up for her baby, because it’s blood money. She’s not wrong.
  • Even though he was shot, Tom manages to kill both guys who were going to destroy the bodies. Damn near dead, Tom is still a good shot.
  • Ethan draws a bunch of butterflies and the team connects the shapes to the finger paintings on the kids who were thought dead. They look into who bought the butterflies—carnivorous butterflies. I knew those winged demons everyone thinks are so pretty are evil.
  • Captured by Baz and tortured by Brimley, Noah spills all the tea. The reason she takes kids is because her sons were in a canoeing accident, and her eldest son died. She convinced the younger son he was at fault and should have died.

The Blacklist - Season 3

What didn’t work

  • Liz met with prospective, adoptive parents who are willing to have an open adoption. How is she doing this without Tom?
  • Gina asked Tom to run away with her—TWICE—and he refused both times. He should have known something was up. What? He thinks he’s King Ding-a-Ling?
  • Ethan is put in Liz’s care while his parents are being investigated. Liz, with zero qualifications, hardly any food in her fridge, and no microwave. She doesn’t even think to cook the waffles in the oven!

that's not how this works

  • Liz tells Red she’s giving up the baby. Then she tells him she doesn’t know if she can. On top of that, she tells him that Tom wants her to keep the baby. Does she tell Red stuff so he can talk her out of it?
The Blacklist S3E14
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    Performances - 7/10


True to her word, Vasilia gives up the Glasnost Files and Red is not too happy with what he sees. The file is about Liz’s mother; are the contents part of the war he mentioned or the reason why the Cabal was after him? Do we even care about the Cabal anymore? Damn, I said it twice; I hope I don’t talk it up. I’m now of the mind Liz’s mother is not really dead.

Gina didn’t have Tom shot because he didn’t want to run away and be her love. Either The Major told her to do it, or worse—she’s working with Red to get rid of him.

Where is this baby storyline going? Red wants her to keep the baby, but when he hears Tom wants it, too, he looks like he swallowed a fly. Liz doesn’t know what the hell she wants. All I want is for this to make sense.

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