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The Blacklist – S3E15 – Drexel (No. 113)

Previously on The Blacklist, ‘Lady Ambrosia’

Performance artist Drexel kills businessman, Randy Brenner in his home, then stages the scene for his latest “exhibit”. He positions Randy’s body on his couch then takes a picture of him. The picture ends up on the underground site ”Rigby”, much like on the deep web…dark web…whatever.

Red gives the team a lead on finding him, while he conducts his own search for personal reasons.

Tom barely survives his wounds, but awakens to find a handcuff on one arm and Liz at his side, thanks to her ex, Nick.

While searching for Drexel, the team stumbles on a national security nightmare.

Images: NBC

Images: NBC

The Blacklister

Drexel aka Reggie Turner. Drexel’s victims tend to be people who are not quite saints themselves. He considers his murders works of art. So, yeah, he’s all kinds of crazy. In his former life, Drexel was an art teacher turned artist who had one show that met with awful reviews.

The Blacklist

Scary subplot

Aram discovers Drexel used a Remote Access Tronjan (RAT), to get access to Brenner’s webcam. Pardon me while I put tape on my webcam. The RAT is NSA-level tech. Navabi and Ressler speak to the NSA, they admit was made by them, but it’s being leaked is a national security nightmare. You don’t say. Aaron Mulgrew, the NSA tech guy who leaked the RAT, admits he did it, but only because he felt bad that he created something that would be used to victimize innocent people. How altruistic of him. So he could be sure of who downloaded the code, he built a site to upload it that tracks everyone who downloaded it. Good thinking. I guess.

Red’s agenda

Drexel was commissioned by one of Red’s enemies to paint a picture and Red is hot to find out who, what, when, where, why, and how. Drexel gives him the details—that he knows and Red has an art dealer dragged from his bed to get the rest. He was called about the painting and told to accept it and that Red would pick it up. The painting is of Liz at Reddington’s grave.

Red’s best line

“What a marvelous thing, the courage to create. Though I must say, nothing about your work strikes me as courageous. It seems self-indulgent, petulant. Like a tantrum from a child who’s just realized that the world can be a dark and unfair place.”

Red’s second best line

“I’m not your Tom problem, Lizzie. Tom is your Tom problem.”

Number of times Liz was annoying

Every time she talked to Red. Sure, she’s upset about Tom and it’s not unlikely that Red could have been behind it, but damn. Twice, she accused him of having Tom hurt then when he actually helps Tom, she’s all cuddly toy with him. Let’s blame pregnancy hormones.

The Blacklist

Number of time Ressler was a dick


  • Ressler makes a bald, sexist statement about all women wanting babies; it’s how women they’re wired.
  • While interrogating Aaron Mulgrew, Ressler says he ran like a scared little girl. No, he ran like a scared man. It’s like he can’t help but be a dick.

Holy shit moments

  • FBI shows up at the location Aram found in the feeds. A mini shootout erupts and four dead bodies later, they gather up John Joseph P. Adelson and get a look at his operation.
  • At the art museum, Rimona is set to meet with Drexel, if she can shaker her Red and Dembe shadows. She loses them before she reaches Drexel and she is scared as hell. She should be. Drexel saw Red in the museum and demands to know if she told him anything. He grips her up real good and almost chokes her out. Good thing Red and Dembe roll in with guns cocked.

The Blacklist

  • The wall of RAT feeds at John Joseph P. Adelson’s RAT Farm. Thousands of feeds showing people at their most private moments.

What did work

  • As Tom is wheeled into the ER, Nick realizes who he is. He calls Liz to let her know, but not before he calls Red.
  • To shut Liz up, Red opens up old Tom wounds and tells her all about her boo; his dumb ass decisions and who got him the diamond thief job, Gina. That had to hurt a little bit.
  • Detectives ask Tom about the robbery, but of course he’s not talking. They have a witness: Klerken from the jewelry store. He says Tom works for him; he followed after the crew who stole the diamonds. This has Red written all over it.
  • Nick tells Liz and Tom that he told Red what happened, because you know, he works for Red; so he also knows what it’s like to feel trapped.

The Blacklist

  • Misty-eyed, Liz watches adoption video Tom made years ago. Back at the hospital, she tells him she wants to keep the baby.

What didn’t work

  • So Navabi don’t know how to mind her own business. Because the shower was cancelled, she tells everyone about Liz’s decision to put the baby up for adoption. Liz confronts Navabi but Navabi tries to turn it on her, saying she shouldn’t feel bad for her choice. Um, that ain’t the point, sister-friend. She apologizes for spreading her business, but it’s too little, too late.

The Blacklist

  • Ressler and Navabi decide to have a conversation about Liz and the adoption, at the victim’s business office. They need stop having personal conversations in public?? At least use hushed voices.
  • On the street, Liz confronts Red about what happened to Tom, despite him telling her to stop talking [loudly] in public. Does she listen? Nope; she continues, spreading all Tom’s business. Why there? Why then?

Blacklister Wannabes

Turns out murder victim Randy Brenner and John Joseph P. Adelson run a RAT farm. Taking advantage of the NSA spy code Aaron Mulgrew leaked, they created a Rat Farm, collecting ratted systems and selling them after they grow them. People pay to view the feeds and they make a nice chunk of change. Yeah, I’m keeping this webcam covered when not in use.


  • Red had a lot to say about Tom. “He’s reckless, dangerous. He’s not worthy of being your husband and he sure is hell is not worthy of raising that child.” So is he warning her about Tom because he recognizes Tom is like him and he doesn’t want that for her?
  • When he and Dembe went to see the art dealer, the first thing read does is ask for Rostova. Er…Liz’s mom?
  • At the crime scene, Ressler asked the detective who found Brenner’s body. The detective said his business partner, Joseph P. Adelson. Later at his office, the partner introduced himself as John Adelson. What do you think of that? Proofreading gone wrong?
The Blacklist S3E15
  • 8/10
    Plot - 8/10
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    Dialogue - 9/10
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    Action - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Performances - 8/10


This episode was much better than the last one, but still left me with questions; mostly about Red. I want more information about this war. Does Rostova have something to do with it?

Tom said sorry to Liz quite a few times. I’m of the mind he should just stop doing stupid shit then. By the way, can we stop calling him Tom now? He’s Jacob. I’m interested in seeing how things will work out for him. Now that Red is stepping back (I hope), maybe Tom can get a job in security or something.

I need more Aram and Cooper in my life. Cooper can be in the field and Aram can be his savvy handler.

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