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The Blacklist – S3E2 – Marvin Gerard

Previously on The Blacklist, ‘The Troll Farmer’

Still thinking she made the right decision, Liz demands to meet with someone with clout at the Russian Embassy and it’s decided that she’ll be transported to Moscow. Taking up residence in his feelings, Ressler stalks the embassy gates, like a caged tiger, demanding the guards open the gates. It’s left to Navabi to give him a Civics lesson: The Russian Embassy is considered Russia, not America. How did he get a badge?

Images: NBC

Images: NBC

A visit with the Russian ambassador alerts Red to the fact that The Cabal is behind Liz being sent to Moscow, so he clues Ressler in to save her. He saves her, she saves him, and she beats it down the street. She meets Red at a diner, where someone tips the FBI off to their presence, and Red takes the entire restaurant hostage.

Cooper is offered a generous benefits package, if he’ll quietly go away. Nah, son, he won’t do it. Instead he tries to find a way to help Liz prove her innocence. Meanwhile, Dembe’s granddaughter is okay, but Dembe is being tortured. I don’t like this new guy anymore.

The Blacklister

Marvin Gerard, attorney at law, serving various elements of the underworld. Gerard is serving a prison sentence for kidnapping his son, who was being abused by his ex-wife. Because of her father’s standing in the public, charges were not filed against her. Gerard’s son committed suicide after his father was sent to prison.

The Blacklist

Red’s Best Line

“Screw the bear, the bear screws back. Batteries not included.”

Get a Grip

Red takes an entire diner full of people hostage. I guess that’s better than another federal agent getting gripped up.

The Blacklist

Red is so Red

An abusive husband in the booth behind Red and Liz manhandles his wife and calls Liz a bitch. Red enters their booth and puts his gun in the guy’s side. He tells him if he keeps talking foul to his wife, he’ll take him to bathroom to wash his mouth with soap… or cut out his tongue. That was one of Red’s more scary moments. The look in his eyes when he issued that threat: Yikes.

Get out your feelings

Ressler is a mess. Okay, he trusted Liz and helped her escape, but he can’t really believe she’s a terrorist. Is all of this bluster because his feelings are hurt? How quickly he forgets that Liz covered for his pill poppin’ ass.

The Blacklist

So Good at Being Bad

Mr. Solomon kills the driver of the Russian convoy, arranges for Liz to be murdered at some point between D.C. and Moscow, then calmly beats Dembe with pool balls, all with a smile on his face. I get the feeling he and Red were trained by the same person. There’s something poetic and charming about their villainy.

Why she always crying?

Liz whines about every.damn.thing. If it’s not because Red won’t tell her about her mom, it’s something else. I was excited to see her fight Clay, the abusive husband, kicking his ass for trying to take her gun. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, I love when Liz is bad. Then she feels bad about it because the people in the diner look at her like she’s a monster. She needs to get it together and embrace the dark side. Besides, he had it comin’. Later she asks Red how he deals with people being scared of him. You will never be like Red, boo, so just stop.

The Blacklist

Feel good moment

The entire time he helped Red, Gerard complained about what it would mean for him, helping Red and escaping prison. That parole hearing next month won’t go so well. Little does he know, Red is always looking out for those who look out for him. The entire hostage situation was a way to help Gerard be free without having to worry about the parole board. Sometimes Red is so good. Of course it’s also selfish; he tells Marvin to get his plan together because they only have one shot.

Tommy Boy

Fresh from his boat trip, Tom approaches Ressler about helping Liz. I hope at this point, that’s what Ressler is about, too. Tom being back is always good, because I know he will do something bad.




The Blacklist S3E2
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This episode is a prime example of The Blacklist I love! The quips, witty retorts, and deliciously evil bad guys make me happy for Thursday nights. Of course, it’s not without issues: how Ressler doesn’t understand how foreign embassies work is beyond me. I learned about that in high school! It’s not fun watching him act on emotion, rather than intel and skill. Is he trying to be like Liz? Speaking of Liz, I hope she uses this time with Red to get out of her bad habits; stop whining and complaining so much. Look, listen, and learn! With such a great spy at her disposal, she should go back to the Post Office and teach everyone a thing or two.

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2 Comments on The Blacklist – S3E2 – Marvin Gerard

  1. Yep, and as usual Liz is dumb. Just really dumb. I’m glad that Tom’s back next week though.

  2. I just watched this episode (yay, for being off on Federal holidays!).

    Really, really great episode. It’s been a long time since I’ve been THAT entertained by a Blacklist episode for an entire hour in a very, very long time.

    “It’s left to Navabi to give him a Civics lesson: The Russian Embassy is considered Russia, not America. How did he get a badge?” —> HAHAHAHA! smh

    “How quickly he forgets that Liz covered for his pill poppin’ ass.” —> FUR REALZ! I KNOW, RIGHT??!!??

    And that last scene of when they are in “the study,” then Red opens the wall AND THEN we find out that they are on top of a tanker ship. SO! DOPE!

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