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The Bridge – S1E12 – All About Eva

The Bridge | Eva red car

We catch up with Steven driving across the desert and listening to classical music. He arrives ar the Jesus Ranch, he is duded up and looking for Eva. Steven has come to the ranch to propose to Eva, he is an odd romantic side. The man with the hat and the gun tells him that Eva did not want to follow path and left the ranch the week prior.  Eva is seen leaving a day of work at a factory in Juarez, she misses the bus, and is approached by someone in a red car with Texas tags, he offers her a ride. She passes then has second thoughts and accepts the ride home.  Whatever this is, will not end well.

Sonya is haggling with the mechanic about getting the Bronco repaired. The car is totaled, the mechanic tells her she could get a new Bronco for the cost to repair this one.  Sonya is upset by the idea of losing the car, it belonged to her sister. Wade pulls up with his usual voice of reason, reminds her that the car is not her sister and it’s time to let go. She quietly sobs and says goodbye to her sister,  grabs the dream catcher and asks the mechanic to get the cassette out of the tape deck.  We find out a month has passed since Gus’ murder and Marco has been blocking everyone out. Sonya is reluctant to go see him, but Wade feels the case against Tate would be stronger if Marco is present at the hearing.  Sonya, while fiddling with the unwound cassette, says she misses Marco and agrees to drop in on Marco and bring pastries. She may be an odd bird but social graces as the result of grief are not completely lost on her.

Steven is at the factory where Eva works, he’s holding her photo and asking if anyone has seen her.  Everyone averts their gaze and ignores his inquiry, except one woman.

Marco is passed out in the bed in Gus’ room. After the doorbell stirs him awake he starts the day with a swig of brown liquor. He arises shirtless and with a scruffy beard. He puts on Gus’ sweatshirt and answers the door.

It’s Sonya. With pastries.

He lets her in. She awkwardly asks about how he has been the last month.

Drunk and sleeping and alone. The house is a filthy mess, he has taken up smoking and Alma has left him. Marco is not in a good place and Sonya gets the brunt of his sadness, anger and frustration, in English and in Spanish.  He tells her they are not friends, just two people that worked on a case. Sonya leaves.

The Bridge | Charlotte and Fausto.

Charlotte has meeting with Uncle Fausto lounging at the trapeze rehearsal in a large circus tent. She comes bearing gifts: the kilo of drugs Tampa Ray lifted when depositing Tampa Tim’s Body. Fausto is confused and tells her no refund. She wants to strike a deal. Let him use the tunnel and she gets 15%, because he needs someone like her she is white, a citizen, pretty(not stated but implied) and doesn’t stick out like Uncle Fausto.  They strike a deal, Fausto also wants to “get to know” Charlotte. What is it with these cartel people? Are they undersexed? Oversexed? If Charlotte sleeps with Fausto,

I’m going to throw up.

Back at the El Paso Police Department, Steven is waiting for Sonya. He wants her help to find his bride, Eva. She reminds him that he was a person of interest, he tells her he is not that type of man. Steven and Sonya are at the trailer, he explains how he helps women who have been abused and find refuge in El Paso. She tours the trailer and gets a better understanding of who this man is. She asks why he does it, he says because he can, and it’s not illegal. Sonya says she can’t help him, Mexico is out of her jurisdiction, he insists she can because the car who took Eva had Texas tags.

Adriana is walking and talking to Daniel as she pushes him through the courtyard of the hospital. Daniel had a moment of clarity when he almost died during the standoff,  he now wants to live.  BUT he is not quite reached the state of mind where he feels independent. He refuses to learn how to operate his wheelchair. Adriana tells Daniel she is glad he is alive. Daniel offers one of the few light hearted lines of the night: “You love meh. You just want to have mah babies.” Adriana smiles and leaves Daniel in the courtyard with his one good arm and his wheelchair.

Sonya is talking to Wade about Steven’s request. She is still fiddling with that unwound cassette. Wade says the same thing she did to Steven, she went missing in Juarez, can’t help him. Wade picks up a pencil with an eraser and sticks it in the spindle of the cassette. Sonya looks at it like magic.
Eva is visibly bruised and being escorted to a cell by someone who is presenting himself as friendly police officer. She is not cuffed but she is scared. He reassures her that these are temporary quarters. She enters the cell and he walks away.

Sonya heads to a local watering hole to pick up a pissy drunk Marco. She needs his contacts with the Juarez police department to get a lead on Eva. Marco is stumbling and belligerent during the walk home.  Sonya is not deterred she gets him settled in Gus’ room and he passes out.  The next morning Sonya makes Marco eggs, because that is what her mom liked after a night of drinking.  Sonya reflects on the time she spent with Wade’s family after her sister died. She offers the same advice she got from Carmen, make up your bed and always face the day.  Marco wants to visit his precinct say hello to his co-workers, Sonya asks to tag along to run Eva’s name. He agrees and the finish breakfast. Although it was accompanied by a beer, I’m sure this was his first proper breakfast in the past month. They go to the police department and meet up with Captain Robles and Celia, he asks her to run Eva’s name.  Robles is suspicious of Sonya’s presence. Celia a little too quickly tells Marco and Sonya there is no information on Eva. Robles takes Celia into his office.

The Bridge | Steven.

Steven is posting a flyers on a wall that holds hundreds of photos, the missing girls of Juarez, a sea of beautiful faces affixed to one wall; a wall of hope. An older woman notices Steven; she offers to show him a place where he can look for Eva.

Daniel has joined Adriana’s family(her pregnant sister, baby sister and her mom) for dinner. Adriana and her Mom have a blow up over Adriana’s sexuality, she is a lesbian.  Her mother tells her to get out, Adriana leaves.

Eva is shown wearing a purple dress, she is being escorted into a large home that is full of inebriated men, wearing police badges.   She is in a drug induced haze as she is placed in an open bedroom.  The officers take turns sexually assaulting Eva. She is last shown silently sobbing.

Adriana meets with her baby sister at a food truck. She works at the same factory as Eva. (She is wearing the same vest. Thanks for the heavy handed foreshadowing you fuckers) They talk about her quitting school to work and Adriana possibly returning home. She has gotten a promotion at work, her new supervisor is handsome but OLD, like 30, oh the horror.

The Bridge | Tate courthous.e

Marco shows up at the courthouse for Tate’s trial. He sees Tate being taken inside. He hesitates then goes inside. The next morning he is shown making up his bed. Today is a new day, he starting to move on. Celia visits Marco, she is tired of covering up the happenings at the police station. She admits to having seen Eva at the police station the day before.

Steven and the older woman are in the desert poking at the ground with large sticks. The camera pans out and there are at least 30 more women doing the same. Pink crosses with girl’s names. It’s a dumping ground and cemetery for the girls of Juarez.

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1 Comment on The Bridge – S1E12 – All About Eva

  1. Another good recap of a complicated, sometimes disturbing episode. I’m not so sure I’m ready to dismiss Steven as an okay-guy in my mind. Is he really just awkward and eccentric, and not psycho? Did the writers make a red-herring out of him?

    Anyway, I thought the show picked up steam with episode 12. Now that I’ve seen the finale, it makes 1.12 look better, too. Some very interesting relationships developing, made much more fascinating because the characters are so well developed. Daniel and Adriana, Sonya and Marco, and yeah, Steven and Eva. Charlotte — at first Fausto and the yuck-factor of any physical relationship between them was foremost in my mind, but then Charlotte was like, *Oh, I’ll sleep with him if I have to.* And I’m thinking, even though I really like Charlotte (a genuine anti-heroine and we don’t often see good ones on tv), she gets what she deserves. If “yuck” for her is outweighed by $$$, then who am I to feel sorry for her?

    I’m so glad THE BRIDGE will get a second season in 2014!

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