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The Bridge – S1E13 – The Crazy Place

Previously, on The Bridge: “All About Eva

Eva’s battered and bruised body is laying on backseat of a car. One of the officers from the party is in the driver seat. He is speaking to someone outside the passenger window. He tells him that Eva needs a hospital. A tan/light brown hand comes through the window and hands the officer a gun. “Take care of her.”  The Officer has a conflicted look on his face. A black SUV can be seen speeding off in to the desert in the opposite direction.

Sonya and Wade are at a ranch. Sonya wants to pursue the Girls of Juarez. Again Wade tells her, the case is out of their jurisdiction and what makes her think that she can do what the Federal government and local police departments haven’t been able to do in 15 years. She spouts off some regulations. Wade concedes.

Steven Linder stands outside the Juarez Police Department holding a photo of Eva, he is there with 4 older women. The Police chief brushes past them and tells Celia to kick them out if they aren’t gone in 15 minutes.

The Bridge | Monty

Monty Flagg, Tampa Ray, Charlotte and Cesar are meeting in a restaurant kitchen. He has established a sham transportation company in which to cover the use of the tunnel.  He handles the taxes and takes 10% off the top. T-Ray is being himself. Charlotte finally put her foot down(after he slaps her ass) and told him he needs to show her some respect.

Marco meets Sonya at the precinct. He tells her about the conversation he had with Celia. She asks if he told his boss. He says, No, I wanted to talk to someone I could trust first.

Daniel is ready to return to work at the paper. Adriana shows up with cupcakes and he grouses. She brought them to soften the blow that his first assignment is a puff piece on a Centenarian. They arrive at the woman’s house and Daniel looks into the window and sees a woman laid out on the floor. Adriana breaks into the house through a living room window. The woman is dead. Daniel decides to check out the rest of the house, he open a door and finds a room stacked floor to ceiling with money. The feds show up at the Centenarian’s house. Daniel and Adriana return to the office, the final count of the money is 40 million US and 20 million euros.  They receive a delivery. An envelope a handwritten note on a euro, “forget the money, who is Millie Quitana?”

Marco is playing lookout while Celia and Sonya review security video footage from the night that Eva was brought into the station.  They see the officer from the beginning of the episode. Marco and Sonya track his ass down. Marco pummels the guy into giving him information on Eva’s whereabouts. She is alive.

The Bridge | Cesar and Tampa Ray

Music montage (set to a Texano version of Living on a Prayer, worst song ever) of Cesar and Tampa Ray preparing to transport horses and drugs. They are on the back roads because Cesar does not feel comfortable taking the main roads. T-Ray boast of his days running coke up and down the highways of Florida, he is turning around and they are going to take the highway.  Cesar is so over this dude and I don’t blame him.  As they turn around, a man is watching them through binoculars from the ridge above. The Man with the Binoculars approaches Charlotte at the grocery store. He is telling her about all of her business dealings. And I mean everything. She thinks he is FBI. He is not, but he likes the way she thinks. He tells her she has to have dinner with Fausto. She looks even more perplexed. He walks away.

The Bridge | Nun, Marco, and Sonya

Sonya and Marco show up to an old monastery to save Eva. She is lying on a dirty mattress in the basement with other  ailing nameless people.  Marco tells sonya Eva is not safe in Mexico and they have to get her across the border.  He has a friend and an ambulance and all she has to do is flash her badge  and they can get back to El Paso. Sonya takes Eva to Wade’s house. She explains what happened to Eva and who is responsible. Wade is silent.
The cowardly police officer is driving through Juarez chatting on his cell phone. He pulls up to a light. Another officer pulls up beside him and shoots him dead.

Sonya shows up at Marco’s doorstep under the guise of having a drink. She asks him about why he beat up the other cop, she reprimands him for it. He lists all the things that are wrong with his life.  She tells him he can’t be that person.  Sonya shares her feelings about when Lisa died, and how she wanted Hank dead. Marco says maybe Wade should have killed him when he had the chance.  She insists Wade wouldn’t do that. Marco promises her he won’t to anything stupid.  He sits at the kitchen table playing with a switchblade.

Sonya gets in her newer car, pops in Lisa’s mix tape. The music (“Nowhere Near” by Yo La Tengo) follows:  Daniel in the office; Charlotte gazing out of the window while smoking a cigarette;  Adriana’s Mother waiting for her little sister, Daniela to get off of the factory bus, she doesn’t Adriana shows up at the bus stop. There is a pain in her eyes. They know she gone. ; Steven arriving at Wade’s house to see Eva, he sits at her bedside, she is still sleeping.

The Bridge | Fausto and Marco

Marco pays Fausto a visit. They share two drinks and few words. Fausto wants to know why Marco is coming to him for help now. Marco says it is because he doesn’t care if he is indebted to him. Marco wants to know if he can get someone inside the El Paso prison. Fausto said it is difficult but not impossible and tells him that he will have someone kill Tate. Marco says “No. I want to kill him.” And that is the end of the episode.

Overall I am satisfied with the first season of The Bridge. I really hope they are paying attention to watcher feedback and show recaps and focus a bit more on connecting the audience to the characters. Daniela is kidnapped, without developing a real attachment to her and her family, if this occurred in the 2nd or 3rd episode then fine, but not the season finale.  I remain invested enough in the story and characters to tune in to season 2 in 2014.

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