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The Bridge – S1E2 – Calaca

Last week on The Bridge:

The bodies of 2 women, posed and dressed to look like one body, were found on the Bridge of Americas.  One an American Judge, the other a missing Mexican girl. 2 detectives Sonya and Marco must work together to solve the case.  Not just of these murders but the murders of hundreds of missing Mexican girls known as the Girls of Juarez.  Another Mexican girl is kidnapped and presumably murdered by a bearded stranger.  A reporter who has information on the murders is almost blown to bits. An unknown person left an ominous message for the detectives, apologizing for his aggressive tactics, you know murdering a Judge, arming a false car bomb in a public parking structure, but attention must be paid to the lives and deaths of the Girls of Juarez. And the widow of an El Paso rancher finds a key to a door.


In the last episode, we’re left wondering what was behind the door. Drugs, bodies, Shannen Dougherty’s career.  We soon find out it is a tunnel used to smuggle illegals from Mexico to El Paso. Charlotte has her own underground railroad; you’d think she would be happier. She instructs Cesar to close up the passage; he advises against it. She insists.

Julia Roberts’ ex-husband, Lyle Lovett [editor’s note: Lovett’s character is named Monty P. Flagman, but we’ll just call him Lyle], shows up to Charlotte’s home in a 10 gallon hat, brandishing a flag business card and 3 bean salad; southern Hospitality at its finest, y’all. He informs her she needs to simmer the hell down, and you WILL keep the passage open. Why? Because he said so. And her husband owes his client money, hundreds of thousands of dollars to be exact and technically she has no claim to the property that belonged to her now deceased rancher husband. Charlotte pouts. Lyle Lovett leaves. A short while later, Charlotte gets a little peckish and decides to check out the casserole. The dutch oven is filled with money. She storms off to Lyle’s office returns the money with all the attitude a hostess turned housewife can muster.

The Bridge | Charlotte and Three-Bean Salad

Hmmpf. Who you calling a waitress?

Sonya and Marco

They butt heads as partners do. Sonya’s lack of social graces is evident as she interrogates Marco when his wife calls to say she loves him. Sonya thinks it is trivial and a waste of time. They travel to the police department in Juarez to review some files on potentially related cases. Sonya starts asking Marco’s superior the right questions at the wrong damn time.  Marco tries to explain to her that she can’t ask those types of questions. The type of questions that get people killed. His example being the cartels potentially taking his family out to the desert and burning them alive in front of Marco.  She asks what that has to do with the case..

The Bridge | Marco and Sonya

Marco is ready to smack a bitch

Sonya is watching video recovered from a phone, I’m assuming it is Mexican hooker porn. She gets turned on and decides to head to the local bar to awkwardly pick up some StrangePenis. Sweaty humping and moaning take place. Sexy time is over and Sonya rolls over like the worst kind of dude ever. StrangePenis wants to cuddle. He settles for a nap.

The Bridge | Sonya and StrangePenis

Can’t we just cuddle?

Marco hits the streets of Juarez to inquire about the dead girl. He is still pissed off from his tiff with Sonya earlier in the day. He makes his way to a brothel.  A pimp catches the bad end of a right hook. He gets some very vague information from a 16-year-old prostitute. She has seen the missing girl, she used this room before. He returns home after a day of kicking ass and taking names. Snuggling with his wife in bed, she says two words: Estoy embarazada.

I’m pregnant.

Marco had a vasectomy last week. He gives the universal look of: Where the fuck am I going to get the money to take care of another human being?
Marco and Sonya receive a visitor at the El Paso police department. It’s the voice on the phone, an actor. He was paid to record the message.

3 years ago.

A Truck Full of Carne

A big rig that would usually transport livestock, has 12 Mexican men and women making their way to the US/Mexico border. Just shy of the border the truck stops and everyone must unload. Each person is has a half gallon of water. Two older travelers stay behind. The rest set off out into the desert under the direction of a young woman. After traveling a day and night they come across an altar that is surrounded by gallons of water.  Desperate from thirst everyone drinks except the young woman. She knows the whole set up is suspicious and they shouldn’t drink. They don’t listen.

Daniel Frye

Understandably shaken up from his near death experience with the car bomb. He dodges questions posed by Marco and Sonya. They play the recording for him. He swears he has no idea what is going on. He returns to the local paper and immediately writes a story that is published in the next day’s paper. While lunching with a co-worker he gets a call from the killer. He receives a series of numbers. Coordinates to a location south of town. Dan and his partner follow the GPS, they arrive at the altar finding 9 lifeless bodies.

The Bearded Man

Steven Linder is disposing black trash bags into a barrel.  He lights them on fire. As the presumed remains of the girl in his trunk burn he reviews her ID before throwing it in the Flames. Her name is Eva. Her cell phone begins to ring. He doesn’t answer but retrieves it from the flames. A dancing skeleton moves to the ringtone. Later that evening Steven heads off to his day job. When he isn’t kidnapping and murdering girls he works as a monitor in a mental institution.

These boots are made for walkin’

A torsoless body wearing black pants and boots places several jugs of water in the desert near an altar. The young leader of the Mexican border crossers is lying on the side of the road she manages to flag a car down for help. The torsoless body wearing black plants and boots walks up to the young woman.

More questions than answers. The Bridge is shaping up to be my favorite new show of the summer. Do you have any ideas on who the killer/killers are? Who is the man behind the voice, behind the man with the voice?

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